To continue our investigations into the possibility of paranormal phenomena at this location and to move on to examine areas of the house not previously investigated.




A manor house has existed at Bradbourne since at least 1411. Currently a Queen Anne facade hides its Tudor origins. The house has been owned by some notable local and influential families namely the Manningham’s as well as the Twisden family of Roydon Hall. Thomas Twisden was a judge who received his knighthood at the restoration of the monarchy and was on the panel of judges who oversaw the trials of those responsible for the execution of Charles I.


East Malling Trust purchased it at auction and it is now a respected wedding and conference venue as well as being the centre of administration of the trust. The house retains many original and respectfully restored features


To our knowledge we are the only paranormal investigation team that has been allowed access to this venue and although witness accounts had been originally passed onto us we have so far been unable to account for these, although other areas of interest have made themselves known to us.



Bradbourne House

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