Yesterdays World -Battle, Sussex
To continue our repeated investigations of this venue to try to explain the alleged paranormal phenomena experienced by the owners and staff over the years, as well as those experiences we have encountered on previous visits.

Ghost connections have investigate this venue twice before And on each occasion have had very different experiences. Previous Reports. Both times interesting events occurred including firm footsteps being heard on the floor above and actually feeling that we saw the movement of figures in the darkness, so we were looking forward to our return. We were to follow up on theses previous results and spend time in the areas where these occurred to see if this time anything further could be recorded on our equipment.

This building dates back to the 1400's. Internally the structure is now much sub-divided, whilst externally a projecting shop was added to the front in the early 19th century. Before the building was turned into a museum it was a privately owned house. The main bedroom (now chemist display) was locked and unused and when pressed for a reason the owner said it was because a ghost of a monk there. The lady of the house had been woken at about 2'o'clock in the morning by an icy cold presence to see a figure trying to pull her husband out of bed by his legs.

Workmen have reported feeling uncomfortable when working in the room and complained that they felt that someone was watching them all the time. The chemist shop was the last display to be completed. On the day of the opening they were still waiting for delivery of the new glass gold-etched sign bearing the name “AJ Turner’s Chemist Shop”, which had been plagued with many delays. When they went to erect it, the sign mysteriously cracked in two.

A lady in a long dress has been sited by a visitor on the stairs.

Several staff claim to have heard footsteps overhead on the floorboards when the museum has been empty. This is a phenomena that was witnessed by the team on our first investigation as we were all assembled in the shop at that time only to hear a heavy set of footfalls from above, These were investigated but could not be explained. Still to our knowledge there have been no other investigations of this venue other than ourselves.

Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light.
Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light.
Sony DCR-HC30E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light.

Digital Camera-

Fuji Fine Pix S5500 x 2
Fuji Fine Pix S5000

Voice recorder -
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Experimental equipment-
Sealed pendulum unit


Using visual and scientific methods to investigate the alleged paranormal phenomena at this location along with spiritual experiments in in the form of séances to attempt to provoke responses that could be recorded on our camcorders, cameras and voice recorders.

We arrived at 8.00pm and by the time our kit was in it was 8.15pm before we started walking the venue taking still pictures, temperature readings and planning an approach for the night. We also placed motion sensors on the first floor area beside the Edwardian kitchen display, as this is where we believed the footfalls to have come from on our first visit. We noted that an exterior door in the ground floor cobbled street scene was liable to knock in the wind and as we were looking at this military band music came on from a room upstairs! This was found to be the old Queen Victoria display that is now empty and being refurbished into a regimental display hence the music, but why did it come on like that? The source was found and temporarily disconnected for the duration of the investigation.

By 9.20pm we were ready and begun our first vigil and séance in the open end of the attic by the child’s bedroom scene. We had three camcorders covering the area where we were sitting and two voice recorders running. Dave began calling for spirit activity, knocks and shuffling noises were heard from the area along the corridor as well from down a level on the first floor. Dave also felt a draught around his feet and hands. With a short break we decided to stay in the attic so returned to the same area. Ian thought he could see the "disc" of a face about three to four foot off the ground moving around the attic corridor along with a sense of movement. There was the sense that we were being watched again. With more noises heard but nothing major we finally finished are work in the attic and took a break..

After a sensible break we reconvened outside the chemists shop on the first floor, this had previously been the site of one of the teams most interesting experiences to date so we had high anticipation of what might happen. Again we had the three camcorders running, two voice recorders and this time we took our pendulum sealed in an air tight container.

We sat outside the chemists doorway as we had done previously, with the three camcorders spread around us and the pendulum sat inside the doorway to the shop. Again Dave began by leading the séance and calling for activity. Nothing much happened for a while until by 1.10am noises could be heard along the end of the corridor. We decided we were anticipating much more than we had encountered so far so decided to have a short break. This initial lull forced to have a think and we discussed what approach we should take when returned, and decided to return with some attitude to entice what we thought was there to came forward. We returned to the chemist and again Dave called for activity. It wasn't long before Dave began to feel waves of coldness up his back, Kim was also experiencing this coldness. Dave challenged anything that was with us to create something we could use as evidence but nothing was forthcoming. During this last half an hour, which again was fairly quiet. Ian was severely concerned towards the end of this session as he thought he had been watching a full length figurer standing by the doorway four feet away from us, just standing there watching. He was bothered to the point that once it had registered what he thought he was seeing he had an outburst shouting "who's that" and pointing in the direction of Dave's camcorder and tripod. This shocked the others and was investigated but nothing was there. We ended the session at this point and returned, with our equipment to the ground floor shop.

We thought we would simply spend some time sitting in the shop area. We did not try a séance again or even call for activity, we simply sat there listening to the sounds from around the building. This was where we had heard the footfall from above on our first visit so we were hoping that we would hear something similar. Unfortunately this was not to be the case and after a few hours tiredness had got to us and we ended the investigation.


  No drastic fluctuations in temperature were noted. No EMF readings were taken as stable EMF readings were not possible to due the interference from the large amount of electrical throughout the venue. Nothing of note was captured in any of our still photographs. The motion sensors were not activated. The pendulum was not affected in any way.

During our time in the attic Dave felt that someone was along the corridor so moved his camcorder to face that way. There is a glazed picture on the wall at the end of this corridor mounted on the chimney breast which is ahead of the view from his camcorder. From a point of about 2 – 4 mins after the cam is placed there is a movement visible on the panel which appeared to consist of a light source that expanded and contracted. We were disappointed that after further investigation into this footage it appeared that this was not a random light source, but a reflection of a standing team member illuminated by an infra red light facing the other direction, but not visible to the camera that had been filming the footage. When they sat back down the image stopped moving and disappeared.

However, after leaving the third floor attic area we left our equipment outside the chemists shop ready for the next session. Dave left his digital voice recorder recording inside the chemists while we had a break. It would remain running for the next 3 ½ hours. During an interval where no one was near the chemists there are two distinct bangs heard near to the microphone, which is close to the recorder. These are close together in time and nothing similar is heard in the rest of the time the recording was being made. These bangs are currently unexplained. Also as the first séance outside the chemist ended there is a distinct voice on the audio recording. It is not one of the team.

What did Ian see or thought he saw outside the chemists? Well this could be some sort of psychic episode, or may be there was someone else in the building, but we feel its more likely to be the effects of a tired body with tired eyes.

  As before this Yesterdays World leaves us with more questions than answers. The odd thing of note this time is that the building was so quiet. There had been many naturally occurring noises before, but this time.... nothing. The odd bangs picked up in the Chemists area cannot be explained. The odd voice picked up by Dave's voice recorder cannot be explained. We feel there is still much more work to be done before the secrets of this place are unravelled.
  Many thanks again to the owners and staff of Yesterdays World for letting us carry out this additional investigation, we always appreciate this venue as no visit is the same as the last, and look forward to returning.
2004/2007 Ghost Connections UK

31st March 2007