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Wychling Church - Kent

This is a location which has interested the Ghost Connections team for some time.

The church of St. Margaret is located away from the road through the village across a meadow and secluded by trees. It sits on the edge of an ancient woodland which must once have extended across large areas of the Downs here.

The church is typically early Norman and one of a few to exhibit the side tower of the early designs still found elsewhere in the county. The village, like most has changed its spelling over the centuries including Wichling and also Witchling.

The odd location of the church has defied any reasonable explanation. The village, as it is, lies away from the church yet the parish is quite large. Perhaps another victim of the the Black Death in the 14th Century but then the church is still extant and has Victorian features added at some expense.

Was this previously the site of ancient rites as indicated by a modern gravemarker making use of a sarsen stone?

Does the spelling Witchling speak of ancient practices?

The nearby woods and footpaths are steeped in tales of red eyed creatures and this is also big cat country. Would any of these make themselves known to us during our stay?

St. Margaret's Church from the east
The Investigation

Video camera-

Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera-
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Fuji Fine Pix S5500

Voice recorder -
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Video tapes (mini DV)




Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.


The location necessitated parking some distance from the investigation site and so little equipment was taken on this occasion.

There was a light breeze although the temperature was mild considering the earlier rain. This made the grass wet and there was still rain in the air as we set up.

Due to the wind we chose to find a sheltered spot and this led us to set up camp on the north side of the nave of the church near a blocked north door.

Dave commented that this is one of the few locations that have ever made him nervous of what may occur. Paddy and Kim also had similar thoughts.

Within a few moments there were sounds of movement in the woodland immediately to the west.

Both Dave and Paddy mentioned sighting of an animal shape and movement on the edge of the field to the north. Dave saw a pair of dull green eyes on the shape. It was a good 10-15m away and any form was not distinguishable.

A sound of small objects falling on something metallic was noted.

The rain would then continue at intervals occasionally becoming heavy. Various photographs feature this is what is often believed to be paranormal phenomena.



As on a previous visit the area was subjected to wind and rain which could account for many noises not even mentioned here. The woodland is inhabited by any number of nocturnal creatures which could also account for noises heard. No sources could be seen but that's purely because even the most thorough investigation would not have uncovered them. These are unaccounted for and not unexplainable.

What is interesting is the sighting of the creature by Paddy and Dave independently at the same time in the same location. A trick of the mind or something natural? We don't know.

We do know there are bats about. Plenty of insects around us meant interest from bats and one caught Kim by surprise as it swooped under our umbrella and hit Kim flush in the side of the head! A moment caught on video in glorious night vision. Its suitability for inclusion on the site is yet to be passed by the censors.

The sounds on a metallic object were identified as water falling from the trees onto memorial flower holders.

As for the two photographs shown the flash has bounced back off of the falling water droplets to reflect a white light and appear as the often referred to orb phenomena. There is no evidence that these were spirit manifestations. The second photograph shows the interesting photographic phenomena of upward traveling orbs. These are produced by the diminishing flash reflecting off a falling water droplet which causes the lower part of the reflected image to appear less white which leads the eye to suggest to the brain that they are traveling upwards when in fact they are descending.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us enquiries@ghostconnections.com

Camcorder footage, still photographs and voice recorders were later examined and nothing further of note was found.

On this visit, again, we were hampered by the weather and made the most of it for our short stay. By our own experiences and thoughts of Wychling it is an interesting if slightly unnerving place and we will certainly return at some future time.

18th September 2007

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