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Plantagenet House, New Romney, Kent

18 October 2014

To investigate the possibility of paranormal phenomena at this location and respond to reported sightings and previous reports on line by invitation of the householders.

Plantagenet House is a modest stone built house, terraced in a row of later dwellings. Its age was a matter of local conjecture until it was securely dated to have originated within the first decades of the 14th century, It may have been the home of a prosperous merchant or the Masters House of the medieval Hospital of St John the Baptist, which first appears in records by the 1260s.

The house has been subject to visits by various psychics over the years, one previous group of paranormal investigators and even, reportedly, an exorcism. With the exception of the latter all have been witnessed by the present owners and compared with sightings recorded by the occupants. Would Ghost Connections investigation reveal supporting evidence for any of the information previously given or record any unexplained phenomena?

The house consists of a kitchen and living room on the ground floor, a rear hallway containing a bathroom and staircase to the first floor, two bedrooms and a corridor on the first floor leading to a converted attic space on the second floor.



  The Investigation
Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR lightDigital Camera:
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC

Tripods, Torches, Video tapes (MiniDV), Data Loggers


Guests / Owners:

Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory we were to investigate the alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue. Given that this was the third investigation at this venue we sought to explore some of the areas of interest from the previous investigations. Consequently the plan was to begin as before, in the lounge and then move on to further explore the upper floors of the house.

Session one – Lounge / Kitchen.
We began by seating ourselves around the living room and mixing investigation with general discussion. Dave’s camcorder was used hand-held in order to view anything in any direction as alerted to. Dean, Graham and Paddy kept their voice recorders with them. Malcolm also recorded the events on a voice recorder.

Session two – First Floor Corridor.
Everyone spaced along the first floor corridor with, additionally, Malcolm taking position on the stairs from the ground floor and Dave and Dean taking position on the stairs up to the second floor. Camcorder hand held by Dave as Session 1. Voice recorders as Session 1.

Session three – Bedroom 1 previously Solar.

Based upon events towards the end of Session 2 everyone located to Bedroom 1 with the exception of Malcolm who remained in the corridor within view of the room. Camcorder hand held by Dave as Session 1. Voice recorders as Session 1. Camcorder later mounted on stand within bedroom.

Session one – Lounge / Kitchen area

It was noted that there were few noises within the house of a general nature other than those within the kitchen due to appliances and pipework. These had been assessed on the previous investigations so were largely able to be ignored on this one. Having said this there were particular noises on the previous visits that appeared to emanate from the kitchen although when someone entered the kitchen to identify the source they would cease. One of the goals on this investigation would be to identify all possible noises and to this extent Malcolm and later Paddy would be in the kitchen and attempt to locate and identify noises when they occurred.

Noises and illuminations were seen within the room.

Graham commented on an experience he felt during the initial setting up. He had experienced something akin to a 'Chinese Burn' on his right arm above the wrist.

Dave, whilst having his left arm extended across the back of the chair next to him, felt a light touch as if a hand had been placed on it just above his wrist.

A noise was heard by Dave from the staircase area as the adjoining door had been left open. He moved to the bottom of the stairs in response to this.

Dave heard a couple of noises that sounded as though they were the creaks of someone walking on the stairs between the ground floor and the first floor.

Graham joined Dave at the stairs and Dean moved to nearer the doorway within the lounge.

After a few more minutes and nothing else being noted the team took a break.

Session two – Corridor and Stairs.

With the team evenly spread along the corridor and both stair cases the investigation began.

Dave commented on smelling fresh mint for a few seconds and then it was gone.

On a couple of occasions the team would comment on colder air movements past or around them with Dave noting at one point it felt like something pushed past him on the stairs as the draft was felt.

Paddy commented that he saw a person beyond Graham in a doorway part way along the corridor but not as far as Dave.

Janet (positioned in bedroom 1) comments on the atmosphere in that room. Graham also senses that there is something worth investigating in that room and moves into the bedroom for the remainder of this session and Janet took his place in the corridor outside of the doorway within the corridor.

Janet describes seeing a light within Bedroom 1 under the bed that appeared as a pinprick of light and then exploded, likened to a 'shellburst' type effect.

Session three – Bedroom 1.

The whole team positioned in the room with Malcolm being just outside the doorway in the corridor. There is very little light within the room.

Janet comments on seeing Deans face transfigure into that of an older man with a moustache. The other members the team seem to agree that Dean looks a little different.

A séance was instigated and all persons engaged except Malcolm who maintained a view from the doorway. Due to the details and personal nature of the events in this séance no details are available for public viewing.

This concluded the investigation.

No unidentified noises were encountered and the decision to have someone permanently placed within the kitchen seems to have been a good idea as, either, these noises didn't occur or they were identified.

Lights seen during the first session were all believed to be due to car movements in the streets outside and shining through small caps in the curtains of the rooms that front onto the street.

The light seen by Janet in session 2 in the bedroom cannot be explained. It is possible that some glint was caused by the angle of viewing onto some particle within the area under the bed but this cannot be verified.

Sensations of coldness were also sensed in certain areas although this is more likely to be small fluctuations due to draughts in such an old building. Having said this no noticeable draughts were located or identified. Movements of air were also sensed when no one was moving. Again these could be air movement around the house but to be so confined as people felt it to their legs, hands or faces is less easy to explain as everyone was sat in close proximity and likely to be obscuring air movement from one person to another.

The noises on the staircase were believed to have been recorded on the camcorder and will be produced with the publicly available footage.

Additionally, when checked, the footage reveals a number of light anomalies recorded only during the start of the séance. There is no evidence to link these to anything paranormal at this stage but they must be considered in association with the general lack of any such phenomena recorded on most other investigations. It is possible that the strongest of these could be a piece of fluff or dust in the air reflecting light from the source of the Infra Red light or indeed an insect in flight within the beam range of the IR light. Some are considerably fainter. It is of interest that, for once, there seems to be a prolonged time period of a few minutes in which they occur and also that they do not appear traveling in the same fashion or direction. They do seem, however, to appear in the same area of the room although again this could be due to the intensity of the IR beam within that same area whilst recording. The camcorder was not hand-held during this part of the session and therefore these light anomalies cannot be compared with anything else occurring elsewhere in the room.

No conclusions can be drawn around the circumstances of the séance itself.

During our time here there was a large amount of information forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we would not publish such observations, however, previous information is held on a separate database, which may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email.

Many thanks Janet and Malcolm for inviting us for a return visit. We look forward to a return again in the future.
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