Private Derelict Building

9th December 2005



  Private Derelict Building – South East Kent

Due to the delicate nature of the building location details are withheld

To discover Paranormal Phenomena

Built in 1886, this magnificent turreted castle was in use until 2002. We are unable to disclose the use of the building. Now this castle is under offer for 1.7million for re-development!

Paranormal Activity:

Reports from security guard below.

Slamming Doors
Screams heard

This location has never been investigated previously.


3 x Digital Cameras
1 x Digital Camcorder
1 x Baby Monitor (placed in hallway)
2 x EMF Meter
2 x Digital Thermometer



The Team

Staff present: Security guard.


This investigation was offered to us at short notice therefore no itinerary was scheduled.


We arrived at the venue just before 8pm. We were given a brief tour of the building by the security guard. The building is incredibly large and we knew that we would not be able to maintain an investigation throughout the whole area.

We decided to stay as a group considering the size of the building and it's derelict state.

We toured the entire site and made our way to the loft space, which is an investigation in itself. The loft being a huge expanse that runs the entire length of the building.

Paddy and Ian decided to walk the full length of the loft, while I sat on a beam talking to Rick. The loft contained several items used previously in the building and gave us an insight into the activities that had be prevalent there.

Paddy and Ian rejoined us sitting on the beams, we called for spirit communication. Several creaks and bangs were noted.

After sometime of sitting in the loft we heard sounds coming from Ricks monitor what can only be described as screaming. This gave an air of excitement and we left to investigate the cause.

Back down on the lower levels we could still hear the screaming, although a little distant. We entered a room that had several of the windows missing and stood by the windows listening. After sometime the screaming came again, it was then that we realised that the building is opposite a wooded area and the screams we heard was a vixen in the woods.

We moved through the building entering each room in turn, noting different smells and feelings.

We entered one specific room where we felt inclined to stay a while, this room consisted of a bed and large built in wardrobes. There were a few suitcases littered around the room, with information of the people that they belonged to. Also there were several plush toys in the wardrobe.

Communication was called for again, a breeze was felt by some of the team during this period.

As we left this room we moved one of the toys to a different area of the room to check on later.

We then returned to the loft to try again with communication, this time we had a name to call as we had found some information on a previous occupant from 1954.

We left the loft once again and returned to the ground floor, once we were satisfied we had covered the building we decided to end the investigation.


There is are no results to publish.

No anomalies were captured on camcorder, camera or voice recorders.

Temperate readings and EMF were indicative of the building.


The reports of screaming from the security guard are probably the same noises we heard, being foxes in the wood adjacent.

Slamming doors also reported by the guard, this buiding is derelict and has numerous broken windows. Which in effect can cause doors to slam around the building.

Creaks and bangs can but put down to the natural movement of the building, expanding and contracting.

The toy that we had moved earlier in the evening was still situated in the same place we had left it.

We didn't encounter any paranormal activity at this venue.

Kim Slater















7th January 2006

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