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Undisclosed Location - Kent

20th June 2009


Ghost Connections were privileged to be granted access to the same venue as visited in August, twice in September, and then in November 2007, followed by January, March and June 2008 with a return in October and December 2008. This venue is in rural Kent and is significant historical interest spanning several centuries. To our knowledge it has never been subject to a paranormal investigation and after our first visit we are pleased to be able to conduct further investigations at this venue.

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The site consists of three buildings of which two have been referred to as buildings A and B in the previous report. The same terms will be used here.

Previously, in building A, we had noted a number different phenomena occurring including noises of movement, machinery being operated, sensations of heat and cold, sensations of being watched, shadows being seen to apparently move, sounds of persons moving around, knocks and taps occurring on demand and also during times when the team were not present.

In building B, we had noted strange lights, sounds of persons moving and a limited number of knocks and taps on demand.

We previously (investigation 10) had other persons with us and the results were disappointing so we returned with just our normal four person team.

In accordance with the wishes of the venue we continue to keep the location anonymous.


Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light
Sony DCR/DVD-110E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light

Digital Camera-
Fuji Fine Pix S5000
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Pentax K-100D Digital SLR
Olympus C-370
Practica Digicam 3

Voice recorder -
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Video tapes (mini DV)
2 way radios

  The Investigation



Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.

CCTV was deployed on this occasion to preserve the integrity of any noises and preserve the security of the site beyond scrutiny should anything be reported as a possibly audible phenomena.

The team would again split into pairs initially and make further adjustments to the plan as the evening progressed as necessary.


The weather was calm on this occasion and therefore there were very few noises around the location attributable to the buildings or their surroundings.

It was further decided to place the pairs where most reports had been made by the same teams before in the first instance to see if this made a difference to the investigation.

The team split into -
Team 1 – Kim and Paddy.
Team 2 – Ian and Dave.

Team 1 investigated building A initially and team 2 building B.

Halfway during this session it began to rain although not heavy but could be heard by the team.

Building A session 1

Kim and Paddy seated themselves in the normal places and the session was recorded in Kim's voice recorder and Paddy's video camera and voice recorder.

Building B session 1

Ian and Dave positioned themselves as on the very first investigation on the first floor. Ian was sat a few yards from Dave. Ian recorded on his video recorder hand-held and Dave positioned his on the tripod to view towards both of them and including as much of the interior of the first floor as could be included in the frame.

The session was curtailed short by virtue of the events in Building A.

Following the events of the first session the plan was immediately amended and everyone remained together and remained investigating building A for the duration of the investigation.

Building A session 2

After a break the whole team repositioned to building A and seating themselves around the same area as Kim and Paddy had sat during session 1. The session was recorded on video camera and voice recorder with particular attention being paid to what is known as Bay III was immediately next to the team.

Building A session 3

The team seated in the same positions as before. This session was recorded on video and audio. The team sat closer together and experimented with use of a séance. The video footage accordingly was centered on the team.

Again the weather was calm on this occasion and cannot be said to have caused any noises within the building.

There is no way any persons could have entered the building without our knowledge and this event must be considered to be of value in our investigations on this site.

Building A session 1

Kim commented on a sound like someone threshing hay at the further end of the building.

A noise similar to someone clearing their throat is heard by both Kim and Paddy.

There was a noise behind Kim.

Kim mentioned a stabbing pain in her ear.

A sound described as either wind on the building (but there wasn't any) or a kettle starting to boil was heard and continued in so much as both Kim and Paddy considered seeking the source.

Kim heard a footfall distinct behind her as Paddy felt a shiver go up his spine.

Paddy moved closer to Kim to be nearer the source of the noises. Both comment on how uncomfortable they felt during this time.

Sounds of movement within the building made them both concerned that there was actually someone in the building with them.

A further sound, thought to have been from a set of bells near the further door, was heard. Kim and Paddy relocated to the area of the bells.

They returned to their original location.

Further noises of footfalls are commented on.

