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Undisclosed 14th Manor House - Kent

14th January 2012

A welcome return to one of our best venues and for the first time with our new investigator, Graham Heath. We were looking forward to showing him around and hoped to be able to show him what this place can offer in the way of results.

Parts of this building date back to the fourteenth century, originally a medieval hall house but it is currently undergoing redevelopment and given the level of works ongoing, and how this seems to be gathering pace, we know there may not be many more chances to investigate here before it becomes difficult to do so.
It was never investigated before we chanced across it and have had many a good night here, but there had been less results to speak of in recent visits. May be having a new person with us would add a new dynamic to proceedings? We hoped so.

Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S1600
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38 X 2
Pentax K-100D Digital SLR

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus VN-6500PC
Olympus DM20

Tripods, Torches, Video tapes (MiniDV).

Investigators: Ian, Kim, Paddy, Graham and Dave.



  The Investigation
Using our normal visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory, we were to carry out set vigils in whichever parts of the house seemed appropriate once we arrived.


Walk around:
Following a walk around the property with our new member, Graham, it was found that the redevelopment of the property had progressed and some areas we would have normally investigated were not suitable given the level of structural work ongoing. We also found that an attached cottage, previously inaccessible, had been knocked through into the main house and we were now able to walk through into it. During the walk a number of the team felt particularly uncomfortable in this cottage especially when reaching the first floor. This gave us a chance to investigate in this area, an area that had not been investigated before, ever! So this is where we started.

Session 1 part 1: Vigil – Cottage bedroom
All five of us took our seats to the bedroom that appeared to bother us so much. Observations were made and various members of the team took turns calling aloud asking for responses. After some time and for various reasons we decided to leave the room and sit on the landing outside.

Session 1part 2: Vigil – Cottage landing
The five of us moved to the landing, Paddy seated in the doorway of the next bedroom, a small box room at the end of the landing, and the rest along the landing. Further observations and questioning took place. After a while with various responses the team all comment on being very cold it was decided to end this very interesting first session and go to warm up with a coffee. Our equipment was left running.

Session 2: Return to the cottage landing
Given the interesting results during the previous session we decided to return to the same area to see if anything further would happen. It took a while for the team to settle but once seated Dave began calling referring to previous events and asking for a repeat. We continued in this vain till the end of the session.

Session 3: Main house – First floor bedroom.
Given the way results were dwindling in the cottage we decided to move into the main house, we decided to go to one small bedroom where we had had results before. This was to be our last session of the night.

Walk around:
There were no results or events recorded during the walk around the property.

Session 1 part 1: Vigil – Cottage bedroom
Paddy repeated how he felt uncomfortable in this room. Ian thought he saw a light moving on the landing outside the bedroom. Kim felt uncomfortable by the door and Paddy seemed to think something was there. Ian asked if anyone was there and was the light he saw caused by them, and could they make a noise? The was met by a light thump recorded by the video footage. More light taps and thumps were heard.

A few minutes later Ian thought he saw a short figure standing and moving around the landing outside the bedroom, he described it as though illuminated from above showing the top of the head and shoulders but nothing further down the length of the body, and in not enough detail to tell facial features or gender.

Kim suggested we relocated outside the room and on to the landing. Graham agreed and said it felt as though we should not be in the room, at that same moment Dave thought he saw a blue or turquoise light to his left at the foot of Ian's tripod, Kim said she had previously seen a blue light in the same area. Paddy said he had seen something there before also. At this point it was agreed that we would move to the landing.

Session 1 part 2: Vigil – Cottage landing
Once settled the team agreed that although colder they were happier seated on the landing and it felt less oppressive. It was not long till Graham and Kim saw a large flash behind Paddy, who was seated in the doorway of the end bedroom/box room. Paddy was also aware this had happened, somehow Dave and Ian had managed not to see this illumination.

From where Ian and Kim were sitting they could see Dave's camcorder on it's tripod and both said that the infra red emitters seemed to be moving, as though the camcorder was rocking. This camcorder was to Paddy's right as he sat in the doorway of the end room, and he also said he was conscious of something to his right.

Kim saw motion downstairs as the illumination (the lights were on in the adjoining room of the main house) was blocked as though something had moved across it. Paddy said he had just seen the same thing but in the light at the top of the stairs lit from the skylight in the roof. Dave then said his legs, that were across the landing, suddenly went very cold then returned to normal again. This was followed by a thump from the room we had just moved out of. All this suggested “someone” had come up the stairs passed the team and into this room?

Paddy asks Dave to look to his right and tell him what he can see, Dave said he was aware of a pulsating fluorescent light in the doorway to the room we had just been in. This was what Paddy had seen and wanted corroboration without the possibility of auto suggestion. This coincided with Kim seeing a change in the illumination of the bannister in front of her and Ian, again suggesting movement as though something had moved passed them.

Kim said she could here talking, Graham welcomed this as he said he had being hearing something similar for sometime. Graham then felt odd as though somebody was very close to him at the same time Paddy said that he had seen movement in front of Graham.

Kim sees a flash of light in front of her, Paddy says that is what he saw earlier. The light zooms along the banister in front of some of the team a few of whom witness this. Dave and Paddy also saw a large red glow between and behind Ian and Kim. More lights are witnessed by most of the team, Graham is not feeling too well.
Dave sees a light in the third bedroom opposite him and everyone comments on how cold it has got again.

