We/Ghost Connections understand that we are on private property and due consideration will be given so that there is no damage to the property or to any items contained therein. If through accident or neglect on our part should we cause any damage we will pay the organization in the full cost of repairing.

We/Ghost Connections understand that there are/could be certain areas within the [insert venue] that are hazardous and we are aware that should we injure ourselves or any other person that we will not hold [insert venue] responsible for our actions.

We/Ghost Connections understand that [insert venue] are not responsible for any loss/damage to our personal property whilst on investigation at the premises.

We/Ghost Connections understand that [insert venue] are not responsible for any physical or psychological trauma caused to oneself or others.

If We/Ghost Connections publish any photographs, video footage or information gathered at the investigation we may NOT use [insert venue] name unless we have had permission from the venue.

By agreeing to these terms we further indemnify the organizers/promoters, [insert venue] from and against all legal liability in respect of any costs, claims, damages, demands, penalties, actions, proceedings, suits, loss of expenses in respect of or arising out of injury to or the death of any person, or damage to any property arising from our participation in the activity.

Signed by Ghost Connections Team

The above disclamier can be signed and produced for any venue requiring this documentation before we undertake an investigation.



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