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St. James Church, Bicknor, Kent

27th August 2013

St. James Church at Bicknor stands aloof from its village atop the north Downs amidst farms and orchards. A single track road runs past the open churchyard and there are no immediate houses although a couple can be seen in the near distance. There is nothing else to shatter the tranquility of the location. The church itself unusually made of chalk and faced in flint was considerably restored by the Victorians and outwardly resembles a Victorian Gothic structure which belies its mediaeval roots.



  The Investigation

To investigate reports of paranormal activity at Bicknor Parish Church.


The area around Bicknor and the North Downs has been subject to various reports of paranormal activity and unexplained sightings including strange beasts. In pursuit of these sightings at various locations Ghost Connections started at St. James Church were other Paranormal Groups have reported various events.


Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light




Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.


On previous visits the weather conditions have been far from ideal. However, on this occasion it was a clear night with hardly even a breeze.

The investigation took place in and around the south porch area, at first the team all sat inside the porch and later on we moved just outside the porch.

The video equipment was set up outside the porch looking back into it.

Fifteen minutes into the investigation the sound of a small pebble falling and hitting the porch floor was heard. This appeared to be between Dave and Paddy.

With no further occurrences within the porch area the team moved outside to the Churchyard in front of the porch. The camera was left in its original position.

Graham, standing with his back to the porch, and Paddy, standing just in front of him heard a very loud sound of plants being brushed against and this compelled Graham to move forward as if to let someone pass.

Graham also reported a deeper sound accompanying it, comparing that sound to light footsteps. He also was sure the sound carried on past towards the east side of the Churchyard.

No further activity was experienced.

Although very little happened on this investigation the noted points above could possibly be explained.

With the sound of the pebble falling or being moved one possible explanation was that as this coincided with Dave standing up he may have kicked the pebble therefore causing the sound. However, Dave was adamant that this was not the case.

Graham and Paddy’s experience of the sound of plants being brushed against could have been caused by an animal. There was, however, no animal seen either before or afterwards and this would not explain the continuation of sound much further along the Churchyard, and the light footsteps sound as nothing could physically be seen.
This location is always an interesting one to investigate due to the apparent unusual atmosphere surrounding the Church and Churchyard.

Although some unusual occurrences were witnessed we cannot unfortunately one hundred percent attribute these to anything paranormal but as always this site is definitely worthy of further investigation.
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