Return to Oxney Bottom

18th February 2006

Return to Oxney Bottom

Kim, Paddy, Dave

Our return seemed fated from the start, four of the core team had to pull out from the investigation for one reason or another.

We decided to go very light on equipment and use our senses.

Paddy, Dave and myself decided to conduct the investigation come what may. We arrived in Deal early evening and spent sometime in the surrounding area.

Later that evening we drove up to Oxney bottom and parked at the gates to Oxney Court as we have done on numerous occasions.

We tracked through the woods being a little wet and muddy, and soon we arrived at the chapel. We walked the surrounding area familiarising Dave with the layout as it was his first visit.

The large fire that had been there previously had moved a few feet and had a selection of large rocks placed around to contain the fire.

We entered the chapel and were disgusted to find that several of the headstones had been moved and some broken! We took several pictures in this location. Dave caught sight of a red glowing light through one of the chapel windows, as he mentioned this Paddy aimed his camera and took a picture. Paddy did capture a light anomaly, waiting on photograph from Paddy to draw conclusions.

For the first time since beginning to visit Oxney I felt fairly calm in the chapel. We decided to move back outside as it had begun to rain. We moved for cover under the large yew tree where the fire is situated.

We stood under the tree for quite sometime viewing the surrounding area and listening to the sounds of the wood.

On several occasions we heard what we can only describe as movement, the movement came from the same direction but never came any closer. Dave who joined us for the evening is as spiritualist medium, he began to call out for spirit communication.

Several noises were noted and movement between the trees and at the chapel door. The noises could be put down to the wood, and the movement tricks being played with our eyes in low light!

Dave sensed three spirits close by, one directly behind where Dave and I was standing, one to the left of Dave and one directly in front of Paddy next to the chapel door. Dave was given the name George Sanders for one of the spirits and gave a description of the one to the left, being dressed in a tunic and leaning on a sword. Dave assumed that this spirit was possibly 12/13th century, whereas the other spirit was 1920’s. The spirit that Dave sensed by the door to the chapel was very vague, although Dave told us that he was less inclined to have visitors. However he did state that all three were protecting the land and the chapel.

After sometime of Paddy and me chatting to Dave about the spirit realm we stood in silence again. A strange lightness came over the area, as if a veil had been lifted and for quite sometime. We were able to far much further than our normal night vision would have allowed us!

After a further quiet time we decided to venture further into the wood where we have noted occult activity in the past. As we began to walk down towards the clearing we all clearly saw a flash and heard a loud movement in the undergrowth, this made us a little apprehensive and we stayed rooted to the spot for sometime listening. When we were happy that there was no other visitors in the area we preceded to the clearing. We were a little disorientated for a few minutes as the path we usually take had been blocked deliberately with a large branch, we were soon back on track and at the clearing.

We found as before the alter stone upturned on the ground, there seemed to have not been any further activity since out last visit. We walked around the area, pointing out to Dave several of the signs we had seen before.

We walked back towards the chapel took one last look at the surrounding area and decided to close the investigation.

Many thanks to Dave for joining us for the evening, it made a change to view things from a spiritual angle rather than scientific.

The majority of our photographs from the evening are discounted as there was a great deal of moisture in the air, also the breath from ourselves has been captured on several of the photographs as shown in the pictures on the right.

Alter Stone found at site




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