Both Kim and Paddy felt really uncomfortable following the footsteps combined with a feeling that someone was with them.

Paddy summed up how they were both feeling by saying he felt threatened.

A sound is heard that is likened to a drum.

Paddy commented that he could hear the sound of breathing. Both comment on the sound of a throat being cleared loudly again.

Both Kim and Paddy on discussing how they feel both state they had a desire to get out of the building based upon what they were hearing or sensing. After further discussion Kim and Paddy leave the building.

Building B session 1

Temperature was 17.5 deg C

Upon reviewing the video footage for this session the auto focus, despite having additional exterior IR fitted, appeared to be unable to permanently hold on the same distance.

Comment was made on a shaft of light seen near a window which had not been seen on any previous investigation.

A voice could be heard from outside the building.

A faint click was heard a short distance from Ian.

Both Ian and Dave commented on having itchy sore eyes.

Both Ian and Dave heard a female voice.

A creak was heard near the top of the stairs.

Ian observed that on occasions he believed a solid shape was moving in front of the previously seen shaft of light.

A double sound of 'clunk, clunk’ was heard.

Temperature was now 16.3 deg C after 30 minutes.

A hollow tap was heard to the right of Ian by both Ian and Dave.

Another noise was heard near to Ian.

Another more definite noise was heard nearer to Dave's video camera.

On conclusion the temperature was 16.5 deg C.

Building A session 2

Initial temperature for this session was recorded as 17.5 deg C.

With all the team seated and settled there were a number of noises heard which were likened to footsteps on the gravelly/mud floor area.

After a further period of quietness there was heard the sound of a tap against something just to Dave's right.

15 minutes in the temperature was registered at 15.2 deg C. Kim commented that she felt really cold whereas Dave felt hot.

There was a sound of a tap near the team.

Despite some asking there was little more to report on.

Paddy felt drained.

A tap was heard in the distance within the building although could not be accurately placed.

A tap could be heard from the opposite end of the building to the last as Ian asked for something to occur.

With no repeat of the above on request the team opted to take a break outside. Audio and video were maintained during this period.


A large number of noises were caught apparently closer to camera than the team as they can be heard outside.

At the conclusion of the break a further session commenced.

Building A session 3

The temperature was 15.5 deg C.

It took 15 minutes for the first tap to occur on the further side of the building which, upon being commented upon was repeated behind Paddy.

Paddy stated he had a pain in his back linked with a desire to lean forward and continues to mention the pain for some 15 minutes.

Ian stated that he felt that 'something' was between the team and Dave's camera but could not explain what.

Whilst this was being discussed a noise of movement or slight knocking repeatedly was heard to come from the area of the door by the team or a nearby desk.

The team comment on feeling cold and again the concentration of attention is between Ian and Dave as there is a tap noise immediately behind Dave. What is described as waves of coldness are felt by Ian and Dave coming from behind and between them.

Ian felt a tickle on his left side and immediately upon commenting about it a tap was heard in the distance.

Kim complained of pains in her arm and a break was taken.

Building A Session 4

Both Kim and Dave mentioned hearing a male voice behind Dave.

There were other nondescript noises.

Building A session 1

The sound of someone threshing hay would have been a sound linked to the building and its use. There could not have been anyone in there at that time and the hearing of a sound of that kind raises questions of how it could be heard. It may be a case of vivid imagination linked to a knowledge of the previous use of the building, a misinterpretation of another noise, or a noise correctly identified yet unable to explain the source of.

No-one else was in the building and any persons passing by can be heard clearly walking. Any sound identified as within the building could not be any other member of the team or public. It remains unexplained, as do the later reports of the same noise.

Unknown noises were not identified or able to be sourced and the only comment that can be made is that this was not a sound that was normally associated with the building.

The stabbing pain in Kim's ear is not commented upon at any later point and neither is described as going or remaining after this point. Nothing was touching her or actually penetrating her ear. She has no known medical condition causing this pain. It is difficult to establish any cause.

