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Undisclosed Woodland, East Kent

28th January 2012

A favourite 'haunt' of the team for some years now, the tiny ruined chapel deep in the woods was overdue a re-visit.

Numerous documented sightings of ghosts are related to this site including the Grey Lady, The Highwayman and a mysterious grey mist in a road all add to the atmosphere of this overgrown medieval leper chapel in the woods now forgotten by time and located only by the hardiest of explorers.

Situated on private land Ghost Connections are privileged to have exclusive permission to access the site and investigate the chapel and its surrounding woodland.



The Investigation

Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue and also study the effect of the location on another party, in this case our new team member Graham.


We initially inspected the area as we had received reports of damage to some burials but thankfully found this not to be serious.

After having a walk around to introduce Graham to the area as best we could in the dark, we settled on a new base for the night.

Having considered where we would most like to sit we were drawn to an area outside the north east corner of the ruins, where on the walk around we had felt the least comfortable.

Two prolonged sessions took place all recorded on video for later analysis.

We are used to a number of noises at this location and know that there is a nearby badger set which looks used and numerous paths run through the woods. Many noises could be them, owls or other nocturnal life.

Session 1

A significant number of noises occurred during this session.

They were identified by the team as coming from various locations around them.

Session 2

After 15 minutes the team comment on feeling apprehensive suddenly.

Flash though the trees from the east seen by Kim and Dave.

A number of different noises were then apparent around the team.

Almost simultaneously the team had feelings of being watched.

Graham described seeing a face materialize next to Travis and then it faded again.

The session was then concluded.

Session 1

In summary throughout this and session too many of the noises could well have been the local wildlife and can be dismissed accordingly. However a couple stand out and will be commented upon separately.

A number of the noises were picked up on the video footage however no source was identified and these may well have been due to falling bits of foliage and / or animals. Some of the noises were heavier and more like a person of adult weight stepping on twigs and breaking them. No other persons were seen in the woods although natural causes cannot be ruled out.

Session 2

General noises and lights as described above in the session 1 section.

Throughout our studies at this location we have become familiar with the angle and attitude of the vehicle headlights as they progress along the nearby main road and its contours and often these can cause differing light illusions between the trees. For us to comment on a light of some difference is indicative of how rare it is. The light seen by Kim and Dave during the investigation shone onto and through tree from a different direction to that of the normal traffic movement. We know that there were no other people in the woods that night as we would have heard and seen them along with their torch lights. Whilst this could have been a torch light it was no accompanied by any noise of people moving about as the light did. It was also at a level height in the trees that would not be consistent with torchlight along the ground and was not (even when extinguished) accompanied by any ground lighting or movement. It remains unexplained.

A feeling of being watched is commonplace in the woods here. We have experienced similar before and whilst never seeing anyone near us or seeing anything of a paranormal nature we hold fast to feelings of someone being near and watching us. We cannot explain this feeling any further than what we sense here. It may be entirely natural and due to the overgrown and close feeling of the trees in the woods or the hanging trails of ivy from the trees.

The materializing face seen by Graham is of interest. He states it disappeared as quickly as it materialized without him getting a good look at any features or the be able to describe as male or female. No one else saw what he described although we were all seated at different angles and this does not preclude the fact that it was seen by Graham. It should also be remembered that we had just commented to each other on a feeling of being watched and this may have added to the susceptibility to see a familiar recognizable object in an area suddenly illuminated from a certain direction by a light source and interpret it as a face akin to pareidolia. If this was the case, however, what cannot be explained is why none of the other team members saw a light source or anomaly in the area at the time given they were all looking in the same direction but from different angles.

All in all a relatively quiet evening compared to some we have held at this location although no two are ever similar here and we will certainly return.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Still photographs and voice recorders were later examined and nothing of note was found other than the sounds described previously. Recordings of this may appear on our separate pages later.

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