Ghost Connections UK

The White Horse



Colby's Lone Vigil


4.27am: Colby pans around the room with the camera.

He can hear a humming noise and thinks its downstairs.

Dean radios to Colby to inform him that the heating is on.


4.28am: Colby keeps focus on the doorway.


4.29am: Colby turns the camera to himself, a loud humming is recorded.


4.30am: Colby then asks for spirit communication. A small orb is noted on the camera to the right.This is probably a small insect.

4.31am: He asks for spirit again. No Response


4.32am: Colby asks for spirit to move the door. He can hear creaking.Nothing detected on tape.

4.33am: He asks again for spirit to move the door. No movement noted.


4.34am: Colby then asks spirit to tap on the window or the floor. No sounds noted.

Colby thinks the door has slightly opened. Viewing the tape no movement of
of the door was noted.


4,37am: Colby says he feels very calm and relaxed.


4.38am: Dean radios Colby giving extra time on his vigil.


4,39am: Colby bangs the carpet to try and create dust orbs. Nothing detected on tape.


4.39am: Colbys vigil ends.