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Dr James Lee Choron

Dr James Lee Choron talks to Ghost Connections


Dr. James L. Choron is a journalist and writer living in Mamontovka, a suburb of Moscow. He has resided in the Russian Federation for more than sixteen years, and is a former senior executive with the Eastman Kodak Company. He is a decorated veteran of the United States Military, a Master Mason, an 32* Scotish Rite Mason and the Presiding Bishop of EGnU (Eclesia Gnostica Universialis) for Mowcow and Western Russia. He is currently owner and Chief Executive Officer of Old Guard Productions, a company dealing in motion picture and television logistics and properties, and American Business Training, a company which deals with sales and customer service training for Russian companies seeking to introduce Western business practices and standards. Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in the small East Texas town of Center, he holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Stephen F. Austin State University and a masters and PhD from Moscow State University in the same subject as well as a graduate degree in optical engineering. A working journalist for slightly more than thirty-five years, he has columns in numerous publications in both Russia and the United States. He has numerous hobbies, primarily related to paranormal and historical research, both of which he has been involved for over twenty years. He has published a number of independent articles on paranormal encounters and activities and on historical topics, and is a staff member on several online publications and forums dealing with history and the paranormal.

Dr. J. Lee Choron is not a “parapsychologist, nor does his professional degree represent any paranormal pursuit or study. He is a PhD optical engineer and has spent a lifetime as a photo analyst, reporter and journalist.

    Q&A with Dr.Choron

GC – Jim, what first got you interested in the paranormal?

There has never been a time when I was not interested in the Paranormal. I am what is called a "natural sensitive". There has not been a single time in my life that I have not been aware of the presence of spirit entities (I hate the word "ghost"). It is a gift that runs in the male line of my family. To an extent I can communicate with these entities, if they are willing to communicate. I am not a "psychic" and cannot initiate such communication on my own -- in most cases. My first experience with a spirit entity was at around the age of four. It's recounted in "Footprints in the Snow" in an article called "My Dark Angel". Because of this I have always been interested in the paranormal. My ability to see and communicate with spirit entities (when they are present -- as I said, I cannot summon them) continues and I work hard at developing it. Because of the length of time that I have been aware of spirit entities, I have no fear of them and no reason to fear them. To me, it is like talking with an old friend. There are times that it is impossible for me to tell the difference between an entity and a "living" human being unless there is some "tell-tale" such as clothing or hair styles or manner of speech.

GC – Are you a believer in life after death?

Absolutely. I have absolutely no doubt about it's existence. I have proof that defies any question in my mind... personal proof as well as what I have found in investigations. I'd really rather not get into it except to say that I have no doubt whatever that it is real. I learned it in a very hard and painful way.

GC – In respect of the above answer how do you think your view influences your interpretation of peoples accounts of paranormal events?

Let me make this as clear as possible. I am a natural sensitive. I have been a natural, very high level sensitive all my life. However, as an investigator I do not allow my personal feelings to interfere with my investigatiuon or my findings. It's rather like a police officer who witnesses a crime. It does not matter whether I see or sense anything or not. I carry out a full investigation and collect all available evidence, interview all available witnesses and document everything thoroughly and impartially. No matter what a person sees, there is always a different view seen by other observers. It is necessary to collect all of the facts before either writing up a report or making any sort of judgement regarding a case. My own personal opinion has no place in an honest and objective investigation.

GC- Have you ever visited any of the locations you have written about and if so where and did you have any experiences there?

To make a long story very short, I make it a point to visit each of the places that I write about and to interview all of the witnesses that I can find as well as examine all existing evidence. I've had several personal experiences. One that is particularly close to me is recounted in an article in the collection called "The Little Girl in the Garden" in that particular case I was the one who actually discovered that the apparition was, in fact, an apparition and not a "living" person. Eveyone in our town had seen the child at one time or another and everyone thought she was simply visiting her grandfather. She wasn't. She was the fifty-odd year dead daughter of the man who lived in the house that we passed every day. She would smile and wave to everyone. Her father thought that he was the only one who could see her.

