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Undisclosed Church - Kent


Unfortunately the identity of this venue cannot be disclosed, neither would we want to, as we cannot not condone the activities of others in the future resulting in potential damage to the site and the inconvenience to local residents. When you are trusted and given access to a site such as this you do your best to protect it. We were fortunate to have been contacted and offered access to this location to try to explain the nervous feelings experience by people here, there have also been accounts of items being disturbed overnight and not found as they were left.

We have been lucky enough to have been offered a return visit.


The Investigation

To continue our study into the odd happenings at this location and attempt to verify if they have a potential paranormal explanation.

This was our second investigation at this venue, which we have undertaken not to identify at the owners request. When you are given access to a site such as this you do your utmost to protect it. We were originally contacted and offered access to this location to try to explain the nervous feelings experience by people here and how items may have been disturbed overnight. Since our last visit there have also been interesting accounts of noises being heard from the building at night.

What we should at least say is that this venue is a church that was mentioned in the Doomsday Book (1086), which proves that this is an historic site with a lot of local folk law attached too it. We enjoyed our last time here despite it not producing as many results as we had hoped, and we were very much looking forward to returning.


Sony DCR HC-24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S5000
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Fuji Fine Pix S5500

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20
Video tapes (MiniDV)Investigators:
Ian, Kim, Paddy, and Dave.

We were to spend the night as we normally do, but this time in reverse by getting straight into the investigation with some séance's, silent vigils and possible an experiment, Table Tipping. We have found seances, although spiritual in there approach, to be useful tool as we find there to be a higher chance of witnessing activity whilst doing these. This would then give us a chance to apply a more scientific approach to enable us to use our equipment and hopefully capture the phenomena either photographically or on audio or video media.

We arrive around 8.00pm and after a brief exploration around the building we ventured inside and prepared our equipment.

Our first session was a three person séance in the chancel with one sitting out filming. Paddy, Dave and Kim sat while Ian filmed enabling him to investigate anything that occurred without disrupting the séance. We sat in reverse, back to back, to give each other optimum visibility around us. Kim's voice recorder was kept with us whilst Dave's was placed in the nave at the other end. As Dave began to speak calling for activity there were some noticeable knocks heard, this continued throughout the session where none were heard before we started. Whilst filming Ian felt a definite brush against his right hand that was holding the camcorder. There were more knocks heard around the church and sure sense of movement from the far end where Dave's voice recorder had been placed. Kim thought she has seen a shadow moved in this area. Despite our requests these noises were not repeated when requested. Kim thought she could smell something odd, and described it as a sweet, sweaty smell. Dave separately commented at the same time on the smell of lemons or lemon cake.

After a break we resumed in the same location, the only difference being that Ian joined the séance with Kim and Paddy and Dave sat out to film. There were no knocks heard in the building during the break, but as Ian began calling out the knocks started occurring again as well as the movement in the nave. Whilst Dave was filming he heard a loud “thud” from near the altar, this was not heard by the rest of the team. Ian asked if whoever was causing these noises came closer but they continued in the same area, because of this we decided to move the séance to that end of the building. Once there Paddy commented on an immediate uneasy feeling, but one that quickly passed. As it seems did the noises and sense of movement as despite our insistence the occasional knocking stopped, and nothing unusual was noted. After a further period trying to establish why this was the case we decided to break.

When we returned we decided to try table tipping. This was an experiment we do not normally do but we felt that a different approach was needed and it was a break from the norm for us. We located a small table that we borrowed and moved to the clear area to the right had side of the chancel. Dave set his camcorder on a tripod recording the base of the table, Ian set his in the same manner but recording the entire scene including the team. Dave and Kim's voice recorders were running. Dave began talking pointing out to whoever was listening what we were doing and why and asked anyone with us to attempt to move of effect the table. Despite some insistence there was no movement apart from a slight swaying felt by Dave, this was not felt by the rest of the team. There were also more noises heard from the nave and Paddy recounted seeing some odd lights in the porch area.

It was part way through this session that we had to abandon what we were doing to monitor the arrival of some unwanted guests outside the church. We were wary that these people may discover us and want to see what we were doing and obviously chose not to advertise that fact that we were there. We also had to try to keep an eye on our two cars that were parked outside. After a while it seemed the commotion had gone and we were alone again, so we exited the building to check the perimeter and found we were indeed alone again. The unfortunate interruption had caused us to rather loose the moment so we decided to have a coffee before continuing.

When we returned we resorted to a silent vigil in the chancel, to see if any noises returned in the nave as before. Kim and Ian sat opposite Dave and Paddy. During this time nothing unusual was noted. It was the early hours of the next day and fatigue had set in so it was decided to end the investigation there.

It can be said as before that the early impressions were good, we all again felt that there was something there with us. The knocks heard sporadically throughout the night could be attributed to natural noises within the building. However, given the limited amount of timber in the buildings construction, and the fact that these knocks only occurred during our seances we concluded that the cause of these noises was at best inconclusive. It was also interesting that these noises only occurred during our seances and would not “come closer”, and appeared to stop when we moved closer to the source. The sense of movement felt by some of the team in the area of the nave were again in keeping with our first visit, and also could not be explained, but as pointed out before this could be imagination or the effect of tired eyes. The fact though that this occurred early on in the investigation might remove the latter possible explanation.

The smells described by Dave and Kim could not be accounted for.

The lights witnessed by Paddy in the porch area could not be identified.

Early indications are that sadly nothing was captured on any of our still pictures, video and audio recordings. This report will, of course, be updated if anything becomes apparent.

A fascinating place and we are always very grateful for being given the opportunity to return to this location. The team is of the combined opinion that although nothing much was experienced again there is still further investigation needed, and we hope this may be possible either later in the year or in 2009.
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19h July 2008

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