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Undisclosed Agricultural building East Kent

10th January 2015

A fairly regular venue of ours and one that we have had mixed results in, usually from one extreme to the other, nothing or everything, never any middle ground. The site consists of three buildings, one which we use as a base and two others where we conduct the investigations. We have spent time in both buildings during previous visits but on this occasion we concentrated on the larger of the two and the base building for reasons that will become apparent in this report. We have withheld the identity of the location at the venue owner’s request



  The Investigation
Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S1600
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38 X 2
Fujifilm f47 fd

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20
Olympus LS-11

Tripods, Torches, Video tapes (MiniDV)

Investigators: Ian, Kim, Paddy, Dave, Graham and Dean.

Using our normal visual, audible and scientific methods we were to investigate this venue and attempt to record any events either new or similar to those witnessed and recorded on previous visits.


Session 1 – Group vigil in larger building.
The whole team seat themselves together at the centre of the larger building for a vigil, calling out and requesting responses and phenomena that could be recorded.

Session 2 – Solo vigil experiment #1
Following on from our group vigil in the larger building in session 1 we decided to embark on a loan vigil experiment, something we have not done for many years. We do not do loan vigils any more as we feel there should be more than one witness to any paranormal event to aide corroboration. However, as a single experiment we felt it would be interesting to put one person alone whilst the team, in a different building on the site, attempted communication by way of a séance, the aim being to affect personally or cause phenomena to happen around the individual conducting the vigil. Ian drew the short straw and went first.

Session 3 – Solo vigil experiment #2
A repeat of the above but Dave exchanged places with Ian and went into the larger building alone whilst Ian and the others, attempted communication or cause phenomena by way of a séance from the other building.

Session 4 – Group séance at base
A group séance was carried out in the conventional way to end the night’s investigation.

Session 1 – Group vigil in main building.
Dave saw a small pin prick of red light.

The team all hear a knock that they think came from Ian’s left hand side. This was recorded on our equipment and can be seen and heard on the investigation video that accompanies this report. A repeat was requested but was not forthcoming, however a different type of odd noise was recorded on Ian’s camcorder footage, but not heard by the team at the time.

Ian later also saw a red pin prick of light on the other side of the barn. This is possibly a trick of the eye.

Dave hears a knock to his right that some of the team hear also.

Dave asked for a repeat, this was followed shortly after by another knock.

Some shuffling could be heard followed by another knock to Ian’s left.

Ian then thinks he sees a face to the rear of the bay to his left where the knocks were coming from. He described this as skeletal and fading in and out, this continued for a few minutes and was not a fleeting occurrence.

Dave later called for activity followed by a couple of noises.

After the session Dave and Ian’s camcorders were left running as was Deans Voice recorder, during the first break some interesting noises were recorded. Creaks, knocks and groans can be heard. The recording from Dean’s voice recorder is the most compelling being the clearest and sounded like movement and activity whilst the team were not there. Again watch the investigation video on our You Tube channel to see what you think.

Session 2 – Solo vigil experiment #1
Whilst Ian was in the larger building alone the remainder of the team, whilst conducting a séance, asked for communication and for certain things to happen to Ian. These were a feeling of pressure or pain in Ian’s forehead, losing his balance, give Ian a feeling of emotional sadness, to hear two clear knocks, and for Ian to be physically touched on his head.

None of these things happened to Ian although at one point he did feel a bit dizzy and lightheaded. He also did hear some shuffling in front of him, which he thought was important enough to mention to the team by radio. He also heard some more noises.

Ian had propped the door shut when he entered but then later removed the prop. A while after this he later found the door open, it was not a windy night and the door was examined and it did not swing open freely by itself.

Whilst Ian was alone the rest of the team experienced some activity where they were while they conducted the séance, mainly in the form of noises or the sensation that someone was with them.

The team spontaneously decided to try something further, to delve into some ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). They chose to advise Ian of this by radio and that they will try to convey to him, either with someone else’s assistance or just by themselves, a shape and a colour. The team decided on a purple square.

Ian called allowed asking for the assistance of anyone with him to tell him what shape and colour the team were thinking of and trying to communicate to him. At this point he complained of having a head ache.

Session 3 – Solo vigil experiment #2

Whilst Dave was alone in the larger building the remainder of the team again conducted a séance, asked for communication and for certain things to happen this time to Dave. These were a pain in his right wrist, and intense heat around his head and neck, to feel a flick on his left ear, for him to hear three clear footfalls and to feel a tingling in his left big toe.

Back at the séance the rest of the team start to hear noise around them in the room as they did in the first session.

The team then as with Ian tried to convey a shape and a colour to Dave either by themselves or with someone’s assistance, this was a yellow circle. After discussing this there followed more noises heard within the room. For some reason they had the sense of these noises being caused by a man that was with them, then later this was accompanied by the sense of movement.

Dave tried calling out for some activity towards the end of his vigil but there was nothing forthcoming before this session ended.

Session 4 – Group vigil at base
There was nothing of note to report from the last session.

The noises heard in general throughout the investigation both in the larger building and at base were singular and not repeated when requested. As there appeared to be no intelligent pattern to these and they seemed to be more random and coincidental we cannot rule out that these were all naturally occurring. In both buildings there are possible causes for these whether it was lights cooling, heater thermostats clicking, bats (in the barn), rodent movements, wind etc. because of this we cannot say that any of these noises had paranormal origins.

Of more interest is the noises captured during the first break when our equipment was left running in the larger building. The creaks and sounds of movement heard and recorded during this time seem to have more of a definitive quality, as though intentional. Sadly all be it more interesting we still cannot draw the conclusion that these were paranormal in nature, but they were certainly interesting.

The face Ian saw and the red lights seen by both Ian and Dave in session one could all easily have been tricks of the eye caused by shadows or tiredness and equally could well have a natural explanation.

The solo vigils were a departure for us and were interesting to do, and this experiment may well be repeated if a future venue can accommodate this. Whilst it appeared that the attempts at communication failed and neither Dave nor Ian received the sensations being willed upon them by the rest of the team, there were a few interesting points of note. These were Ian having the sensation of dizziness and feeling light headed followed later by a slight head ache, when the team asked for Ian to feel a sense of pain or pressure in his forehead. Dave on the other hand did feel what he described as a breath across his face when the team asked for a sensation of heat about his neck and head. Dave also said afterwards that he felt a sensation of pulling on his left ear.

Ian had asked that Dave received a flick on his left ear.

As for the ESP twist to the experiment the team tried to convey a purple square to Ian, he came back with red triangle. Dave on the other hand was conveyed a yellow circle and came back with an orange circle, so 50% correct.

We cannot draw any conclusions from these experiments but they were interesting to participate in.

As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not normally publish information of a clairvoyant nature, however, for the purpose of this report this information has been included as footage of these moments has been included in the accompanying investigation videos. Should you wish to discuss this information, or the contents of this report please email us.

Many thanks as always for the continued support of the owners and for allowing us regular access.
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