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Undisclosed Church- Kent

24th October 2009

We have been asked not to identify this venue at the custodians request but have been fortunate to have been entrusted with overnight access, to try to explain experiences and sensations felt by people here, as well as better understand our own results from previous investigation here.

To continue our study into potential paranormal phenomena at this location.

The site has been a centre of religious worship for hundreds of years and was mentioned in the Doomsday Book (1086).

Previously we had simply spent our time conducting group vigils in different areas of the building. When doing so we had noted a large amount of noise, taps and knocks were heard, as well as a sense and sound of movement. There had also been reports of sightings. We wished to investigate these further as well as try to explore causes for previous events of two weeks before (see previous report).



  The Investigation

Sony DCR HC-24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S5000
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Canon EOS1000D

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Video tapes (MiniDV)

Ian, Kim, and Dave.

Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue. This time we decided not to waste any time. We had no preconceived plan on this occasion as we simply wanted to pick a spot and conduct either vigils or séances based upon our understanding of the situation at the time. The usual equipment was to be deployed as above.

Pre Investigation
Upon initial arrival Kim and Dave arrived slightly before Ian. From a position north of the church, and remaining in the car with windows down, they watched the churchyard.

Ian then arrived and it was agreed that some investigation into the circumstances of the likelihood of natural causes for some of the phenomena witnessed two weeks before, which have now been mentioned in the appropriate place in that report.

Session one
We sat for a séance in the main body of the church between the chancel and south chapel below the arcade that forms the boundary between the two. This session was, on one occasion, interrupted by voices and a passing car and the outside was checked to ensure it had left before continuing.

Session two
For this session we began seated, although not in séance, and soon after we moved our chairs to the sanctuary, and conducted a séance. Again various members of the team took turns inviting responses from anyone else present.

Session three
This session was a continuation of the last in the same format and same location.

Session four
This session was a continuation of the last in the same format and same location.

Pre- investigation
Dave and Kim first heard banging noises coming from the direction of the church. Kim then noticed some strange lights and alerted Dave who also witnessed upward shining lights which appeared to be contained within the southern churchyard boundary hedge.

Session one

A noise heard was believed to be from outside.

Ian believed he heard someone walking.

Noises were then caught on video footage as a series of at least three similar noises of increasing volume from a further distance into the church.

A torch like light was seen against the east window which was followed by further lights seemingly into the windows all around the church in turn.

The session was adjourned to check the church and churchyard and then resumed.

Kim and Ian heard a noise behind Dave.

Ian heard a sound likened to rustling clothing near to the main door.

A noise was heard by all in the nave which was repeated.

Ian described something he saw near to the step between south chapel and south aisle. He described a pin prick of light followed by a foggy red area with a lighter area resembling a pair of clasped hands held in front.

Dave then commented on a sound over the top of external noises. This then appears louder over all persons talking on the video recording.

Ian saw a flash of light on the archway between south aisle and south chapel.

The corner of the south chapel, between the east window and most easterly of the south window, was seen to illuminate on several occasions. Between which Kim believed she saw someone move in that area continued by further illuminations.

Two distinct click noises were heard near Ian.

Session two

From initially being seated we found nothing occurred so then moved a few feet to sit where we had for the previous investigation a fortnight before. Again nothing of note took place during this part of the same session.

Session three

We seated ourselves within the sanctuary area as on the last investigation. As the previous two sessions had been virtually devoid of anything of note compared with the last investigation we opted to continue the séance exercise and be more direct in approach including what we were actually saying or asking for. We also directed our questioning distinctly towards members of the most influential incumbents and concluding with those who's names we did not know.

Thirty-nine minutes in and there was a bang recorded on the footage. Nothing was noted by the team at the time.

After a further ten minutes Dave's footage showed a short period of additional illumination of the team which then extinguished as suddenly as it had appeared. Again, and unlike vehicle movement and other illuminations, this was not noted by the team.

A loud clatter of a metallic sound similar to a door latch was heard and its location estimated.

Another ten minutes later and a further similar metallic sound, although distinctly different was heard and again its location was estimated by the team.

We then undertook to investigate the sounds we had just heard and followed this with a short break.

Session four.

Returning to the same area in the sanctuary we resumed where we had left off.

