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Private Residence - near Tonbridge, Kent

7th November 2009

Ghost Connections were contacted and invited by the occupiers of this small cottage to spend some time within its walls to see if it would be possible to gain some evidence of the paranormal presence of the previous occupier. This previous occupier was known to the current occupiers during their lifetime and they had a fond friendship with them until they passed away unexpectedly. Since the current occupiers moved in they have had some odd occurrences and firmly believe that the former occupier still visits them and spends time here. Given that this is a private residence we cannot divulge the address of the property or the names of the occupiers former or current. Neither can we explain what has previously occurred as all these points may serve to identify the venue.

  The Investigation

Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S5000
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Video tapes (MiniDV)

Ian, Kim, Paddy, and Dave.

Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory we were to investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue. Given that the window of opportunity allowed to us was only a couple of hours, while the occupiers were out for the evening, we were unable to plan any detailed investigation. Our direction was to be decided on the night.

We arrived around 8.00pm and wasted no time. After a brief chat our hosts left and set up the limited equipment we would be using in this limited space and time frame. We decided to start in the lounge and to then adapt to whatever occurred resulting in the following three sessions.

Session 1 – Vigil in lounge.

Session 2 – Vigil in kitchen.

Session 3 – Séance in Lounge.

Investigation end.

Session 1 – Vigil in lounge.
With Ian’s camcorder set on us and Kim and Dave’s voice recorders running we decided it was best to simply make ourselves comfy in the lounge. Kim and Ian on the sofa in front of the fireplace and Dave and Paddy in arm chairs with the kitchen door to they’re right.

Time was spent simply sitting and discussing the ambient noises of the house. The wood burning fire was alight providing the occasional crackle, the wall clock was ticking. The scene was set.

After a while Ian decided to call aloud, explain who we were and that we were there with the owner’s permission and invited anyone else in the house with us to let us know where they were. There was no response.

Paddy commented on a noise from the kitchen.

Ian continued to question if anyone was in the building with us, again there were no responses.

After a short while Dave decided to continue the questioning and thinks he heard a different sort of noise coming from the kitchen, different to those heard so far. And he calls for a repeat. No sooner had Dave asked for the repeat Paddy thought he heard a very odd noise from the kitchen this was confirmed by Dave, this was not heard by Kim or Ian. Dave and Paddy immediately get up and investigate in the next room and in doing so described the noise they both heard to Ian and Kim as the sound of someone walking about in the next door kitchen, brushing up again our coats over the back of the kitchen chairs as they went.

Session 2 – Vigil in kitchen
Kim and Ian remained in the lounge whilst the other two investigated the noise heard by Dave and Paddy in the kitchen. When in the kitchen Paddy called aloud for a repeat of the noise they heard, a few seconds after Ian commented on a noise by his camcorder in the doorway between the kitchen and the lounge. This is followed by another noise heard by Kim and Ian from within the lounge similar to someone clearing their throat.

Paddy and Dave continued in the kitchen and were adamant about what they had both heard simultaneously, they had also heard a repeat of it as they entered the kitchen.

Kim and Ian feel a wash of cold air go across them as they continued to sit on the sofa in the lounge.

Paddy takes a picture up the stairs as he thought he saw a shadow move across the landing.

Ian and Kim retrieve their equipment and move into the kitchen with Dave and Paddy.

Dave and Paddy explained in more detail what they had heard and where then Dave continued to call out for more activity to occur. The sense of anticipation was building.

Paddy took a turn and asked “Where are you?” there was no response. Dave then continued to explain our reasons for visiting and asked for another sign that someone was with us, a dull thud then came from the lounge.

Whilst in the kitchen Kim commented on a floral smell that came into the room.

Dave asked again if there was someone with is, this was followed by a tap to Paddy’s left in the direction of the bathroom.

Session 3 – Séance in lounge
After a period of silence in the kitchen we decided to return to our seats in the lounge, no soon as we did that there was a metallic clink heard from the kitchen, this was not repeated when requested by Dave.

Suddenly the floral smell returned and was very strong, this time smelt by the whole team.

Paddy called out aloud again but there was no response.

A further noise was heard from the kitchen, this time heard by a couple of us, Dave asked for a repeat which again was not forthcoming.

Given flurry of apparent activity in the kitchen we decided to change tactic and try a séance. Kim Dave and Ian chose to stand in the lounge to perform this, Paddy sat out to observe any results and be able to react and investigate anything that was to occur. Although we conduct scientifically based investigations we have found previously that by conducting séances there is an increased chance of recordable evidence occurring.

The three stood while Dave explained what we were doing to anyone else that may have been within ear shot and again invited anyone present to make themselves known. Nothing occurred.

Ian tried a different line of questioning and asked for the former occupier by name and despite a few questions and comments posed directly to this person nothing was forthcoming. In fact the team was feeling quite relaxed, Kim especially so as she began to sway uncontrollably, this eventually passed. Nothing else transpired so after a while we decided to break and return to our chairs.

The team was discussing what had transpired over the last two hours when our hosts returned. After a brief discussion with them we bid them goodnight.

Unfortunately none of the noises heard on the night were recorded, either on our audio or camcorder recordings, this includes the noise Dave and Paddy thought they heard coming from the kitchen. Neither were any of these noises repeated on request. It is more than possible that, despite thinking we had adjusted our hearing to the ambient noises of the property, we had not adjusted to them all. Having said this, the noise of clothing and movement emanating from the kitchen was described by Paddy and Dave as being very distinct. As this was not be recorded this cannot be examined or explained.

The sound of someone clearing their throat that was heard by Kim and Ian in the lounge was again not recorded so this also cannot be further investigated. But again it was quite distinct and cannot be explained as we know it was not one of the team.

The wash of cold air felt by Ian and Kim in the lounge was not to be expected. Given that they were sitting in a cosy lounge with a wood burner the room was very warm and no draughts had been noticed coming from the doors or windows. We have no explanation for this.

The picture taken by Paddy up the stairs from the kitchen showed no signs of the shadow he thought he had seen.

The floral smell sensed in the kitchen and then later and stronger in the lounge was investigated and explained by the discovery of a plug in air freshener found in a socket behind the sofa.

Kim’s swaying during the séance could easily have been the effects of standing still for a prolonged period of time. We would normally have conducted a séance seated but this was not possible to do without rearranging our host’s lounge, which we felt would not have been appropriate.

With little or no recorded evidence to study it is difficult to draw any conclusions other than on the teams perceptions. Noises were heard, some quite distinct. This was a new venue and a new environment and would hope to have adjusted and allowed for any natural noises that may have occurred, may be we didn’t?

The most interesting spell was our time after we were drawn into the kitchen by the noise Dave and Paddy heard. Of all the noises heard that night this was the most interesting and it is a shame this was not heard by Kim and Ian also. Being such a distinct noise it is difficult to imagine this occurring naturally, so what or who was it? Unfortunately we will never know.

This was a short but interesting investigation and we are very grateful for being given the chance to spend a few hours here. Many thanks to the owners for the invitation.
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