GC- Your latest book mentions Major Maslov? How do the Russian police treat claims of paranormal activity?

The Russian Police (Militia) treat reports of paranormal incidents just as seriously as they do any other report. They investitgate and document, and when the evidence warrants they call in people who have experience in that sort of investigation to try and find answeres. There are three stories in "Footprints" that involve the Police getting the first reports of such incidents. Two involve Major Maslov in the city of Pushkino and one involves Lt. Igor Kuzminov in the city of Vologda.

GC- You are a decorated veteran of the US Military. There are many accounts of spiritual manifestations on battle fields through the ages. Did you encounter anything of the sort during your service and can you share an incident with us please?

No, not in the US military. I have been places where there is a very unnerving feeling but I have never seen an apparition while on active service with the US military. I know people who have and I do not doubt them. I have seen entities in combat situations here in Russia, particularly during the Revolts of 1991 and 1993. These are also documented in "Footprints in the Snow". The most prominent is in an article called "Horatio at the Bridge" in which a Second World Tank came to ther rescue of a group of volunteers who were trying to block one of the approaches to Moscow to prevent the "hardliners" from obtaining reinforcements. As far as hauntings in the US military go, the most haunted places that I know of are Gettysburg, the Pearl Harbor complex and the Bataan/Corrigador area. There are dozens of independent sightings of anomolies, some fully materialized, in those places every year.

GC- With your background in photography have you encountered any photographs that you cannot explain? Could you give us an example to illustrate your findings on one such photograph?

About 3% of the photographs I analyze fall into a catagory that is completely unexplainable by any natural or naturally occurring means. The most unusual one that I have ever seen was taken in 1950 by an accidental discharge of a small, fixed focus camera that was dangling from the photographer's belt. It shows the near-fully materialized apparition of a five to six year old girl... dead for over ten years... standing with her aging parents beside her own grave. This photo has been evaluated and analyzed by four different professional laboratories (two of which are rated as being in the top ten laboratories of their kind in the world) and there is no possibility of any flaw, error or any kind or hoaxing. It is mentioned in the article "Our Little Hero" in my collection. I am attaching it to this letter so that you can show it to the reading audience. The camera used was similar to a "box brownie" and is incapable of double exposure or any other form of manipulation. The type of anomoly present in the photo is of such a nature that it was impossible to produce in a laboratory at the time and "insert" into the photo. The photo is completely authentic. There is no possibility of fraud.

Copyright of this image belongs to Doctor J.Lee.Choron premission required

GC- In England there is a considerable difference in some Anglican churches in how they interpret the concept of life beyond death. In your experience, is the Orthodox Church generally accepting of the idea or is it viewed with disdain?

Yes, quite so. It is a common belief in the Orthodox Church that a spirit will linger on earth for 40 days after the physical death of the body. There is a story in my collection, "Footprints in the Snow" that outlines this belief. This belief is why no grave marker is dedicated and no grave is consecrated until 40 days after the interment of the body. It is believed by the church that only the physical signs of decomposition will discourage the spirit from trying to re-enter the body and "live" again. Likewise, if a body is not buried in concecrated ground it will continue to linger until the remains are so buried. This is why we have so many reports of "soldier ghosts" from Russia's many wars. The forrests of Russia are literally full of unknown and unaccounted for dead who lie in places that are completely forgotten and impossible to locate.I have a article in "Footprints" about a situation of this nature too. It's called "A Walk in the Woods."

GC- One of your first jobs as a journalist was to photograph the 'Hanging Tree' in your home town in Texas. Can you briefly describe what occurred and what you believe caused the phenomena there ?

Essentially, back in the 1920s a man was broken out of jail and lynched from that tree. The tree was very large and very old at the time and several attempts were made to cut it down. Each time an attempt was made screaming and moaning and a pleading voice was heard by the crew sent to do the work. I have no idea why this happens but I did witness it in the mid 1960s when yet another attempt was made to cut the tree down. It was one of my first jobs as a reporter. My personal belief is that the spirit of the man who was lynched is still present and the presence of any large crowd triggers the same kind of fear and panic response in his spirit that the lynching produced in his living form. I also think that the man wants the tree to remain in place as a sort of monument to the evil that was done so that others, in the future, will not forget. I think Gibbons said it best in his "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire". He said, "Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are damned to repeat them." I think that this poor man is lingering in that tree to make sure that no one forgets the horrid lesson of the past that it represents.

