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The Roman Road - East Kent

9th March 2013

Roman roads are dispersed across the country and the majority are still used as modern highways obliterating their past. In certain cases they have survived as minor tracks across the country side.

Ghost Connections have been scouring the countryside to find one that is quiet enough to spend some time at and found one within Kent. The tracing of a near 10 mile stretch of road located a small section that deviates from the modern highway and over a small stretch is visible in its original form of small knapped flints driven into the natural surface.

From this small section the road then becomes a track through some woods bordering an ancient settlement site in a field.

Ghost Connections thought this section of road deserved another investigation and ventured to the spot after travelling around the surrounding area during the afternoon.



  The Investigation


To investigate the area of the Roman road




Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate paranormal phenomena at this venue.

Initially having found the site on a previous investigation the team first decided to investigate the section of road unsed by vehicles.

The very site of the stretch of road lays deep in the countryside, far away from unlit roads and streets.The only light in the sky was an orange glow in the distance of the closest town.

The team had ample views of the surrounding area once their eyes had become acustomed to the darkness.

The team walked the section of road and observed the area around them.

After sometime noises were heard in the surrounding woodland.

Breaking twigs were heard.

A car pulled in close to where the team were standing, a man and a dog left the car and walked towards the team who moved out of sight and observed him from behind a large tree. The man walked through the woods unaided by torchlight and then returned to his car and left.

Soon after the team took the same track as the man to check the area.

After sometime coughing was heard by all the team, and a flashing light was seen bobbing through the trees.

After a few hours the team could no longer stand the harsh weather and decided to pack up and leave.


The breaking twigs that were heard could easily be attributed to wild life in the surrounding woodland, previously wild life has been observed at this site.

The coughing and the "bobbing light" were quickly resolved when a man came riding past on his bicycle. He appeared to be unwell as he stopped riding a little way away from the team and proceeded to have a coughing fit!

There is nothing to conclude from the evening, the weather was against the team.

The team have agreed to return to the site on a warmer evening.
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