Although a source for the boiling kettle / wind was never identified it is possible that this was the sound of fine rain falling on the roof. It was not picked up on any audio so can only be speculated upon. Whilst the night remained calm a fine rain did prevail from part way through this session until the end of the night.

Footfalls have been heard and recorded previously in this building. A unique part of our investigations here seems to reveal sounds like this on the earth floor. Unfortunately these ones were not recorded but previously we have heard them to be distinctly similar to the noise that the team make when walking in this building in certain places. This rules out many theories of them being the movement of rodents or other natural noises. Having said this we cannot explain them and doubt we ever will.

A feeling of being uncomfortable is a natural consequence of the emotional impact of all factors of being in a large building in the dark with strange things occurring that cannot be explained, reproduced humanly, or seen. Adrenaline causes a rise in anticipation and anxiety.

To be as certain as Kim and Paddy were that there was someone with them is rare. The team is seldom so committal. In this instance this can be possible as a result in the increased awareness of what’s occurring around you without a full association with the reality of the situation.

A set of bells near to the door were likened to, and associated with, a sound heard. On investigation they did not sound again and therefore this cannot accurately be sourced. If it is assumed that it was these same bells then the reason for them ringing is uncertain. No other members of the team were present and therefore physical human intervention is impossible. It is, however, uncertain what cause the noise.

A feeling of being so uncomfortable that the team actually feels threatened by something is unusual and should not be taken lightly. Whilst there is any number of psychological explanations for this feeling, some of which are highlighted above, we cannot justify the intensity of these feelings on this occasion which would ultimately lead to Kim and Paddy leaving the building for a break in a few moments time.

The sound of a drum is not heard on the footage and its authenticity is difficult to establish. It may be that this sound came from a nearby premise. There is no known historical reason for linking it to the building the team were in so it remains unexplained at this time.

Sounds of breathing and throat clearing are particularly human or animal in nature. It is unlikely that an animal large enough to make itself heard was in the building and therefore, knowing no other persons were known to be present it cannot be explained.

The decision to leave the building for a break is normally something which comes through tiredness or frustration and not through emotional upset at remaining within the premise. This has not happened on any other location, or on previous investigations here or since. It is indeed a rarity and we cannot offer any explanation to this sentiment other than to offer any of the previously mentioned psychological factors.

Building B session 1

The anomaly with Dave's video camera focusing was quite possibly a malfunction within the camera. There were no moving objects during the footage to cause it to adjust itself. This was not to occur during any other footage that night and as it was only found on review afterwards it cannot be fully explained. From approximately 20 minutes in this corrected itself.

It was noticed that blinds had been fitted to the windows and the shaft of light seen would previously have been a wholly lit window. This shows how differences in physical structures from those known to exist in situ can change the perspective and be misinterpreted.

The voice outside could have been from a neighboring house. Although a reasonable distance away this may have been someone in the garden. Without leaving where we were this could not be judged and therefore cannot be inferred to be anything out of the ordinary.

The click heard was 13 minutes into the session and is unlikely to be settling floorboards although this cannot be guaranteed. The actual source is unidentified.

It is believed that the sensations experienced in the eyes of both Ian and Dave may have been down to the dry atmosphere and dust being present although this has never been commented upon before.

The female voice heard was recorded on video cam. Kim's voice on the radio's can be heard at other times and is totally dissimilar. There were no other persons present. This could have been outside the building and may have been connected to the previous voice although the previous voice was not so clearly recorded and it may be considered to sound as though it was from within the building.

The creak may have been building movement and did not recur on request. The structure has a wooden floor but is firmly brick built and not prone to sounds of movement due to heat shrinkage or wind. In any case there was no wind. Its source was not identified and cannot be substantiated.

Ian's sighting is believed to have been due to his eyesight. No other explanation is available and it was not seen by Dave.

The clunk sound was not repeated on request. It was not recorded on any footage and was not identified.

The hollow noise was unlike any other heard before and again was not repeated on request.