GC – In an article called 'School Days' you relate an account of your son Erich finding himself in a building which had not existed in the form he described for many years. Do you believe this is an instance of the 'time slip' phenomena and do you have any thoughts as to why Erich experienced it?

Honestly, I think he just happened to be in the right place at the right time and in the right circumstances. I think it would have happened to anyone who happened to be there at that time. Yes, I think it was a time-slippage or temporal displacement of some sort. This kind of thing happens at random intervals. We do not understand why, but there are dozens of documented accounts of such incidents. The most glaring that comes to mind is the case of three ladies who witnessed a formal ball at the Palace at Versallies... that took place in the time of Louis XVI. The vision lasted only a few minutes but it was completely real and solid just like Erich's experience with the school.

GC – In your account of your 1993 visit to the famous Alamo fort you describe how your daughter indicated to a boy who could not be seen by yourself. Do you believe that children are more susceptible to seeing spirits or ghosts and do you have any thoughts as to why this is?

Children are definitely more sensitive than adults. That sensitivity declines as the society around them forces them to subdue it. As a child grows older and is exposed to outside influences that do not accept the paranormal they are conditioned by the society to ignore what they see and sense as imaginary or fantasy. In very rare cases the sensitivity is so strong that it can't be surpressed and in even more rare cases the children have parents or grandparents who have similar talents and gifts who encourage them to develop their gifts. Sensitivity is a gift. All people have it to some degree or another. It is the development or supression of that gift that makes the differecnce. Children are preceived as more sensitive simply because they are more open and accepting of what they see and sense. They have not yet been exposed to a society that, as a rule... at least in the West.... condemns such sensitivity.

GC- The account of the hauntings at The House on Nikitski Pereulic are suggested ti have been caused by some bodies that appeared to hastily buried within the foundations and found only by workmen. They did not appear for nearly 50 years after the pipes around them had originally been laid. Do you have any idea why this delay might be and if this explains any other accounts of hauntings which go through spells of being reported?

I don't usually make speculations on the cause of hauntings, but in this case I will venture a guess. To the best of my knowledge and according to the best information that I can find, there had never been any leaks or any reason to dig into that section of pipe. My assumption is that the leak provided a reason to dig and that made the spirits of those who were buried there active. In my opinion they were using the pipe leak to draw attention to their presence and augmented it by manifesting themselves until the exact location of their resting place was discovered.

GC- One of your other interests is Unidentified Flying Objects and you yourself saw an incident in 1972 near USAF base Barksdale. Did this change your views on the possibility of life beyond our planet and has it caused you to be sceptical of 'official accounts'?

It didn't change my opinion of Unidentified Flying Objects but it certainly changed my opinion of the Government's treatment of the matter. I wasn't the only one who saw the objects. Practically everyone in my home town saw them including at least two police officers who were on the radio with their HQ while observing them. We all saw the jets from Barksdale as they approached and we all saw what the objects did in response... shot straight up until they were practically out of sight and then took off at a tremendous speed in a zig-zag pattern. The next day it was reported to have been an exploding weather baloon that was launched from a city about 100 miles away. From that point onward I knew for sure that the true UFO situation was being covered up.

GC – You have recounted several incidents in the 19th Century including the crash and alien burial at Aurora. It would be really interesting if a dig was mounted at the crash site now with the analysis that can be done scientifically. Do you feel these accounts are any more reliable because the technology they describe was not known then?

