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Undisclosed Location Visit 15

12th February 2011

Ghost Connections were privileged to be granted access to the same venue, and this is the 15th visit.

This venue is in rural Kent and is significant historical interest spanning several centuries. To our knowledge it has never been subject to a paranormal investigation and after our first visit we are pleased to be able to conduct further investigations at this venue.

The site consists of two buildings of which two have been referred to as buildings A and B in the previous report. The same terms will be used here.

Previously, in building A, we had noted a number different phenomena occurring including noises of movement, machinery being operated, sensations of heat and cold, sensations of being watched, shadows being seen to apparently move, sounds of persons moving around, knocks and taps occurring on demand and also during times when the team were not present.

In building B, we had noted strange lights, sounds of persons moving and a limited number of knocks and taps on demand.

We previously noted that certain things seem to occur in respective buildings with respective members of the team.

In accordance with the wishes of the venue we continue to keep the location anonymous.


Video camera-

Sony DCR HC-24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light

Sony DCR/DVD-110E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light

Digital Camera-

Fuji Fine Pix S5000

Fuji Fine Pix S5500

Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38

Panasonic Limix DMC FZ-38

Voice recorder -

Olympus VN-2100PC

Olympus DM20


Video tapes (mini DV)

Data Loggers


Kim, Ian, Paddy and Dave



  The Investigation

Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.

We had tried previously various different pairings and full team approaches to investigations here and on this occasion returned to a team approach, at least for the first sessions.


The weather was calm on this visit again, with no wind and therefore there were very few noises around the location attributable to the buildings or their surroundings.

Building A Session 1

Kim and Paddy based themselves at the doorway of Building A with recording taking place visually on Dave's camcorder and on Kim's voice recorder. They variously called out for responses.

Building B Session 1

Ian and Dave based themselves on the first floor of Building B with recording taking place visually on Ian's camcorder and on Dave's voice recorder. They variously called out for responses.

Building A Session 2.

Ian and Dave based themselves at the doorway of Building A with recording taking place visually on Ian's camcorder and on Dave's voice recorder. They variously called out for responses.

Building B Session 2

Kim and Paddy based themselves on the first floor of Building B with recording taking place visually on Dave's camcorder and on Kim's voice recorder. They variously called out for responses.

Building B Session 3

Based upon the findings of the first two sessions all the team then located to the doorway of Building A with recording taking place visually on Ian' and Dave's camcorders and on Kim's voice recorder. They variously called out for responses.

There is no way any persons could have entered the building without our knowledge and the integrity of the investigation is thus preserved.

Building A Session 1

Kim immediately felt uncomfortable.

There was a sound to Kim's right within the premise that sounded like a footfall on the soil floor.

Kim felt the need to swap places with Paddy.

Second instance of flash of light source at furthest end of building was seen by both.

Both Kim and Paddy commented on a smoky smell as if emanating from a person who had been round an open fire.

Kim and Paddy left their position to investigate the light flashes.

Whilst gone there was a repeat, on the footage, of the noise noted to have occurred ten minutes before.

Both still report feeling really uncomfortable.

After a short while they both comment on a feeling that someone is behind them.

A footfall is heard in the centre of the building.

There is a further instance of the same noted noise as above.

With Paddy asking there is suddenly a loud bang.

Paddy and Kim observed that there were damp foot prints on the ground in the area where they had sat. This was the only fact passed to Ian and Dave before their session in order that this could be explored.

A break then took place with the camera still rolling.

Building A Session 2

Compared with Session 1 Ian and Dave neither experienced nor noted anything out of the ordinary

Building B Session 1

A noise that sounded like an object rolling across the floorboards was heard half way across the room.

A repetition of the above noise was heard again but closer to Ian and Dave and appeared to roll right up to Ian's feet.

Further noises were heard at the further end of the room.

Building B Session 2

Kim and Paddy did not report anything of note in their session and nothing of note was recorded on the footage.

Building A Session 3

Nothing of note aside from dismissed noises was noted during the final team session here.

Building A Session 1

For one or other of the team of Kim and Paddy, or both, to feel apprehensive in this building is not unusual although the cause is a little more difficult to explain. This may be due to previous experiences more than what actually occurred on this night.

Sounds similar to footfalls have been heard often in this building without explanation. With no other persons present there is little explanation.

As the flash of light was not in a position to be seen on the footage, nor was the later instance and it is difficult to explain. Over time and numerous investigations we are satisfied that we are familiar with most naturally occurring phenomena including noises and lights and this one is not explainable by any known means encountered before.

An odd noise like a scraping sound was heard later on the footage at this time. It was not commented on at the time. It may be one and the same as that commented on later but was the first instance of its occurrence.

The smoky smell is unexplained. There were not known to be any fires outside in the vicinity and certainly the time of year seems to preclude that. Historically it is unlikely that open fires would have been allowed inside a timber building of this type and therefore the smell of one cannot be explained or justified historically.

A feeling of a person behind Kim and Paddy may be due to the shadows and lighting within the building and apprehension of already feeling uncomfortable. From a previous investigative point of view the same location, more than any other within the building, has featured in many ways before.

Descriptions of persons cannot be directly attributed and may have been instigated by any means.

With Paddy asking and a loud bang occurring cannot be overlooked. Whilst this may be coincidental it is something that may be relevant. There was no wind and no persons moving about at this time. This does not preclude natural occurrence although its cause was not obvious.

See Session 2 conclusions for thoughts in regard to the footprints.

Within the break more distinct noises within the building were heard on the footage when reviewed. Again these may be natural but the actual cause could not be located and therefore we are unable to definitively explain it.

Building A Session 2

Whilst initial seeming to have no results at all the session with Ian and Dave taking over from Kim and Paddy does have relevance although mainly in questions.

If all the events in Kim and Paddy's session were naturally occurring then why were they neither noted nor recorded during the next session only moments later for Ian and Dave.

In regard to the footprints noted by Kim and Paddy it can be said that the moisture from the grass outside was probably responsible. Ian and Dave, being aware of this, experimented by keeping their feet still whilst sat in the same area but not in the same chairs. At the end of the session there were similar prints left in the dirt on the stone floor. It is likely that the moisture is maintained by contact of the shoe to the ground over time and it is therefore appearing fresh when seen if it is not realised that feet have not been moved during time.

Building B Session 1.

The rolling noise was never identified for either occasion and no object was located that could have caused such a noise. It was recorded on the footage and therefore it certainly occurred.

The noises at the further end of the room were investigated and it was found that these, as believed, were caused by a field mouse that was rummaging about in a wicker hop basket. This, at least, served as a reference to the noises made by rodents that we believe we may have heard in this and other locations.

Building B Session 2.

No conclusion to be drawn.

Building A Session 3

No conclusion to be drawn.

Footnote – Data Logger Footage Review

When the temperature and humidity were reviewed for one of the loggers placed in building A an anomaly was found. The image below shows the full graph.


The anomaly is shown above on the green line (humidity)



The time shown of 21:30-22:00 was later established to be the break between session 1 and 2 and therefore we conclude that this shows a drop in humidity when Kim and Paddy leave the area of the Data Logger and a sharp rise when Ian and Dave arrive at the same location. This is the first time this has been noted and will be subject to scrutiny with relevant times if it occurs again.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Camcorder footage, still photographs and voice recorders were later examined and nothing further of note was found. Some of the audible noises were found to be recorded and as such we can be certain that they were not imagined by the team.


Ghost Connections extend their thanks to the custodians of this site for their continued support to an ongoing series of investigations

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