We next became aware of a series of sounds from within the vestry area and the nave. Whilst we could not see what was occurring (if anything physically was) we listened for a number of seconds to what sounded like objects being moved in both these area's.

From within a few feet, and visible sight even in the darkness, we heard a series of footsteps which sounded to be running or just quick steps possibly caused by a child. These were heard to tail off into the distance into the body of the church and out of our view.

Near to the end of the session a strange vocal type sound was heard immediately to the side of Kim.

Pre Investigation

The sounds heard by Kim and Dave were impossible to locate. A few moments later some fireworks were heard. Although the sounds came from the direction of the church it cannot be proved that they were actually emanating from the church itself and may have been beyond, but in the same direction.

The lights certainly appeared to be within or in front of the hedge. Immediately investigated they could not be traced and neither did they re-occur. Beyond the hedge is a road and parking area below the level of the churchyard followed by a wide expansive view. It is possible that the lights were beyond the hedge although the investigation showed that there were no persons or vehicles immediately on the other side. They remain unexplained at the current time.

Session one

The first noise noted could not be identified and by all probability was not paranormal however nothing accompanied this to give any indication as to what caused it and neither was it repeated. It was not recorded.

Ian heard the sound of footfalls and believed someone to be walking within the church. This would not be the first time that this would crop up on this investigation although on this occasion it was not recorded on any footage and therefore cannot be verified although later, similar, sounds would be recorded.

Noises were then caught on video footage as a series of at least three similar noises of increasing volume from a further distance into the church. These are not commented on by the team at the time and therefore it is likely that they were not heard by them. It is this fact that makes this recording interesting and this can be heard on our video page. As the team did not hear them they could not be investigated at the time and are to all intents and purposes unidentified. They may have been caused by anything and are not able to be substantiated by any other means.

The light described as being similar to a torch seen through the east window is of interest. No cars were heard to stop or persons or voices heard and therefore it cannot be established that no persons were outside. Normally at this location there is a reasonable chance of a car arriving with persons who wander around the churchyard and we are acutely aware of the signs of this. However in this instance there were no accompanying sounds and observing via the south windows no persons were seen and even a scout around the churchyard revealed nothing. What was also apparent was that whilst Dave was observing the south side of the building further lights illuminated the inside of the church from both the north and south sides alternately although no cause was seen or found. They remain unexplained. We considered the local gamekeeper but later enquiries ruled this out too.

The sound heard behind Dave could have been caused by anything and therefore natural sources cannot be ruled out.

The sound of rustling clothing heard by Ian was not heard by anyone else and neither was it recorded. In truth it may have been anything but we have likened this sound before on other investigations. Because it sounds like rustling clothing and no one else was moving does not mean that it was clothing or an indication that anyone was moving.

Whilst, interestingly, not recorded the repeated noises in the nave are of interest considering what was to come later. The may or may not be similar but the recordings now cannot be compared and therefore any viability in terms of consistency cannot be relied upon.

Ian's description of the red light, red mist and clasped hands could be taken as indicative of a red robed figure in prayer or partaking in a procession of some kind through the church. Anything similar would be conjecture based upon supposition based upon the building we were in. We could find no source for such red light or infusion of red within the church. The church does have stained glass windows but not light was coming through them strong enough to leave this hue in the air inside. Red is an unlikely colour for a naturally occurring light source and so if Ian did not see an apparition of some kind we can only suggest that his eyes or mind were playing tricks and that what he saw was in his imagination. If we could be certain that this was not the case then we could be more subjective towards him having seen something paranormal. Unfortunately we did not have any video cameras facing this direction so we may never know. A later flash of light in the same location cannot be explained any more fully.

Dave then commented on a sound over the top of external noises. This then appears louder over all persons talking on the video recording. This is present on the footage and we have no explanation for it. It seems to be internal to the building judging by the footage but we cannot be any more certain of its location than we can the source of it.

The lighting of the south east corner of the south chapel was later tested during the break. The shining of an LED torch towards the window from a range of five feet outside the church produced the same effect although much brighter. A possible explanation is that the light producing this effect came from the same southerly direction although was either fainter or more distant.

