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Undisclosed Church - Kent

14th June 2014

To try to record further evidence of paranormal activity at this location.

A return to a favourite location of ours and, as always, we hide its identity of at the wishes of the custodians. We have had good results although less so in recent visits. A twist on this occasion is that this was Ghost Connections first investigation here with the returning co-founder of Ghost Connections, Dean Thomas. So although a return for the rest of us we were looking forward to showing Dean what this place had to offer. We had previously recorded footfalls and movement and most occurrences have been inexplicable. Please view some of our previous reports and video footage from this “Undisclosed Church”.

Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S1600
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Fuji Film 47 FD
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38 X 2

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20
Olympus LS-11
3 x cheap, Chinese but very effective voice recorders

Tripods, Torches, Video tapes (MiniDV)

Investigators: Ian, Kim, Paddy, Dave, Graham and Dean.

Using our normal visual, audible and scientific methods we were to investigate this venue and attempt to record any events either new or similar to those witnessed and recorded on previous visits.



  The Investigation
  Session one – Daylight vigil part 1

The team gathered together and sat in the front few pews, Dean at the front, behind him was Kim, then Graham, Ian and Dave in the middle and Paddy to the rear. Dave and Ian’s camcorders filmed the session and each member of the team had a digital voice recorder running, although some of these were placed elsewhere about the church to cover as wide an area as possible for potential responses.

Time was spent sitting in silent observation, then after a while we began calling aloud introducing ourselves and asking for a response. The session was interrupted after twenty eight minutes when Ian had to answer a phone call, we will let him off as it was from the venues key holder. After this the session we continued in the same manner but this explains why we have separated this session for the report as parts one and two.

Session one – Daylight vigil part 2

The session was restarted although the opportunity was taken to relocate the camcorders to cover different areas than before. Also Dean and Graham moved to either side of the choir stalls and Kim sat up by the altar. Dave, Ian and Paddy remained in the pews. For the latter part of the session Dave moved to the chapel adjoining the altar area.
Session two – Séance by altar

Unaware of any results we may have recorded from the first session we decided to change tactics and conduct a séance by the altar. All six of us joined this and, Dave and Ian again recorded the session with their camcorders placed on tripods, all our voice recorders were again placed around the vicinity. Ian lead the séance with others participating at various intervals.

Session three – Vigil in west end pews

As it seemed to be the focal point of the activity we observed earlier the team moved to the far end of the church towards the bell tower. We carried on as before taking turns calling for activity and to encourage this to continue. With a lack of activity we later decided to leave the recording equipment in this area but move back to the altar area where we were before, to see if the previous activity resumed if we were not in the area. This was not the case so after a while we ended the session.

Session four – Vigil in west end pews

We resumed our original vigil in the west end pews, and continued calling aloud for activity. We moved our equipment in order to face both up and down the aisle to cover the length of the church as best as possible. This was our last session before we chose to end the investigation.

Session one - Daylight vigil part 1

Eight minutes into the vigil during the period of silent observation Paddy thought he heard a voice. After eleven minutes Kim remarks on another possible vocal noise. Both these were caught on Ian’s camcorder footage and can be seen and heard in the video that accompanies this report.

Twenty four minutes in, as Dave was calling out explaining the equipment and what it recorded, Ian’s camcorder picked up another vocal noise that was not remarked on by the team so could not have been heard at the time.

Session one – Daylight vigil part 2

Kim remarks on hearing noises around the altar.

Fourteen minutes into the restarted session Graham was calling out and when he finished Dave asked if he had used the word a certain word, Graham had not but Dave was adamant that he heard a voice say this, but the rest of the team had not. A review of Dave’s video footage for that moment has proved that Dave did indeed hear this voice although it is very faint, the rest of the team have since checked other devices and it was recorded by multiple pieces of equipment. A faint vocal other than Graham’s voice can be heard on Dave’s and Ian’s video footage and on Dean and Graham’s audio. These video and audio clips are included in the video that accompanies this report but you’ll have to use earphones to hear in a couple of the segments but we have amplified and cleaned up Grahams recording, this is the last in the sequence and the voice/word is clearly distinguishable. We think we know what is says, but what to you think?

On reviewing the footage and audio records we also found an odd voice talking in what sounds like a foreign language, with an echo. This was recorded again on multiple devices some clearer than others. Again examples of those recordings are included in the video for this investigation.

Session two. - Séance by altar

Five minutes into the session before the séance started Ian heard a thump from the far end towards the bell tower. A rustle was heard.