The noise next to Ian was again not repeated on request and again cannot be identified. It was not recorded.

The next noise was recorded on the footage. Again it was not repeated and its source not identified. It is not believed to have been associated with anything within the building.

The temperature variations were minimal although the drop from commencement to the second recording is likely to be the thermometer adjusting itself to being placed. A minimal variation to within a degree is perfectly acceptable in normal circumstances.

Building A session 2

The sound of footsteps was not picked up on the video camera. At the time that both Ian and Paddy commented on it they also discuss the sound of dripping from outside which caused a similar sound. It unknown which was the correct identification.

Again the tap heard near Dave was not found to be present on the footage. Its source remains unidentified.

Kim's feeling of coldness was unlikely to be explained by the temperature drop. Although this is quite severe given the time it had occurred in we do not feel that this adequately explains the extreme that Kim felt.

The tap heard by the team is immediately commented upon and may have been another drip of rainwater outside.

Paddy feeling drained could be due to any number of factors of personal health and fitness but is unlikely to be the lateness of the hour.

The tap further into the building may have been building movement but could not be identified to be from any particular source.

When reviewed in its entirety the noises can be heard in full context. Even though the voices of the team are distant, and knowing we were outside, the noises seem closer to the camera. Eventually the shutting of car doors and central locking mechanism is heard and this is then seemingly close to the camera too. It would appear to be an acoustic phenomena of natural means causing outdoor sounds to appear closer in these circumstances and may be due to the team being outside and the interior of the building being devoid of sound.

Building A Session 3

Although no other persons were on site or within the building any taps or knocks occurring further into the building could not be verified as not having a natural source. There could be any explanation for these as they occurred singly and generally without any kind of prompt.

Paddy's experience of pain on his back is not explainable. It can be seen on footage that although he is seated in a high backed wooden framed chair he is not uncomfortable or being touched by anything else. His desire to lean forward may be explainable by a disorientation in the darkness and a sense that other people are close to him in a forward direction. We can find no other explanation.

Ian's feelings of something being present cannot be explained. It may be sensations due to the darkness. Nothing is shown on the footage from Dave's camera at this point. Interestingly whilst this was being discussed there was a noise of movement which no source could be found for. The first thoughts were that it could only be someone moving the door by the team. No-one was heard to walk up to or be at the door and no-one responded to our calls to make themselves known. It remains unexplained.

The coldness felt by the team could be due to long periods of being sat still although it was not a cold night. The associated noise cannot be explained although its actual source cannot be identified yet it is clearly audible on the footage. Please visit the video page for reference.

The further sensations of cold wafting between Ian and Dave are more difficult to explain. If this is not down to overactive imagination, which is unlikely as two people felt it, and it cannot be due to outside wind, as there was none, creeping through the building then this is very difficult to explain.

Ian's sensation of being lightly touched may be due to imagination in the darkness or a willingness in the subconscious to experience something although we like to think that we are past any such shortcomings and what we can say is that there is no evidence on the footage of anything natural, or otherwise, being within touching distance of Ian at this point. Any noise heard at this exact time may be coincidence.

Kim's pain in her arm may be due to the manner of her sitting and a cutting off of circulation but again this is unlikely. What is interesting is that in the following investigation at the same site (having taken place just before the completion of this report) a similar event took place.

Building A Session 4

The voice heard by Kim and Dave was not heard by the rest of the team. The verification is stronger when two persons claim simultaneously to sense the same thing although not as strong as all present. Nothing was audible on the footage of the session to support this.

Various noises heard during this session were indistinct and not identifiable in order to establish their source.

Its is possible that the footfalls may be a recurring phenomena here. We have heard them on nearly every occasion and have recorded them more than once. In this way they are repetitious. They may be paranormal.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Camcorder footage, still photographs and voice recorders were later examined and nothing further of note was found. Some of the audible noises were found to be recorded and as such we can be certain that they were not imagined by the team.

Ghost Connections extend their thanks to the custodians of this site for their continued support to an ongoing series of investigations.
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