Given that light anomalies seemed to be what we were experiencing Dave called out and asked if they could be produced somewhere specific, namely in the centre of all our fields of vision in the area over the centre of the bannister. This was followed by some of the team seeing some floating lights behind Ian.
Ian feels emotional to the point of crying, so does Kim.

Dave smells a waft of nutmeg pass by him.

Kim and Ian see a light flash by in front of them.

Dave and Paddy see another light move between Ian and Kim.

At the end of the session our equipment was left running capturing on camcorder 21 different and unusual sound anomalies. These can be heard, and the other investigation footage can be viewed on the videos that accompany this report.

Session 2: Return to the cottage landing
Not a lot of results occurred, which was a disappointment give the earlier session. There was a point around twenty five minutes into the session when the temperature appeared to drop suddenly. Paddy commented on hearing something like an animal scratching. Dave continued calling out for responses but nothing appeared to be forthcoming.

Some more questions by Dave prompted a few taps and at one point he said that his view to his left appeared to be blacked out for a second. The sound of heavy breathing was heard by some but this was thought to have been Ian. This happened again and Ian denied breathing that heavily.

Kim thought she saw something move between Dave and Paddy. She added that she could also see a change in the light in that area to Paddy's left of the door way he was sitting in. This placed it in the doorway of the room we had started the night in. Paddy was claiming to be feeling very cold again.

Paddy commented on feeling less welcome on the landing than he felt earlier.

Kim saw a light behind Paddy over his left shoulder.

Paddy sees a brightness by Ian that seemed to move towards Dave.

All the team are off the opinion that this second session seems completely different to the first, there was a sense of anticipation and that we were not alone, but there was realistically nothing happening to substantiate that.

Dave continued calling aloud, very little was heard or seen after this so we ended the session.

Session 3: Main house – First floor bedroom.
It was ten minutes or so before the team settled down and Dave began calling out. Graham thought he heard some footsteps. Soon after Ian and Dave, who were sitting on the floor, felt a knock on the floor.

Graham commented on how the room did not feel very nice to be in.

Despite given it a little more time nothing was happening, so we decided to end the investigation and concentrate our thoughts for the evening on our first session in the cottage.
Bedroom and landing in the cottage.

It was interesting that so much seemed to happen in this location during the extended first vigil between the bedroom and landing, but that by comparison the second vigil seemed so different. The feeling of seeming unwelcome and oppressive atmosphere of the bedroom first investigated cannot be explained as this is not a tangible and recordable result. It is however interesting to watch the footage and see the individual and unprompted reactions of different members of the team. This may possibly be explained as being simply a nervous apprehension associated with being somewhere new, and may be more psychological then paranormal.

None of the lights, and there were a few reportedly witnessed by the team, especially during the first session, were recorded on our video footage. It is more than possible that the effect of shadows and exterior light sources can have an effect on tired eyes as we have seen on previous investigations. However, this was the first session of the night, no one was tired, and due to the remoteness of the location there are very few external light sources, except the occasional distant car headlight, which was taken into account. The team members are adamant about what they witnessed, but unfortunately with no recorded evidence we cannot draw any conclusions regarding these.

Very little noise occurred whilst the team was in place. There were a few during the vigils but very few of these were recorded this, however, adds credence to what occurred when the team had there first break. The 21 noises referred to in this report can been heard on the accompanying video. These noises vary is loudness and type, wooden, metallic, taps and thumps. We can offer no explanation apart from one, floorboards. When the team left and went on they're break they would have disturbed the floorboards and they would have naturally had to settle after this. The noises recorded were over a period of forty minutes. Does it take forty minutes for some landing floorboards to settle? We don't think so, so we are happy to say that these noises are of interest and may represent something paranormal.

Unfortunately we cannot comment on the figure Ian thought he saw as the area in question was not covered by our camcorders, as these were in the room with us and not outside on the landing. Ian is adamant about what he saw and we know he spent time analysing the area, considering if it could have been a trick of the light or shadows, and he was certain it wasn't.

That some of the team thought they saw movement, suggested by a change in the illumination of an area, is interesting but unfortunately again none of these events were captured on our footage. We have already mentioned the effect shadows and light sources can have on tired eyes and with no evidence can only suggest this as a cause.

Sudden drops in temperature, or at least suddenly feeling colder is common, but no temperature readings were being taken to compare this too.

Dave's sudden smelling of nutmeg cannot be explained as this was not present at the start of the investigation.

The heavy breathing was later found to be Ian, he was unaware that he was doing this.

Bedroom in main house.

Very little occurred here that can be commented on. Graham thought he heard footsteps but the rest of the team did not. Graham also disliked the room greatly. Although nothing was recorded that could explain why he felt this way the fact that he did is interesting, as on a previous investigation the same has been experienced by others. Footsteps have also been heard coming up the approaching staircase, and on that previous investigation they were recorded.

The knock heard and felt by Ian and Dave was not recorded, so unfortunately we cannot comment further.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Many thanks as always to the owners of this venue and they're continued support, it is appreciated and we are grateful to be given the access to this building for as long as it continues to be possible
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