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  Undisclosed Medieval Church - East Kent
22nd September 2012

The church will not be identified here as we were fortunate to identify this delightful location which remains open to all during all hours of the day and night. There is an increasing urge for churches to lock their doors to visitors even during the day. The fact that this one remains open during the day and night is a credit to its guardians and we do not wish to abuse that goodwill by alerting others to this idil in the Kent countryside such that it gets inundated with large groups of paranormal hunters or thrill seekers.

A brief history is recorded here to give an insight into the provenance of the site.

Built on the site of a Saxon Hill fort this early Norman church has some of the most intricate stonework in a small parish church. It has also suffered some major upheaval in its years having almost been completely rebuilt after a lightning strike in the 16th Century. No major memorials survive on it walls although it is largely unaffected by over zealous Victorian restorers.



  The Investigation

Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S1600
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38
Canon Eos SLR

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus VN-6500PC
Olympus DM20

Tripods, Torches, Video tapes (MiniDV).

Team: Dave, Kim, Paddy, Graham, Ian

3 sessions were undertaken with brief breaks.

There is no electric at this venue, any means of light will be from torches.

The team have a look around the site before the light fails and note excessive amounts of pea bugs and beetles.

The team are all seated in the positions marked on the map.

Dave complains about tinnitus, and then all the team claim to have a ringing in their ears.

Pulsating noise heard by Graham and Kim

Tap heard by Dave.

Lights were seen through the North window.

The sound of a car pulling up on gravel is heard.

Dave and Paddy leave to investigate lights and noise.

Ian heard a metallic noise – described as a “ping” Ian goes on to describe the noise to sound like a cow bell and Paddy agrees.

A man’s voice is heard by all the team.

The sheep in the adjacent field can be heard.

Clicking noise close to pulpit steps is heard.

A loud noise above and outside is heard.

A further two more noises were heard by the pulpit.

Kim can smell rubber and oil.

A noise is heard from the back of the church.

Dave heard a shuffle from the back of the church, described as someone brushing past a solid object.

Dave could smell fresh cut hay.

Graham and Kim hear a swishing noise.

High pitch noise heard by Graham, Kim and Ian, the same noise was heard again louder.

A loud noise was heard by all at the rear of the church.

Ian and Paddy hard a light creak by the altar.

Team heard a noise by the door, as if something had fell on the floor.

Paddy has a walk about.

Tap heard by Kim near the font.

The team decide on an experiment - A séance.

Kim sits out of experiment to take notes.

Paddy saw a flash of light through the west window.

Graham says he still has tinnitus.

Ian complains of an earache.

A light emanated from Ian’s pocket.

Several clicks were noted around the church.

Several flashes were seen through all the windows.

Paddy and Dave leave the investigation briefly to check the area outside.

Several more noises are heard from the back of the church.

Ian says he can see lights at the back of the church and they look like fire flies. He says he can see a figure standing there.

Ian says he can see a figure standing at the font.

Ian stares at the corner for some considerable time.

A movement was heard behind Kim.

Loud noise is heard by all at the back of the church.

Graham feels like his hand as been lacerated, feeling the pain.

Footfall is heard near the vestry.

A louder noise from the vestry is heard as Ian is talking.

There is a lot of movement in the vestry.

Kim and Paddy walk to the vestry and hear a rustle like paper.

Ian heard a whistle.

Ian throws his torch down the aisle to see if it will come on, on its own, or if an interaction will ensue. Nothing further happened.

Kim and Ian both see a flash of light high on a beam.

Dave describes the feeling of fingers in his hair.

A loud click was heard in the vestry.

Tap heard by the door.

Noise heard by the altar.

Investigation ends


The surrounding s that the team investigated is unique. The building sits amongst fields and has not been affected by the drudgery of the 21st Century. The area is serene and peaceful. There are no electrical sounds or plumbing to interfere with the ambient sound. With this is mind it is very likely that all the team experienced a degree of tinnitus, which is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of external sound.

Likewise, the pulsating noise heard by Graham and Kim can be attributed to this.

The lights seen through the North window could have been a distant car lights, as previously been noted at this venue. The noise of car gravel is harder to explain. Dave and Paddy did leave the church to investigate this noise and found nothing unusual outside.

The metallic noise heard by Ian could possibly have been an animal in the surrounding fields. Although sheep are set to pasture there the team could not rule out one of them being tethered or indeed another animal in the field having some kind of bell or chain.

A man’s voice heard by all the team could possibly have been a person from a neighbouring property.

The smell of rubber was soon found to be the new rubber handle on Kim’s torch!

The sound from the back of the church of swishing, brushing of material and movement could easily have been a bat. There are several bats in the church and at least one was noted by Paddy.

The smell of damp hay could possibly have drifted in through the church windows, and having sheep in the adjacent fields in a feasible explanation.

The high pitch noise that appeared closer the second time it was heard can be explained as a distant train getting closer.

The flash through the west window could possibly have been lights from aircraft.

The light emanating from Ian’s pocket was his torch. This had switched on whilst he was holding hands with Paddy and Dave during the séance. Ian’s torch is a push button from the top and not on a rocker switch. This is the second time in an investigation that this has happened to a team member and the team currently have no explanation for it.

The large flashes seen by all the team can be attributed to lightening.

Ian claims to have seen dancing lights in the corner of the church, seeing lights has been explained previously by Ghost Connections.

We also look at this phenomena from another perspective and note that another explanation for this could be according to other sources psychic experiences.

Shadows of people seen by Ian can easily be explained by pareidolia.

The only people in the church were the 5 team members; therefore a shadow of another could not possibly have been seen. Ian had been looking at the same area for quite some time and his brain could have begun to piece together the information it was seeing into a rational shape as described within the information in the link above. However on the flip side of the team associating the shadows with a logical answer there are several non physical explanations and shadow people is one that we have found.

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