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Stone Chapel - Faversham, Kent

25th February 2012

The ruined church of stone near Faversham lies to the north of Watling Street, the great roman road between London and Dover.

The first building on this site was a Romano Pagan Temple or Mausolemum, Stone Chapel is the only know example in Britain to be later incorporated into a christain church.

This was a square structure which can be clearly identified by the use of squared tufa stone blocks and ragstone with reqular courses of red roman bricks. Excavations of this structure suggest that it dates to the middle of the 4th century.

This structure was adapted to form the chancel of a christain church, possibly as early as the 11th Century, but certainly it had a stone nave by the late Saxon period 11th century.

The church is dedicated to "Our Lady of Elwarton", and remained in use until abandoned in the first half of the 16th century. A decorative grave slab which was found at Stone Chapel is now on display at the Maison Dieu Ospringe.

Stone Chapel is managed by English Heritage and looked after by The Faversham Historical Society

Photograph by Colin Miles


The Team



Olympus DM20
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38 x 2
  The Investigation
  With half the team being predisposed for this evenings investigation a trip was decided on to repay a visit to a firm favourite of the Ghost Connections team.

Arriving early evening the team chose to make camp in the west end of the chapel in the 13th Centurty nave.

Traffic was moving steadily along the A2 adjacent to the field where the chapel is situated.

A walk around the site was undertaken, whilst retelling the history to Graham as it was his first visit to Stone Chapel.

Once back in the nave the team settled down to observe the area.

Graham commented on a large dark shape that he could see in the far end of the ruin, in the corner by the altar. Paddy also agreed he could see this.

Graham and Kim both witness lights reaching out across the field in front of the chapel, no light source was observed at the time.

The sound of a breaking twig was heard in the copse behind the chapel.

As the evening wore on the temperature began to fall significantly, due to the openness of the site the cold was being felt to a great extent by all the team. After a few more hours the team decided to call a halt to the investigation as being too cold was couter productive.
Due to the large amount of traffic noise the teams recordings have been disregarded.

There is no photographic evidence.
The dark shape seen by Graham and Paddy was investigated and found to be a shadow cast by the ruin in the moon light.

The lights falling across the field were later identified as far reaching car head lights beaming across the field before the car reached the brow of the hill on either side of the dip in the road where the chapel sits.
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