Yes, I believe that older accounts are generally far more reliable than those after the turn of the century. There are several reasons that I believe this. First of all, in the 19th century and before there was no such thing as "science fiction" as we know it. There was therefore no "pattern" for those who reported such objects to go by. Secondly, sightings always come in waves. This has been historically so as far back as they have been reported. Prior to the 20 th century there was no way in which reports of a sighting in one place could rapidly spread to other locations. Therefore there was no possibility of the "copycat" syndrome. Thirdly, to amke such a report in the 19th century and before would ruin a person's reputation (crazy? drunk?) unless the sighting could be substantiated in some way. Prior to the 18th century such a report could easily get a person hanged or burned at the stake for witchcraft if it could not be substantiated by witnesses or other proof. There was simply nothing to gain from making such a report unless the person genuinely saw something and could prove it... and a great deal to lose.

GC – Your account of the Aurora incident has received some feedback on the internet suggesting it is a complete hoax? Do you find that people are as sceptical of UFO's as they are paranormal phenomena and do they tend to be the same people?

In some cases they are far more so. It seems to be a point of human vanity to believe that man is the peak of existence in the universe. This is compounded by religion and the fact that no mention of extraterrestrial species is made in any "holy writ". Now if one looks at this rationally and even if one accepts "holy writ" as genuine (which I do, but not in a traditional way) it stands to reason that there is no direct mention. These ancient writings were passed down for man. There is no reason for any other intellegent species that does not dwell on this planet to be mentioned. The Aroura incident has been called a hoax for years. But, if you look at the circumstances surrounding it, there was nothing to be gained by any party by fabricating such a story. There was also no "prototype" to go by. There was no such thing as "science fiction" that was commonly read. This incident happened a decade before the first airplane left the ground and at the time airships and balloons were uncommon. It is simply too far fetched to believe that an object could be seen in vastly distant places, be described in the same way by people who had no way of contacting each other and no knowledge of the other sightings. It is also, in my opinion, a bit far fetched to believe that the kinds of people -- reputable witnesses -- would put their reputations at risk by making such reports if they were not true.I do not know what crashed at Aroura but I believe that something did and I believe it was the same object, or a similar object to those that had been spotted all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas for a three year period surrounding the Aroura incident. I also know, as it is demonsttrable fact, that the technology to build such an object did not exist in any place on this planet at that time.

GC – Having researched many subjects in both the US and Russia do you feel that similar incidents happen the world over?

Paranormal activity falls into fixed catagories and is common worldwide. There is no essential difference in the kind of activity that we see here, or in Asia, in Western Europe or in the US. The only difference is the perception of those activities by those who observe them. After 35 years of experience and working on three continents I can truthfully say that there is no difference in the type of incidents that one encounters. There might be minor differences in circumstance or in the reaction to the incidents, but essentially a haunting is a haunting, they all have reasons for existing and those reasons are always the same. A UFO is a UFO, the difference in reports is mainly due to the perspective of the person or persons reporting it. In cryptozoology there are a myriad of different creatures that are reported but the fact that they exist and similar specimines can be found in widely seperated areas indicates that there is no essential difference in their nature except the usual differences between species and sub-species.

GC – Do you feel enough is being done globally to investigate claims of paranormal activity and record accurately any findings?

No, I don't. I think that for the most part the paranormal is ignored by the very people who should be paying it the most attention -- the scientific, medical and engineering communities. It is even more ignored, or rather treated improperly by the academic community as a whole. It is extremely abused and misused by the media, particularly the motion picture and television industry. The investigation of the paranormal is not a game, hobby or is not a "diversion." It is, or should be a serious branch of the hard sciences that seeks to explain the so far unexplainable phenomonea that are observed but not understood. There are some places, such as here in Russia, where we do take it quite seriously, but the West mostly takes it as a joke or something to provide entertainment. While there are some very reputable groups who do their best to examine, investigate and educate people on matters paranormal the majority of the people simply are not serious about these matters. We are not going to see any real unified effort with real strides in understanding made until those in the West lose the "Ghostbusters" image of our field. We are not "Ghostbusters." We are, or should be legitimate investigators using the most sophisticated equipment possible to augument our natural abilities. Once we see this take place on a wide scale, then we I will say that we are making some strides. As long as this is done on an isolated and far-flung basis, I can't really say that enough is being done.

