Ghost Connections were privileged to be granted access to the same venue as visited in August, twice in September, and then in November 2007, followed by January, March and June 2008 with a return in October and December 2008. We returned again in June 2009 and January 2010. This venue is in rural Kent and is significant historical interest spanning several centuries. To our knowledge it has never been subject to a paranormal investigation and after our first visit we are pleased to be able to conduct further investigations at this venue.



The site consists of two buildings of which two have been referred to as buildings A and B in the previous report. The same terms will be used here.


Previously, in building A, we had noted a number different phenomena occurring including noises of movement, machinery being operated, sensations of heat and cold, sensations of being watched, shadows being seen to apparently move, sounds of persons moving around, knocks and taps occurring on demand and also during times when the team were not present.


In building B, we had noted strange lights, sounds of persons moving and a limited number of knocks and taps on demand.


We previously noted that certain things seem to occur in respective buildings with respective members of the team.

Undisclosed Location
28th August 2010
Undisclosed Location