Oxney Bottom - Ringwould. Revist

To revisit one of our favourite venues to investigate further the possibility of paranormal activity at this location.


Oxney Bottom! Yet again we have been lured to the atmospheric derelict hamlet nestled between Dover and Deal.

For more detailed information on the history of Oxney Bottom please view Robert's website, where several other reports can be viewed.

The Investigation:

Mild for the time of year, we all ensured that we were fully kitted for an over night investigation at Oxney Bottom. Armed with waterproofs and thermals, coffee and soup we made our way into the wood. The air was damp with rain looming and the wind could be heard through the trees.

We scouted the area and it appeared that there had been no recent visitors to the chapel. The area just outside the chapel where the great yew stands was to be base camp for the evening.

We set out our equipment and arranged our chairs in a circle. We had a little light banter and then settled down to the investigation.

Our first session was a séance, using four cam corders and one voice recorder. Three cam corders were mounted on tripods around the circle and one cam pointing out towards the woods.

The atmosphere was fairly light, with some clairvoyant information noted as had previously been noted on our last visit. Several times during the session the team felt apprehensive and noted feeling extreme coldness even though being suitably clothed for the evening.

This session lasted an hour, several noises were noted.

Several hours passed and we decided to attempt another séance. We were in new territory now as we had never been at Oxney in the early hours of the morning. The atmosphere had changed, the wind had dropped and all was quiet.

A great deal of clairvoyant information was noted. During this session apprehension crept amongst the team, loud footsteps were heard behind the circle and the team halted the experiment to investigate the cause. When fully assembled back in the circle the team restarted the séance. Further information was received, but due to the nature of the information and the distress caused to one of the team the session was closed down.

The team sat talking for sometime and then decided to call the investigation to a close.

Several occasions early on in the evening noises were noted, however due to the outside location and the weather these will have to be attributed to natural phenomena.

The footsteps heard in the second session have been discussed and it is thought that if it were an animal or an unwanted guest, subsequent noises would have been heard with the animal/person leaving the area.

There is a strange light anomaly on one of the cam corders and the team our currently viewing this.

As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations any clairvoyant/psychic observations are not published in the public domain. This information is held on a separate database and can be requested by email. This information is released at Ghost Connections discretion.

Oxney is a very atmospheric place and no visit is ever the same as the one before.

The footsteps heard in the second session at this time are unexplained.

Once again the team have come away with further research to be undertaken.



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