GC- Any contact we have with anyone who is a believer in the the spirit world in the US seems to make it almost a life mission to preach to others. Is this how seriously it is taken or are we over estimating the devotion to spiritualism there?

It's not actually a devotion to Spiritualism. It's a matter of education and the educational system. Back in the 20s when the Communists began trying to do away with all things "spiritual" they set out to disprove any and all "supernatural" incidents. To do this, they collected facts and incident reports on all sorts of paranormal activity. The plan was a good one as far as it went but it backfired on them. The more information they collected the more evidence they came up with that these things do, in fact, exist. From that point onward it was a situation in which they tried to prove why and how they existed. People were encouraged to report incidents and the authorities were encouraged to document and investigate those reports.

Here, the "preaching" is completely unnecessary. People take for granted that such things exist and there is no compelling reaon to "convince" anyone. Most, if not all Russians accept the existence of paranormal phenomenon. It's a difference in attitude. Here, we do not look at the paranormal as being "occult" or "supernatural". We look at it as being "that which demonstrably exists but lies outside that which is "normal" for the society and culture that surround it. When we see somethng that can't be explained, we look for answers and do not try to hide the evidence. This means that people are not only inclined to talk about such things openly and rationally but to examine them and try to find the cause. There is no need to "convince" anyone that such things happen. We take for granted that they do.

One other thing that I'll add is this. The police and medical personnel report unusual and unexplained events and document them thoroughly. Many of my best accounts come from leads given me by the local police and by the local physicians. It's a tradition here that is based on the educational system. Russians are taught in their schools (which are extrememly good) to question all things and to be open minded about all things. They look for answers instead of denying the questions.

The paranormal is taken very seriously in this country and it is completely divorced from the "occult", the "supernatural" and "religion". It is examined as any other scientific phenomenon would be examined in any of it's aspects.

GC – You appear to have reported / investigated many different areas of unexplained events including UFO's and the paranormal. Do you have any interest in cryptozoology and what are your views on strange animal sightings?

I have quite a lot of interest in cryptozoology, and I most certainly believe that such creatures exist. I get quite a few reports on such things and most are highly documeted. The problem is that most of these reports are similar to the ones in the US and originate in extremely remote areas. Living in an urban area such as Moscow and holding down a "regular" job it's hard for me to have the time to go to the places where such reports originate. We have several areas out in the Far East and Far North that have creatures reported similar to the Bigfoog, Yeti and Sasquach. The Altai Mountain region is well known for a Yeti-like creature but once again, the area is so inaccessable it's extremely difficult to mount an effective investigation. There are also repeated reports of a Loc Ness type creature that inhabits Lake Bikail -- the deepest fresh water lake in the world -- but likewise it is so remote that an effective investigation is almost out of the question. Several expeditions have been mounted but so far there have been no positive findings. Local stoies of sightings, grainy photos and some rather detailed descriptions exist but so far, no solid proof of existence. Does such a creature exist in the extreme depths of the lake? I think that it most probabaly does. Like Bigfoot, I think such creatures are simply small and remote groups of animals that we have previously considered extinct. The remoteness of their domain is such that it's only been within the past 100 to 150 years that even semi-regular sightings have been possible. There simply aren't any people living anywhere near their habitat to witness them in the wild except on rare ocassion and these people are generally not prepared to document the encounter.

Dr Choron kindly agreed to analyse a few of our photographs - Please see further down.


Foot Prints in the Snow - Dr James Lee Choron
TITLE: Footprints in the Snow: Tales of Haunted Russia

AUTHOR: James L. Choron

PUBLISHER: Zumaya Publications LLC

GENRE: Body/Mind/Spirit/Parapsychology/General

FORMAT: Trade paperback, perfect-bound, 260 ppl, $14.99 USD, Trim Size 5 X 8; ebook, $6.99

ISBN: 978-1-934135-06-8, paperback; 978-1-934135-07-5, ebook

RELEASE DATE: February 2007


She is Mother Russia, the largest nation in the world, and her turbulent history has left her filled with restless spirits. Footprints in the Snow is a collection of true and documented stories of the paranormal from Russia and Eastern Europe. Excerpts, in shorter and less detailed form, have been published in numerous Russian and English language publications, primarily through the Illya Resink Library Collection and in various local magazines and newspapers along with such prestigious US and UK publications such as "Fate" and "Phenomenon" Magazines..