As Ian was calling out for a response some knocks are recorded on the camcorder footage but not heard by the team at the time, just after these Kim says that she can see movement at the far end of the church and she described seeing a “mass”. The atmosphere seems to change and some members of the team begin to feel chills or even slightly unwell.

More taps are recorded but not heard at the time, Ian then remarks on seeing a ball of light move left to right across the pews half way down the chancel.

The team had a feeling they were not alone so made their requests more direct hoping for further more defined responses.

Dave felt that the right shoulder of his shirt was being pulled or moved.

Kim comments on seeing another dark shape move across the end of the choir stalls towards the pulpit.

We broke the séance as we thought someone was outside in the church grounds and continued with our requests for responses focusing on the far end of the church in a quieter manner so as not to give ourselves away. More taps and knocks were heard and appeared to have been made on request.

Session three - Vigil in west end pews

No soon as we had started Paddy thought he saw a shadow move towards the font. This followed immediately by Dave seeing a similar shadow move across the choir stalls towards the pulpit. Dave also commented on hearing a shuffling in the same area. After we moved back to the altar area some singular taps were heard.

Session four - Vigil in west end pews

The odd occasional noise was heard and commented on although as vigils go this was less than productive, so after trying our hardest for some time it was decided to end the vigil.
Session one - Daylight vigil part 1

Given the time and the light evening it is possible that the voices Paddy and Kim heard so early on into the investigation could have been from outside, although the church is remote and we were not aware of anyone else in the vicinity at the time.

The vocal noise recorded by Ian’s camcorder at twenty four minutes in could not be identified or explained.

Session one – Daylight vigil part 2

The noises heard by Kim around the altar were later found to be cause by a mouse as she saw this clearly. The mouse was duly named Russell as that is what he was doing!
The vocal heard by Dave that was recorded by multiple devices is definitely a voice saying something. This has been the subject of great debate and analysis since and we have concluded that it was not a member of the team. Although the initial pieces of footage and recordings capturing this are very fain and require headphones to just hear it we are satisfied that the amplified and cleaned version clearly shows there was another voice. We can only conclude that this is an example of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and is paranormal in nature.

The strange odd sounding voice we all seem to have recorded on one device or another is difficult to understand and was equally difficult to explain. This has also been the subject of much discussion within the team since but we have now concluded that it was paddy speaking. We have included the recordings of this in the investigation video to illustrate the difficulties in analysing material.

Session two - Séance by altar

The initial thump Ian heard was not recorded and cannot be commented on, the rustle we heard was attributed to Russell the mouse.

The knocks and taps recorded but not heard by the team are clipped and included in the accompanying video for you to draw your own conclusion, at this time we cannot say what they were.

The dark mass seen by Kim at the rear of the church cannot be substantiated as no camcorders were pointing in this direction so we have no footage to refer too.

The change in atmosphere, chills and unwell sensations felt by some of the team could well be due to the sense of anticipation that we all began to feel and most likely do not have a paranormal cause.

The ball of light seen by Ian was unfortunately not recorded as again no camcorders were pointing in that direction at the time, so again we cannot scrutinise this or comment. It was not repeated.

We only have Dave’s testimony to go on regarding the pulling of his shirt as nothing was recorded to substantiate this, so cannot comment on this occurrence.

Unfortunately again the second dark shape Kim saw moving towards the pulpit was not recorded by any camcorder so we cannot comment on this.

After breaking the séance more responses were heard and recorded and these appeared to be on request. These were recorded on video, these could be coincidental and we could not claim these are true responses and paranormal in nature, but the coincidence is interesting.

Session three - Vigil in west end pews

Unfortunately the camcorders were not pointing in the direction of the shadows seen by Paddy and Dave, so we have no footage to check corroborate what they saw, The moon light was shining by this point creating shadows. Ian thought it could be his arm moving causing a shadow but this was tested and it was not the cause. Without footage we cannot check this further or comment. The shuffling heard by Dave and a few extra taps that were heard were not recorded on any of our equipment.

Session four - Vigil in west end pews

Although the odd occasional noise was heard these were random, some more than likely outside the building most likely naturally occurring or caused by the team themselves. We can conclude that nothing worthy of comment occurred during this last vigil.

A good night was had by all and we enjoyed bringing Dean along for his first investigation here. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish information of a clairvoyant nature, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information, or the contents of this report please email us.

Many thanks for the continued support of the keyholders of this venue.
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