The shadowy figure reported by Kim in the same region of the lighted area described above cannot be explained. There were no other people in the building and it was sighted below the high window level. We also know that no lights were shining into the church at the time and none of us were moving to create such a vision. With the number of memorials within the church sometimes certain shadows can go unnoticed for some time and then become apparent. This may be one explanation.

The click noises heard near Ian were first thought to have been caused by Ian or something in his pockets falling against the chair due to his movement. When the footage is viewed it shows that he does not move at all prior to this occurring. This does not, however, mean to say that this is not what happened.


Session two

There are no conclusions to be drawn on this session.

Session three

The first bang recorded on the footage was not heard by the team during the course of the actual investigation. We cannot explain why that is but it does mean that we cannot authenticate its cause. It is noted here purely as a record of what occurred but it is available on our footage from the investigation.

The illumination of the team was studied and compared with footage from Ian's camcorder. A technical explanation was then offered. Ian uses two external IR lamps and one of these has developed a technical fault whereby it has been prone to extinguishing and re-illuminating of its own accord. It is this that caused the sudden increase and sudden decrease in illumination.

Initially we believed that the first metallic sound was the door latch to the vestry door. The vestry has no windows or door to the outside so no person could have manually caused this to move. In order to test this we left Dave's camcorder recording in situ focussed on the sanctuary whilst we recorded our manual investigation on Ian's in order to evidence what we were doing. We tried the latch of every door within the building and noted that there appeared to be no more movable objects capable of making that type of sound. Each latch would have required considerable effort to move from their hasps. The positioning of Dave's cam and the resulting recording would prove vital in comparing the sounds. We are now satisfied that the cause of the sound was the latch on the south door. The south door is reached via a porch on the outside which also has a secured locked door to it and secured windows which cannot be used to enter. It is a secure area. It is therefore impossible for anyone to have manually lifted the latch on the door. Whilst we can say that the sound created was due to this, we cannot say it actually moved to create it. Was this some sort of replay or was it actually moved? We really do not know. We cannot state that this was definitely paranormal, however there is definitely no logical explanation that we can think of.

The second metallic sound was believed to have been from the latch on the priests door. The same investigative principle was applied as that above. We believe that, in this instance, our initial belief was well founded and this was the sound heard. The priests door is accessible from outside, however if any person had attempted entry by this means there are other sounds associated with actually pushing the whole door against its jam and lock mechanism that we would have noticed. There were no other sounds accompanying it so we can be sure that only the latch was lifted. We are privileged, at this location to be able to be aware (by sound and light) of every car that approaches and can hear people outside, none of which occurred. Again, this latch, takes considerable effort to lift. Similar to the south door, we cannot actually say the latch lifted, only that the sound of it was heard. It is not as evidentially compelling as the south door but is certainly difficult to explain.

Session four

The sounds of movements of objects, if that's what it was, were recorded on the footage. We investigated both areas where we believe the sound to have come from but could not find anything out of place or accurately identify the sound. We cannot rule out natural causes although if the first series came from the vestry then there was a sturdy and closed door between the two areas. Nothing solid could have moved from one to another. Whilst the sounds were caught on footage filmed facing this direction, nothing is seen to move in this area. This, at least, discounts human interference. We do not know what caused the sounds we heard.

The 'footsteps' began right in the area by both camcorders and so were plainly caught on the footage. Nothing was seen to cause them and the area was visible to us all. Even when heard, and reacted to, they seemed only to tail off into the distance. We have no idea how to start to try to explain these.

The vocal sound was very strange. It could have been caused by an animal or human although neither were present. It was so close to Kim that she was accused of having made it. This she denied and is to be believed. It is, therefore, unknown what caused it.

Final Observation.

What was found to be particularly of note on this investigation was the, then virtual lack of any noises within the church in the early sessions when compared with the previous investigation that took place two weeks before. It was the same type of day with temperatures in the same range so we were able to compare a building that had not altered inside two weeks with very similar weather conditions. Why there should be so many less noises this time during the same time span eludes us. Either this investigation had an unnaturally low number of noises or the one before an unnaturally high number. We are unable to currently explain either.

The presence of such distinct audible phenomena is something we have not experienced so strongly before. We cannot start to try to explain some of these rationally. We hope to evidence further interesting events at this venue in the future.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us

Many thanks as always to the custodians of this venue, and for letting us return soon.
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