Footprints in the Snow: True Stories of Haunted Russia is a reporter's view of documentable paranormal incidents. The stories are told through the eyes of a professional skeptic, one who does not “see ghosts behind every tree.” Statistically, more than 96% of all such stories turn out to be quite natural in origin. There are exceptions.

The stories in this collection have all been thoroughly investigated and documented. These are not the high profile cases you hear about all the time. Most of them are little known outside their immediate area and only by the people immediately involved. You will not find "Ivan the Terrible" or "the lost Princess Anastasia" in these pages. Those cases have been treated frequently enough already. What you will find are some documented and verifiable accounts of paranormal activity in this country that have, so far, defied any rational or normal explanation. They are interesting and informative reading and entertaining. These are true reports of actual happenings presented in a way that leaves it to the reader to decide the cause of these "footprints in the snow."


My apartment building is located just across the street from an elementary school and kindergarten that have served our community for more than seventy years. Here in Russia, this isn’t unusual. The school was part of Lenin’s first Five-Year Plan, and was one of the more successful parts.

Late at night, long after the school is closed and completely empty, we can hear children laughing and playing in the playground. It lasts for about five minutes—a relatively long time; but when you look out the window you see nothing. There are no children there.

Everyone in the building is used to this. It happens several times a year, and it’s gone on for decade—at least fifty years— So has what follows.

After about five minutes, there is a high-pitched, screeching sound, followed by an explosion. Then sound of children playing turns to screams, and then stops.

Welcome to Russia, arguably the most haunted land on earth...

The stories that you are about to read in “Footprints in the Snow” have all been thoroughly investigated and documented. These are not the “high profile” cases that you hear about all the time. Most of them are little known outside their immediate area and by the people immediately involved. You will not find “Ivan the Terrible” or “The lost Princess Anastasia” in these pages. Those cases have been treated frequently enough already. What you will find are some documented and verifiable accounts of paranormal activity in this country that have, so far, defied any “rational” or “normal” explanation. I trust that you will also find this to be interesting and informative reading. Hopefully, it will also be entertaining.

Attend a quiet family picnic in the forest where a soldier of the Second World War lies in an in an unmarked grave and ill-repose – and cries out to a little child to find him. Stand in shock and awe as a tomb is opened after seventy-six years and the horrible cause of a woman’s nightmares is found. Watch as a little girl plays at the feet of her aging parents – half a century after her death and smile at the continuing presence of – in spirit – of “The Countess”, a little grey cat that never knew she was a cat. March stalwartly across the length of Russia – in the heart of winter – with the rag-tag but undefeated soldiers of the “Legion of the Damned”, as they try to shepherd their families to safety across the wild Ural Mountains – every winter for more than 175 years. These accounts are all -- each and every one -- true reports of actual happenings. It is up to the reader to decide the cause of these “footprints in the snow.”

Nineteen years is a long time to spend in any country not one's own. In that time, Dr. Choron has learned a lot about life and living in Russia, especially about the Paranormal. In these pages the reader can literally hear the staccato notes played by the “Drummer Boy of Taratovka” as he warns his loved ones of fire – year after year after year. These pages take you on a visit the office and the home of one of the most blatantly evil men the world has ever seen where his presence is still felt half a century and more after his death and into the bowels of the most notorious prison that the world has ever seen – a place that Alexander Solsinitsyn called the “inner circle of hell.” Here, in “Footprints in the Snow” the reader can go along to the barricades during the “August Revolt” of 1991 and stand beside a man who has come there to fight for freedom for the second time in 100 years. He or she can know that love lasts forever as they walk down a quiet village street, smile and wave at the pretty little girl in the garden who will always and forever be a child or as you hear the story of the little boy who will never – ever – leave his mother and the teenage girl who is known as the “Angel of the Mourning.” Stand in a tiny cemetery and watch the little girl that a whole town calls “Our Little Hero” play at the feet of her parents… alongside her sixty-five year old grave – seen by all but those who love her most…

