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Uninhabited Farmhouse, Kent

27th August 2013

The secluded farm sits in rolling countryside on a three acre plot. The house itself dates from the early 18th Century and is of large proportions. It has a substantial ‘annex’ cottage attached to the west side of the property. The house is set out on three floors with two rooms in the loft area. The associated farm buildings are all intact.



  The Investigation

To investigate possible paranormal activity at this uninhabited farmhouse.


We were fortunate enough to gain permission to investigate this secluded farmhouse.
The investigation itself was centered around the main house itself. Following a health and safety pre-inspection it was ascertained that all parts of the property were safe with care.


Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light




Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the main property.


Following a pre-visit earlier in the day by Kim, Dave and Paddy all three had reported feeling uneasy in the house, particularly on the first floor. Graham also stated that he felt uneasy on the first floor on his visit later in the day.

The investigation started in the front hall area of the property. We centered ourselves around the stairway with the camera pointing up the staircase. Kim sat on the stairs, Graham sat on the floor at the entrance to the kitchen and Paddy and Dave stood near the front door. As it was still light outside the hallway was relatively well lit due to the front door being partially glazed.

Kim immediately reported feeling uneasy, as soon as she had walked into the house.

Paddy and Graham reported hearing a faint high pitched noise but neither could determine which direction the noise came from.

Paddy then heard some kind of faint movement from within the adjoining living room area. This was unfortunately not heard by any of the others in the team.
Both Dave and Paddy then looked towards the front door, having both thought they had heard movement and talking coming from outside. Dave immediately went out to investigate but found there was no one around at all.

Dave responded to a quiet tap immediately behind him near or on the wall of which he was leaning against. The whole team heard the sound. This sound repeated itself several times over the session. Paddy wondered whether it could have been an insect or insects under the peeling wall-paper and lifted a loose of wall paper up but the wall was plastered with no sign of any insects.

Graham and Paddy heard an exhaling sound but the actual direction of the sound was again difficult to determine. Both Kim and Dave said that it was neither of them.

The team then reported a drop in temperature in the room.

The last thing to occur in this session was a creaking sound, as if something was being moved. This was heard by Graham and Paddy.

The whole team agreed that the earlier uneasy feelings in the house did not seem so prevalent as the investigation went on.

Kim and Dave then left the property whilst Graham and Paddy undertook short investigations of the upstairs rooms. The first room to be investigated was the bedroom above the kitchen. Despite Paddy calling out the only noise was a very faint creaking sound that came from a small room within the bedroom.

They then moved to the bedroom above the living room where virtually straight away there was a very loud clicking sound from right by where Graham was sat. There was nothing on the floor of this room whatsoever so neither Graham or Paddy could make out what it could have been.

There was then a sound from the landing area, heard by both and Paddy likened this to a footfall.

Paddy opened the door on the landing to the 2nd floor rooms and invited any spirits to join us. This unfortunately did not produce any further activity.

Lastly Paddy and Graham decided to climb to the top of the house to the attic rooms. It was immediately commented on how pitch black it was up there. After 15 minutes unfortunately no activity was experienced so they brought the investigation to a close.

The repeated sound in the hallway by where Dave was standing could well have been something to do with the electrics as the main box was situated on the wall above Dave and it was noted that although the electricity was switched of it was in working order. This could therefore be an explanation.

The sounds from outside could well have been people around but we were in a very secluded location and no cars passed along the small track for the entire duration of the investigation. Also with Dave having immediately gone outside to check and finding nothing or no one around this leaves us with no explanation to it.

The creaking sounds could have been normal house settling sounds – the investigation being in the evening as the temperature dropped after a relatively warm day.

The uneasy feelings felt by all the team could be associated with the fact that it is a large unoccupied house in a secluded location and perhaps the uneasiness seemed less to the team having got used to the environment?
This was a fascinating place to investigate. Unfortunately the investigation was not as active as hope but who knows, the house may have more secrets to give up?
Ghost Connections does not condone trespassing. We happened upon this site during our travels around Kent. There were no signs to demostrate any presence about the building and were no warning signs as to the fact that we were trespassing. The door of this property was ajar and we ventured in. Had we been asked to leave we would have immediately done so, offering our apologies for any inconvenience.
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