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Oxney Bottom - Ringwould

Personal account

Present - Ian, Kim and Paddy.

This was my first outdoor investigation so I went with a bit of doubt as to whether I would enjoy it or not, I always feel safer in somewhere as opposed to being exposed on all angles!

It was a balmy night with a few drops of rain as we arrived about 8.30pm, we walked the long drive to the entrance to the woods. As we entered the wood my fears seemed to be coming true, as it did not feel a welcoming place at all. At least we had arrived before nightfall to give ourselves time to adjust to the surroundings, but the chapel still had an eerie quality to it.

The discovery of what seemed to be an occult altar stone in the woods next to the chapel didn't much help my anxiety. This area had been deliberately prepared with archways built from fallen branches, and saplings curiously snapped over and outwards from the altar stone, as though radiating out from the stone. Items had been placed on a nearby tree, a ribbon and a feather, all of this indicated that other people came here, the thought that others might turn up unnerved me more than the potential spirits!

I took some video footage of the area while Paddy and Kim sat chatting waiting for nightfall, and as dark fell we moved into the chapel.

Our time in the chapel took the form of a photo taking session followed by a seance, which I was nominated to lead? Kim became the camerawoman.

All I can say of Oxney is that it was the quickest investigation I have done yet with good reasons for its shortness. It is a truly scary place and one I would only wish to return to in a larger group, which is planned!

Ian Batchelor

Personal account

Investigators present: Kim Slater, Patrick Noble, Ian Batchelor

Paddy, Ian and I took a trip to Oxney Bottom. The weather was unfavorable and we thought that we may have had to cancel.

We reached Oxney a few hours before night fall. The air was warm and it had been raining heavily.

We parked at the bottom of the driveway to Oxney Court and walked to the top of the drive. We entered the woods and took the well walked path. Paddy and Ian ventured from the path to investigate the trenches that were dug during the war.

Before long we came across the chapel, we took several photographs, and decided to investigate the surrounding area. There had been a recent fire by a large tree to the side of the chapel. The fire had been very large and was possibly started by teenagers. The tree by the fire has a strange marking, this could have been done by one of the teenagers or could mean something else. We are researching the sign.

Further down the path there was a circular clearing with an up turned stone, Paddy turned over the stone to discover that he had previously seen the stone else where in the woods turned the other way. We assume that this is an alter stone and that recent occult activity has taken place in the woods.

We sat in the clearing on a fallen tree for sometime, talking. As I was sitting there I felt what I can only describe as something grabbing my leg from beneath the fallen tree.

We moved back towards the chapel and entered, we stood by the entrance for what seemed a considerable time, debating whether we should walk all the way in, we were very apprehensive as there is only one way in and one way out.

As we walked to the other end of the chapel, something at the far end caught my eye, a very sudden movement that looked almost grey like. Paddy turned to me and asked me if I had seen something, I said yes I had. He said I did too!

Whilst I was standing in the chapel I felt very apprehensive and had the feeling of being touched across my face many times. I could hear running in the woods, with no voices.

The atmosphere began to change and Ian and I felt as if something had entered the chapel. We could hear movement around the outside of the chapel and felt that someone was going to walk through the door at any time!

After a few more mins we decided that we should leave as we could all feel something negative building.

We left the chapel and took the path we had entered on.

Once away from the woods, I had time to reflect and felt that we were escorted from the woods.

Kim Slater


Personal account

Investigators present: Kim Slater, Ian Batchelor

We arrived before dark, so that we could get a good feel for the layout of the place, before attempting to negotiate it at night. Even though this was my second visit to Oxney the place did not feel familiar to me, although I was at least able to find the chapel straight away. I get the impression that no matter how many times I go to Oxney, it will not ever feel more familiar or welcoming.

To one side of the chapel is a yew tree and under the branches of this tree there were the remains of a large fire, approx 4ft long by 1ft wide. Amongst the ashes were the signs of drug usage and some school homework, so it appears likely that this is nothing more than kids having a laugh. On my previous visit there had been a hanging offering attached to the tree, this had now gone. However there was a large character drawn onto the bark of the tree that as yet I have been unable to identify and is therefore probably just graffiti left by the kids.

Carved into a tree that stands right next to the chapel there is a pentagram, and some script that is not clearly legible. They would appear to have both been carved a long time ago (years) but at different times.
The chapel itself was exactly as it had been on my last visit, if slightly more overgrown. It appears that the number of people who actually enter the chapel is far less than those who use the woods directly around it.
To the east of the chapel, and a short distance from it, there is a small clearing dominated by a large beech tree. On my previous visit there had been a large staff implanted into the ground here and a block of chalk taken from the chapel ruins with a small pentagram carved into it. Both of these had moved, the staff having completely disappeared.

We found the altar stone slightly further to the east, where it had formed part of a dismantled stone circle. The pentagram was facing into the ground, and all around it the plants had been broken down in a radial pattern, away from the altar stone. The bark had been deliberately striped from the lower portions of almost all of the surrounding, broken saplings.

This evidence of occult activity greatly unsettled me for the night ahead, as although I am prepared for dealing with certain aspects of the paranormal, I had no preparation to deal with potential occult activity.
The beech tree that dominated the clearing had a couple of hanging offerings on it, as it had done on my last visit although these were different ones.

We sat for a while discussing the various finds and waited for it to get dark. As darkness fell we then approached the chapel to begin our investigation proper.

On entering the chapel we were initially stood next to the only entrance / exit, but this area was making me feel very uncomfortable, so I asked if we could move further into the body of the chapel (total size approx 18ft x 8ft) and we moved further towards the far end of the chapel. As we then were standing at the far end of the chapel, both Kim and I saw movement where we had been standing, and we believe we saw something grey. Ian unfortunately had his back to the door at that time.

We then spent some time attempting to establish contact with any spirits that may be present in the area, without any definitive success. However Kim, and to a certain extent Ian felt that a presence had joined us in the chapel, and that it was a negative presence. I felt as if the atmosphere had become more tense, but I had no specific feeling of someone there.

I found that while holding the cam-corder that it was impossible to maintain any night vision, which meant that anything that the camera couldn't see neither could I, as I was reliant on the cameras viewfinder. This was most disconcerting to say the least!

At certain points during the evening Kim felt that she had been touched, once to the point of physically jumping. There was nothing near enough to her for it to have been either Ian or myself, or any plants. The longer we were spending in the chapel, the more agitated Kim appeared to be becoming, until the point when she asked if we could leave. Ian too was felling very uneasy.

Strangely I was more uneasy once we had left the chapel and were standing outside it than when we were inside. Kim explained that she felt there were many spirits present with us, and that she felt we should leave immediately. We did so and while walking out Kim was anxious that we leave as quickly as possible, as she felt we were being followed, and not just out of curiosity, but because we were not wanted there.





Oxney Bottom has to be one of the scariest places I have investigated to date. I am usually very calm and take everything in my stride. I feel that I can control most situations I encounter on investigation, Oxney is different.

I feel that there is so much to discover and that there is something happening there that I can not describe. The place seems very black! The occult activity that we came across is a major concern when alone in the woods and adds to the atmosphere.

Definitely a place to return for further investigations.


This place does scare me, which is unusual. I feel that we need to repeat investigations at this site, preferably with a spirit medium who may be able to help Kim control the feeling being passed to her by any spirits present. I would also like to return with someone who has an understanding of occult rituals, who may be able to shed some greater light on what may be going on at this site.
Is it haunted: Well, maybe we didn't really find any definitive proof either way, but it is definitely scary!





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