Enjoy your stay in paranormal Russia – live in buildings alongside men, women and children that have resided in the same apartment for five generations – and more -- and in some cases for centuries. Enjoy your stay in a hotel in which room service is provided by a pretty young maid – who was murdered ten years before your arrival and look out the window and see the young woman who has been standing on the platform waiting for the train – since a cold and windy night in the winter of 1972. Ask the neighbors about their daughter’s “invisible playmate”.

The reader can ride along with a young policeman as he follows a running ten-year-old child down the darkened streets of a small town in a desperate attempt to save an orphanage from fire – for the second time in fifty years. Visit the teachers of the “world’s oldest straight-A student.” Go on investigations with Major Maslov, the police prefect who is constantly called on when a case is “just a bit odd.” Or -- they can follow along as all of Russia watches on television, reads the papers and listens on the radio about the heroic trek of “the Legion of the Damned” as leave their bloody footprints indelibly imprinted in the snows of the Siberian wastes – year after year -- just as they have for almost two centuries…

Dr Choron analyzes Ghost Connections Photographic Anomalies

We invited Dr Choron to analyze a series of photographs from our archives. The four pictures below were a sequence taken at an investigation at Fort Amherst.

The first shows Dave setting up the video, the second shows only the video I/R light as the flash failed to fire, the fourth again shows a shape image of Dave. The third image, meanwhile, shows a dark ‘mass’ just in front of Ian and Kim. The sides of the passage and roof are visible illuminated by the flash however the ‘darkness’ appears in a figure type shape and completely obscures Dave although the video I/R can be seen clearly through it and the tripod is just visible below


Dr Choron explains - I've seen several examples of portals in photographic analysis. Primarilly they are a form of energy and not an object but the energy field is so intense that it shows up in a photo as a semi-solid object. The reason that it shows in photos and is not visible to the eye is that the energy in question is in a spectrum that we are not receptive to. I was trained as an engineer and we constantly saw anomolies like this during analysis of photographs. It's not exactly "common" but it's common enough to be known. Most people write it off as a simple energy anomoly.

The way I analyze photos is something that you should understand. First of all, my software is not designed to identify the paranormal. It is designed to eliminate any flaw, defect, error or unusual conditions that can be identified by a database that Eastman Kodak has developed over a period of over 40 years and updates regularly. I kept my copy of the software when I retired from Kodak.It is not available commercially and it requires a second computer (for me) simply to run those programs since the memory capacity necessary is extensive. I still recieve the updates from Kodak since I was a rather senior executive in the Overseas Division when I retired.

Now... I have also assembled a database over the past 25 years or so that contains known paranormal phenomenon and examples of verified incidents. What I do is first run the photo through the software to eliminate any chance of flaw or error of any kind that could exist. I then re-run it and compare to the existing database on known paranormal phenomenon. My goal is not to "prove" or "disprove" anything but to actively identify what is actually in the photo. There are many cases in which all I can say is that "it is not a flaw, error or any kind of defect" but it is "unknown in origin and composition". In this particular case, I had several fairly good examples of portals in various stages of manifestation in my database and that is what this most closely matches. My evaluations are always within a 5% factor +/-.

Even magnified to 1,200x it is impossible to tell exactly what you have in that photo. However I can tell you this. Whatever it is, my software indicates that it is a semi-solid object or mass of an "indeterminate" form of energy. It is well within the focal range and limits of the camera. It seems to be in the process of either materializing or dematerializing,

Likewise, analysis indicates that it is definitely an object that is part of the photo and not any known flaw, defect or error. The software that I use is designed to eliminate all known flaws, errors and defects as well as identify any known user error. None of these register in analysis. This is a genuine anomoly.

We thank Dr.Choron for his opinion and await further results from other contacted sources.

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