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Stone Chapel- Faversham

The ruined church of stone near Faversham lies to the north of Watling Street, the great roman road between London and Dover.

The first building on this site was a Romano Pagan Temple or Mausolemum, Stone Chapel is the only know example in Britain to be later incorporated into a christain church.

This was a square structure which can be clearly identified by the use of squared tufa stone blocks and ragstone with reqular courses of red roman bricks. Excavations of this structure suggest that it dates to the middle of the 4th century.

This structure was adapted to form the chancel of a christain church, possibly as early as the 11th Century, but certainly it had a stone nave by the late Saxon period 11th century.

The church is dedicated to "Our Lady of Elwarton", and remained in use until abandoned in the first half of the 16th century. A decorative grave slab which was found at Stone Chapel is now on display at the Maison Dieu Ospringe.

Stone Chapel is managed by English Heritage and looked after by The Faversham Historical Society

The Investigation

Kim, Dean, Colin, Paddy and Mick

To investigate paranormal activity.

The group arrived around 9.00pm and began a walk around the chapel taking photographs and readings from equipment.

Micks batteries fail in his camera and within a short space of time the whole team had to replace their batteries in cameras and equipment.

Mick, began to sense spirits in the area and the name "Eliza", a young girl around the age of 15, who has an un natural passing. Mick also senses a great deal of bloodshed. At this time Kim begins to feel unwell.

Dean was sitting in the pagan area of the chapel and readings from his EMF meter were at 2.0mg and increasing, Kim's EMF meter was also showing an unusually high reading of 3.0mg.

Colin and Paddy were at the other end of the chapel conducting an experiment with mobile phones and EMF meters.

Dean and Mick remained in the pagan area of the chapel, where Mick began to sense another spirit, this was a man. Mick describes the man as having piercing blue eyes, long beard and wearing clothing like hessian sacking. He sensed that the man was known as "the wise one" and was responsible for murders for his own delight. Mick also sensed a settlement close by, but not Roman.

Back at the other end of the chapel towards the wooded area Paddy hears running water.

Colin and Dean hear three distinctive burst which sound like "chuck, chuck, chuck". A railway line is close by, but no trains were noted passing at the time. Although it could have been the noise from the live rail.

Colin and Kim heard intermittent bangs, not like a gun more of an explosion. There was a gunpowder factory about half a mile south of Stone Chapel. This was closed many years ago.

The team continue to take photographs and observe the area.
At 12am the investigation comes to an end.

The Conclusion

Stone Chapel had a very unique dedication to "Our Lady of Elwarton", further research into this name is ongoing, however information on this lady is proving difficult. If you have any information on the chapel we would be grateful if you could forward it to us.

Further investigation and research is needed to find an identity a the man and also the young girl Eliza that Mick sensed.

The noise heard by Dean and Colin could possibly be from the live rail, which was a little east of the chapel. The batteries draining seems to be a common occurrence on investigations where paranormal activity occurs.

The explosions heard by Kim and Colin remain unexplained at this time.

A further investigation at this site will take place later in 2006.

The team are researching all information gathered.

Updates will follow.



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