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Undisclosed Location - Kent

Due to the continuing investigations at this location the venue holder has asked Ghost Connections to with hold any references to location.

Therefore at this stage we are unable to provide any history on the property or any photographs which may include venue recognition.

We will however be able to supply all of the above when our investigations have concluded and the venue owner has approved any media

The Investigation


Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-HC30E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light
Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera-
Fuji Fine Pix S5000
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Nikon Coolpix 3100

Voice recorder -
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Video tapes (mini DV)




Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.


For some time now Ghost Connections have remained together on location for corroboration, safety and avoidance of cross contamination and avoidance of misidentification of anomalies.

This venue gave us the opportunity to split into two teams. Why did we chose to do this? The unique availability would enable us to split and conduct a vigil in each at the same time. Two way radio communication would allow us to question any reports with the other team as we progressed. From an experimental point of view we would not compare any thoughts or experiences during the intervening breaks until both teams had completed a vigil in both the barn and the oast. In this way we could then make an informed decision as to where to concentrate the efforts of the whole team from this point on.

Remember that none of the notes were compared at any time prior to completion of both investigations and the reader is invited to judge the compatibility of each teams results by their own standards. Our conclusion will be posted, as per normal, at the end.

In order to keep a sense of order in this report both teams results will be posted sequentially before moving onto the next building.

The team would split into two. Kim would join Paddy and Ian would pair with Dave.

Prior to any investigation the team spent some time absorbing the atmosphere of the site and making observations on occurrences outside.

A party in a neighbouring property would be allowed to finish prior to commencing the investigation due to noise pollution in this quiet village. During this time a number of photographs were taken of the outside. A number of insects were seen on the wing which showed up on camera and the grass had been freshly mowed so any movement was likely to have caused grass particles to become airborne.

The two photographs below were taken during this time.

The anomaly in the bottom of the left image and the green anomaly in the top of the right image were enlarged and the results are below.

The analysis of these photographs will be included in the results section.

Buiding A

First team into the Building A were Ian and Dave.

Dave went into Building A alone to begin with to install equipment and felt distinctly apprehensive.

When joined by Ian they would both sit on chairs facing each other at the public entrance which is the south west door.

It was noted that there was a street light outside which did not shine very much yellow light into the building. In fact it was incredibly dark inside. The video camera was set to film away from them and voice recorder switched on. There was no wind at all. Any persons walking by could be clearly heard approaching and walking past as could any vehicles. It was noted that passing vehicles did not cause any light movement in the building.

Within seconds a loud bang was heard was heard further up the building. It was unknown what may have caused this and both Ian and Dave set off to see what may have been responsible. The only similarity was found to be the double doors of the second entrance on the west side. This was distinctly similar to the sound heard.

The temperature was taken to be 18.2 deg C.

Occasional sounds of movement or creaks were heard. This would continue and their frequency and location would be random throughout the vigil. These tended to come from the manor house (east) side of the building although later they would distinctly be concentrated around the nearby wagon and bay III which was directly behind Ian.

Our attention was then dawn to outside when two loud bangs were heard one after another. A radio check with Kim and Paddy would eliminate them as they believed it was from our car parked in the site between the two buildings. A check of the car showed all was in order. A check of the ground revealed nothing untoward and no persons.

Dave would draw an image with associated information.



Ian would feel uneasy about a person believed to be behind or to his right again in bay III.

Lighting in the building was found to have changed and the source was found to be the moon which had now elevated above the horizon and was illuminating parts of the barn through the east windows.

Temperature was now 18.3 deg C.

After a little over an hour in consultation with Kim and Paddy a break was called. As stipulated for the evening there was no talk about what had occurred.

Kim and Paddy would take over in Building A next. The temperature remained at 18.2 deg C.

Of initial interest is the fact that they chose to sit in the same positions as Ian and Dave.

The initial set of video tapes were allowed to expire and so the entire vigil is not recorded on video but the camera remained in the same position.

Again the audio would be recorded separately on voice recorder.

Taps and bangs were heard frequently and also occurred on request.

Shadows were seen in the moonlight under the wagon near them.

Kim would describe how a sensation of a presence made her feel physically sick and both of them would stand up.

A tap was heard from the area of the wagon and upon request was repeated. This was then repeated in its entirety.

Movement was believed to be occurring at both ends of the barn away from their view and Kim notes sounds of a conversation taking place.

Note will be made of a significant drop in temperature sensed around this time in this area and Kim feels a chill 'go right through' her.

Particular not is made that both Kim and Paddy felt very apprehensive to the point of leaving the building.

