Stone Chapel - Faversham 3rd Visit

Aim: A return visit to further our previous results and this time to hopefully record some evidence to prove the paranormal activity we felt was present here before.

Stone Chapel is a ruined 11th century church lying in a copse 100 yards north of the A2 near Faversham. It is one of the most unique church buildings in England which was abandoned and fell into disrepair sometime before the 16th century.

Excavations at the site that have recorded Saxon and Roman findings indicating a long period of use at the site spanning more than a thousand years. Stone Chapel remains a unique record of the adaptation of a pagan Roman building for Christian use, and is preserved for that reason by The Faversham Society.

The site has been investigated by Ghost Connections twice before. Our first investigation was in 2005 to read this report please use this link .The second was more recently on 13th May this year.

Fuji Finepix 4900 digital camera
Fuji Finepix S5500 digital camera
Fuji Finepix S5000 digital camera

Sony DCR-HC19

Sharp PA- VR10E

Gauss EMF Meter

IR Emitter Sony HVL-IRM (x2)
Tapes (MiniDV)

Ghost Connections - Kim, Ian and Dave.

To be honest this was not going to be an investigation up to our normal standards as we had already been to one venue, this time Binbury Castle near Detling. We were to arrive in the early hours of the morning, walk the site, taking pictures and camcorder footage, and do a repeat of the spiritual experiment we conducted last time as well as try calling our for some spirit activity. This time we were to ensure that EVP and camcorder were both running. There was only going to be three of us this night so no still photography would be possible whilst conducting the experiment as we were all participating.

The Investigation:
We arrived on a warm, balmy but over clouded night about 12.10am. The weather was kinder than before and we were substantially less damp and cold. We began by setting up camp next to the higher southern wall to obscure us being there, then had a brief walk about taking a few pictures as we went. After a brief coffee break, we decided to get stuck into it.

At about 12.20am we began by sitting in the chapel area, calling for spirit to make themselves known. there was a lot of traffic noise for this time of the morning. Kim and Dave thought they could smell flowers, although Ian couldn't. Dave called for spirit to show if they were here, this was followed shortly by Ian and Kim feeling that their hair was being tickled, so he called again only to received a burning sensation on the back of his neck! A few minutes passed when a noise was heard by all three coming from the wood, this noise was not caught by the camcorder but the groups reaction was. Ian commented that he was cold and shivering, the others were not, he was feeling a draft against his right side and face. Dave and then Ian call for spirit with no apparent results until Dave also feels a tickle against his face. This was the extent of what occurred and the session ended at 12.50am.

After a break we did the same in the copse behind the chapel. At 1.30am we went over and stood for a while taking in the atmosphere. While we were standing there it did become very cold at one point, when in fact it was quite a warm pleasant night. We called for spirit repeatedly but were unable to capture any occurrences on either camcorder or EVP. Despite this we carried on for at least an hour. There was one nervous moment when there was a loud crack of a branch or twig behind us, this and our reaction to it was caught on the video footage. At 2.30am we decided to stop and return for a sit down. After a while discussing what we thought about the place we decided it was probably best that we left, the rain had set in and it was cold, so we packed up our stuff and headed off about 3.00am.

We were not disappointed as Stone Chapel is a very evocative place and despite the large amount of noise from the road it is a very tranquil place to spend some time. Regrettably nothing out of the ordinary was captured by camcorder or EVP. There was a degree of information forthcoming of a clairvoyant/psychic kind but Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations and does not publish any psychic or clairvoyant observations. However, this information is held on a separate database. Should you wish to see this information please email us at Although this information cannot be treated as evidence it at least gives food for thought, we will look further into this and try to validate some of the information that was presented. Any developments will be reported at a later date.


Did we prove that Stone Chapel is paranormally active? No we didn't. Did we go anyway to proving the existence of ghosts or spirits? No we didn't! From the usual Ghost Connections perspective it was a blank. But was our time there memorable? Yes it was. It is an unusual place as well as a beautiful place to spend some time in, very peaceful, but with an exciting edge.


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