Ghost Connections UK

The White Horse



Paddy's Lone Vigil



4.11am: Paddy asks for spirit communication, buy light or sound.
No Response


4.12am: Colby enters the room to place a voice recorder.


4.13am: Paddy says he doesn't feel entirely comfortable. He can hear the team downstairs, he can hear someone walking up the stairs.

All team were present in the bar area downstairs. No sounds detected on tape.

4.14am: Paddy feels as if he is not alone.


4.15am: He can hear the odd clicking noise. No sounds detected on tape.


4.17am: Paddy can see a flash of light coming up the stairs.


4.18am: He gets the impression of movement but can't see anything moving.
Paddy notes the birds signing outside.


4.20am: A click is heard on tape not evident to Paddy.

4.22am: Another flash of light and a bang is seen/heard by Paddy. He says he can see a bright light on the wall, briefly. He can hear a camera


Paddy can hear movement but unsure of source. Nothing detected on tape.


4.23am: Paddy can hear a phone. None of the team had a phone switched on.

He sees another flash of light and hears a strange noise. Nothing on tape.


Paddy claims he can still hear a phone and radio interference.


4.24am: Paddys vigil ends.