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Tonbridge Castle



Revisited 19th November 2005



26th March 2005

The Team

Kim Slater, Dean Thomas,Colin Miles, Patrick Noble, Mick How


Colby at base checking equipmentnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Colby and Dean






































































































































































Liz Roberts, Ian Batchelor, Lindsey, Keighly


Team arrive at venue and install equipment

Placed equipment around the castle.


Camera 1 - Great Hall

Camera 2 - Stores area under castle

Camera 3 - Stairs to stores

Motion Sensors - Above great hall in disused open entrance

Trigger Objects - Wooden cross in Great Hall alcove. Old coin on glass cabinet in stores.

Recording devices – Great Hallr

The team are joined by Liz Roberts and 3 other colleagues from the castle.

Spiritual protection is taken by Colby.

EMF reading taken at base – 3.0mg. Unusually High

Initial walk round commenced - photographs and readings taken.

Colby takes readings in the Great Hall @ 8c, first floor 6c.

Dean and Colby visit the top of the castleet

Whilst in the stores area Mick senses a lady, name given as "Lady Elizabeth". She is wearinga

a long flowing dress, and Mick is drawn to a hat she is wearing. The lady walks the tunnel

under the castle and the stores area.

Also, Mick senses a confused spirit, name of "Arthur"

Kim asks if Arthur and Elizabeth are connected, Mick says No."

We have found an Elizabeth connected with the castle but without a surname we can not verify the

information given to us. Unable to verify the name Arthur at this time.

Liz who was present at the time informed the team that the tunnel under the castle was

constructed in the 1800's to join the two keeps together.

The whole team including guests enter the Great Hall.

Kim asks the guests if they would be comfortable with the team asking for communication.

The guests were happy with the team to proceed.

Spirit communication was called for by several members of the team.

No answers were given.

Dean leaves the team to visit the upper castle, whilst there he felt uneasy and slightly sick.


EMF reading at base 0.0mg

Lone vigils take place.

Click to read the teams lone vigils.

Team and guest make there way to the Great Hall for a seance.

Great Hall for seance and then onto stores.

No notes were taken during this time. Video and audible tapes were in use.

Please read the transcripts from the video and tape cassette.

The team take a short break.

Final walk around the castle, during which time all the equipment was collected.

Investigation Ends.


G.C.Guests ccccccccccccccc Door to tunnel





Tonbridge Team


There have been several audible sounds captured on cam corder and several light anomalies captured on CCTV.

We were unaware of these anomalies at the time they were filmed and recorded.

We would like to think that we have captured paranormal activity in the castle but we would have to further our field on investigation with a return visit.

We would pay close attention to the stores area under the castle where the majority of the unexplained phenomena were filmed.

With regards to the names given to us through Mick, we have been undertaking research and at this time have been unable to verify them. Our research will continue.

Colin saw flames in the stores area, before the castle was rebuilt in stone it was a timber structure. This was burnt to the ground. This could be a coincidence.

There were a large number of orbs captured on CCTV and as investigators in the paranormal field, and having undertaken extensive research into these light anomalies, it would be remiss of us to state 100% that these were of a paranormal origin. We conclude that through our experiments that 99% of orbs captured on film are dust or some other particulate matter. However we are undecided as to the light anomaly that was filmed in the Great Hall.

The CCTV flickering intermittently is very unusual, we do know that our equipment is not faulty as we test all our equipment prior to each investigation. It had been reported that paranormal activity does have an effect on the electrical field and electrical appliances.

We would like to thanks Liz Roberts for giving us the opportunity of investigating the castle.
We would also like to thank the security staff who were a great help to us on the evening.


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