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Undisclosed Woodland, East Kent

24th September 2011

A favourite 'haunt' of the team for some years now, the a tiny ancient woodland nestled in East Kent..

Situated on private land Ghost Connections are privileged to have exclusive permission to access the site and investigate the surrounding woodland and ruins.



  The Investigation

To investigate reports of paranormal activity at ancient woodland and ruins.


Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-62E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera-
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38
Fuji Finepix S1600

Voice recorder -
Olympus DM20
Olympus VH-2100PC





Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue and also study the effect of the location on another party ie Travis.


Somewhat unusually we opted for a change of location and decided to investigate the interior of the ruins, something we hadn't done for some years.

Two prolonged sessions took place all recorded on video for later analysis.

We are used to a number of noises at this location and know that there is a nearby badger set which looks used and numerous paths run through the woods. Many noises could be them, owls or other nocturnal life.

The team were surprised to find the location even darker than it normally is deep within the woods.

Session 1

Movement was heard outside the ruins.

Lights were seen by Paddy within the area of the trees outside the ruins.

Air movement was noted by Dave around knee height.

Kim described how she saw something similar to a torch light outside the west end of the ruins.

Kim felt like someone was standing right in front of her.

A noise was heard to the right of Paddy towards the door. This was caught on video.

Dave thought that the north east corner of the ruinsl illuminated slightly behind Travis.

A noise was heard in the area between Dave and the camcorder. This was caught on video.

A short series of noises on the ground were heard that all agreed sounded like dull footfalls.

A single footfall was heard shortly after the series above.

Dave states he heard a human whistle. No one else heard this.

Dave noticed a stagnant smell wafting through.

A 'groan' type noise was heard by both Kim and Dave and, after blaming each other, they settled on the notion that it had occurred between them. This came out clearly on the video footage.

Kim then described seeing another shimmer of light.

Dave then noted the occasionally occurring glow within the chapel.

Paddy described a small vertical figure standing in the area in front of the camera. He described how it appeared to shimmer with light coming off of it. Travis confirmed that he could see the same shape. Looking at the area Dave commented that he could see the figure although to him it appeared that the area around it was more lit than the figure itself in the previously described darkness. Kim, whilst not agreeing she could see the figure noted a pair of orange eyes looking her way. With this revelation Dave described how he saw first one eye then two then one as if the 'head' of this figure rotated to its right to look at him and then rotated back again.

The team then noted they could no longer see it. It had vanished.

More noises are heard in the area of the ruin.

Both Kim and Paddy describe how they now felt tearful.

Dave stated it seemed the area behind the camera was lit by something.

Paddy then commented that he could smell a stagnant type smell which Dave then smelt and agreed it was what he had smelt earlier.

Kim then commented that she had a 'buzzing' in her ears.

A noise was heard in the vicinity of the camera. This was caught on the video footage.

Further noises of something falling through the trees was heard although it did not seem to hit the ground at the end of its fall. This was caught on the video footage.

The footage also revealed that a sound of something hitting the camera occurred just after the above.

Kim then commented that she felt as though her right arm had been touched. The footage shows that none of the team did this nor were they in range to have done so accidentally and not known.

During the break the team would attempt to recreate the figure and establish the location in which the sighting took place. This was recorded on video with the camera remaining in the same position as it had during the session.

Session 2

Compared with session 1 this would be a lot less eventful.

Paddy describes hearing a noise towards the door of the ruin. This was not caught on the video footage.

A light anomaly is caught on the video footage.

Ongoing sounds were heard for a while in and around the ruins all of which were caught on the footage.

Further sounds of movement were heard including sticks breaking underfoot. These were caught on the video footage.

Dave then complained of a pain in the right side of his chest.

Dave and Kim had a debate about whose chair made a noise, each denying it. It was not caught on the footage.

Dave then stated that again he saw a light turn on and off in quick succession in the trees.

The session was then concluded.

Session 1

In summary throughout this and session 2 many of the noises could well have been the local wildlife and can be dismissed accordingly however a couple stand out and will be commented upon separately.

Lights seen in and around the ruin are hard to explain. The ruin lies well above the road and within very dark woodland. The driveway that runs through the woods is sunken to a depth of around 6 feet (2m) over most of its length. It is unlikely that car headlights would illuminate the trees as we saw here. The instances where the interior of the ruins was seen to illuminate, mainly by Dave, is harder to explain. We had torches but they were not on very often and it was obvious that this was a torchlight however the reported instances occurred during the dark with no immediately obvious light source.

The air movement noted by Dave could have been a normal breeze and the woods are on high ground so this could occur without warning, however normally and slight breeze here is noticed in the trees first. Also, in the instance, we were inside the ruins. 90% of the walls are above head height and the chance of an external breeze circulating inside and down to knee height is slim yet possible.

Kim feeling like someone was standing right in front of her is difficult to explain. We know from the footage that no one was stood in front of her and none of the team were close enough to give this impression. No one else gave any indication of this feeling but was Kim aware of something that none of the rest of the team were not.

Noises thought to be footfalls were distinct. They were heard by various members of the team and were picked up, faintly, on the video recording. These are duller and sound heavier than even the breaking twig noises heard. Nothing was seen on the video that could have caused these. We cannot explain these.

The human whistle was alluded to by Dave. It is possible that it was caused by another, natural, source and he mistook it for a human whistle. The fact that no one else heard it may indicate that it was heard but dismissed as naturally occurring.

The stagnant smell noted by Dave and later by both Dave and Paddy was distinctly different to the damp woodland smell and was likened to stagnant pond water. There are no known ponds nearby and no damp areas within the wood. Its source is unknown.

A 'groan' type noise heard by both Kim and Dave cannot be accounted for. It can be heard on the footage and judged on its own merits. It was not one of the team and is distinctly human in sound. There were no other persons present who could have caused this.

The figure with the orange eyes was seen in greater or lesser detail by all of the team. Descriptions differ slightly but the general perception is the same. During the break we recorded Dave and Paddy attempting to see if its height and location could be accurately placed. It was judged to be as high as an average man who was squatting on his haunches and at this height, even in front of the camera where it was judged to be, it would annoyingly be below the height of the lens of the video camera and this may be why nothing appears on film. A similarly described figure was noted at a previous investigation at West Malling Airfield and we have looked into reported sightings of similar figures in other parts of Kent. We have no explanation for what we saw.

Both Kim and Paddy described how they now felt tearful, and yet this cannot be explained how only half of the team felt this emotion.

The buzzing in Kim's ear is something the team have come across before at other locations. We cannot explain this although it is akin to tinnitus and happens more often at quiet locations after a period of noise.

Kim stated that she felt as though her right arm had been touched. The footage shows that none of the team did this nor were they in range to have done so accidentally and not known. Nothing was seen to cause this. This could have been imagined or been caused by the slightest movement of Kim's arm within her jacket.

Session 2

General noises and lights as described above in the session 1 section.

The light anomaly caught on the camera was slowed and watched frame by frame. It shows three occasions where a bat flies across the camera. There is then a sound as though the bat lands in a tree. The illusion of a light anomaly is caused by the speed of the movement and the bat being illuminated by the Infra Red light source mounted with the camera. Still images appear below.


The pain in the right of Dave's chest is difficult to explain. He was not suffering from any illness at the time that he is aware of and had not been sitting awkwardly.

Without doubt another interesting investigation, not least of which for the sighting of the figure and the groan noise.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Still photographs and voice recorders were later examined and nothing of note was found other than the sounds described previously. Recordings of this may appear on our seperate pages later.

We would like to thank the owners for their consent and continued support of our investigations at this site.
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