Of course they remained and concluded their vigil. The temperature was still 18.2 deg C.

The Break

During the break Dave commented on a shadow of a solid form he saw move across an area of grass lit by the moon as if moving towards the Building B's doors. There was no person in this area.

Paddy also commented on a form standing in the field south of the house. This area was observed upon disclosure of this information by Ian and Dave before they went into Building B and no persons were seen or torches seen to indicate persons present.

Building B

Kim and Paddy were first to investigate Building B.

Kim chose to sit in the doorway to the drying floor of the kiln on the first floor.

Paddy would sit on the floor to the right of Kim.

As in the Building A one camera would be used to video the entire vigil and all audio would be recorded.

A bang was heard below which Paddy attributes to the door of Building A across the grass.

A constant series of taps were heard emanating from the area at the far end of the 1st floor. These would then be heard to move closer until Kim would sense a presence immediately in front of her. This would then move around her.

Kim experienced coughing and a sore throat for unknown reasons.

The teams then switched locations and Ian and Dave went to the Building B after Dave's sighting mentioned above.

The temperature was measured to be 16.7 deg C.

Dave sat on the steps in the door to the kiln and Ian sat at the top of the stairs from the ground floor.

During this time there would be various flashes of unexplained light, and noises which sounded like lights clicking on and off. There were no switches on the lights themselves.

After a further break the whole team go to the upstairs of the Building B where Paddy has a feeling of unease and is unsure of why.


The photographs taken prior to the investigation indoors are of interest, more for what they do not show.

The first image shows and object in the lower centre of the frame. When enlarged and lightened a little this may be taken to show a humanoid form with green eyes and a right hand with long pointed fingers. This is purely an insect flying through the frame which when the eyes focus upon it causes the brain to interpret it as something else in the circumstances.

The second image could be purported to show an 'orb'. Whilst the resulting enlargement clearly shows something which created a round image with a discernible internal structure this is believed to be caused by the camera attempting to interpret the object. The vivid green colour may be the result of the presence of a small particle of grass in the air which has caused the strength of colour seen here. No degree of perspective is available as the object is not obscured or obscuring anything else within the image and therefore it is impossible to say how far from the camera it is. This is likely to be particulate matter of a green hue which has been interpreted as being spherical due to its closeness to the camera. We do not believe that this is evidence of any paranormal kind.

What is forthcoming from the two teams notes on the vigils in the Building A?

Interestingly, although they could have moved them, the teams chose to sit in the chairs in the positions they were when they found them. Having sat in the same positions the observations made by the two teams independently are of note.

Both teams describe sensations of presences around them and the cart immediately to their right.

Both teams describe taps and bangs emanating from the same areas.

Both teams describe sensations of a presence in the area of bay III.

A consideration was that as the temperature dropped the timbers of the Building A were shrinking in the cooling of the night air. This is negated by the fact that, over the course of the hours spent there, there was no discernible drop in temperature and in fact Ian and Dave recorded a slight rise. A rise of 0.1 deg is not significant in itself but it does indicate that there was not a drop in temperature.

Whilst commenting on the temperature the sensation of a significant drop by Kim and Paddy is disputed by the recorded temperature.

Details and the sketch provided by Dave of a figure like a bishop are still being researched.

Shadows of the solid nature seen by Kim and Paddy, whilst not being caused by any solid being, are similar to reported sightings of 'shadow people'. It is possible this was mind play interpreting something else but cannot be supported as nothing else was moving in such a position to cause the shadow. It is also worth noting that this is similar to that described by Dave as being seen near the Building B during the break between change overs and caused by no identifiable source.Any shadows of an appearance similar to normal shadows i.e. Against objects or on the ground may be explainable to being created by a light source within or outside the building itself. The presence of light sources has been commented on within the text.

The lights and noises experienced by Ian and Dave in the Building B cannot be explained. Were they caused by any spirit present? We cannot say.

The description of a girl in the Building B by Dave would correspond with a later sighting by Ian in the same area on the following investigation. The warning that she was a 'cover' for another entity would perhaps be pertinent in the next investigation due to the manner in which she was seen.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Camcorder footage, still photographs and voice recorders were later examined and nothing further of note was found.

Ghost Connections found far more at the location than they expected. Nearly everything encountered was comparable team by team and was almost identically observed by each pair. It has aroused our interest sufficiently to make a more accurate study of this venue. This will be on going over the coming months.
Ghost Connections would like to thank the staff and trust for facilitating our pre-visit and the investigation.

This location is a voluntary charity and we appreciate the time provided, and trust and encouragement given.

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