R.A.F.West Malling - Kent


To investigate reported paranormal activity within the building, using scientific and spiritual methods.


The building is virtually untouched and closer inspection can reveal the remains of camouflage markings on the brickwork. Also the roof and walls of the middle ‘wing’ shows repairs carried out following bomb damage.

Internally the only difference is the addition of benches and seats that have been put in the Officers lounge or anteroom. This is a Listed Building.

The mock-Georgian design was repeated over England; this made the job of ‘settling in’ for Officers changing stations due to postings easier as they knew the layout of their ‘home’.

The sightings -

Ghostly goings-on in the old building have been reported for many years. Stories told by staff from years ago are still floating around, the haunting footsteps, deathly chills and close encounters with a wandering airman. Not to mention the comings and goings through locked doors that even the great Houdini would struggle with! For tales of the unexplained are still coming, from staff working there today. Maybe there’s some truth in it, or maybe a few too many people have been working a few too many late nights…

Man with the keys
When Eve Smith first started work here in 1980 she got such a fright that it’s a wonder she still works here. It was the end of the day and Eve was getting ready to go home, when the caretaker came along to lock up. As they left the building and the last door was locked Eve renturned to the caretaker and said, “Are you going to leave that man in there?” The caretaker asked who she was talking about and Eve described the man she saw through the window. The man was in a uniform and he was holding a big bunch of keys on a large ring. The caretaker went back into the building and checked every room, all the doors and windows were locked. When the caretaker returned he turned to Eve and said, “I think you’ve just seen a ghost.”

Still in uniform
A former employee who used to work in the office, which is now Sharon Brown’s, once had a scare. She was working at her desk when the door swung open to reveal an airman standing in the doorway in full uniform. She was so alarmed by how real the image was, she described the uniform down to the very last button, to her war veteran friend, who confirmed it was indeed the uniform of a World War II RAF airman.

Ghostly reflection
One Saturday afternoon, Sid Hurst was working here alone, repairing a server in the computer room. The glass door of the server had been removed and was leaning against the wall. While Sid was working away he happened to glance at the glass door and saw the reflection of the room. In the reflection he saw a figure behind him leave the room via the open door. When he checked the other room there was no one there and all the doors were locked from the inside!

Trespasser from beyond?
Another morning Sid and a colleague were working away and they heard the outside door open and close and then Rita King’s door open and close – they thought nothing of this as they often hear Rita arrive to work. They expected her to walk in to their office as she usually does while she waits for her PC to start up. But she didn't. About 10 minutes later the outside door opened and closed again and then Rita's. It was Steve Hadley delivering the mail. Rita was not yet at work.

Speedy spirit
Whilst working alone in the computer room Sid looked into the entrance hall and saw someone quickly dart into his office. He went to check who it was but the door was locked, as he hadn’t yet opened that part of the computer suite.

Sticky situation!
On Monday 6 October Pauline Allen and Maria Bradley were in the Post room sorting the days post when Pauline needed the sticky tape. They both looked at the empty desk in front of them and the shelf above it - that's all that's in the room, but neither of them saw the sticky tape. Then Maria remembered that Keith Hodges had borrowed it so Pauline went to his office to see if he had still got it, but he couldn't find it on his desk either so Pauline went and got a new reel from the stationery cupboard and returned to the post room. After about two minutes from returning and continuing to open the post all of a sudden both Pauline and Maria noticed the missing reel of sticky tape on the desk directly in front of them. Both are adamant it had not been there when they had looked and Maria hadn’t left her place at the table. This completely spooked both of them. They have since then been told that the post room is the most haunted room in the old building and the cleaners are scared of going in there as they have experienced a few goings on as well!

Engaged or vacant?
A member of staff who would like to remain anonymous was walking down a corridor in the old building to use the toilet. She stopped to speak to a colleague for a brief moment and as she turned to head down the corridor again she saw, for just a split second someone disappear into the toilet. There is only one toilet but she decided she’d go and wait anyway but when she entered the room there was nobody there.

Moving objects
Late one afternoon when we’d all gone home, Eve Smith was dusting the desk when suddenly a chill fell across her and she heard a sliding noise. She looked down at the desk and watched in disbelief as a large glass paperweight moved from one end of the desk to the other.

Time to leave
James Horton insists he doesn’t believe in ghosts. But a recent visit from a contractor to fit the new curtains in the meeting room spooked him slightly. On showing the visitor out of the building the man turned to James and said that he was glad to be leaving as he could feel that the building is full of lost souls. Whether it was because James believed the man or because he thought the man was slightly mad, John was quick to show him the door.

Voice from the past?
Frank Perks claims he has always treated any tales of ghouls and ghosties with a pinch of salt (or garlic!) and, despite tales of ex-airmen haunting the west wing of the building, he says he’s always felt entirely comfortable working late in the building. Until recently.
Working late one night, Frank, Andrew Richards and Janet Smith were the only people in the wing. Frank was walking down the corridor from his office to Stan Millers office with Andrew and, as they passed Debbie Fullers' office where Kelly Smart was working , both Andrew and Frank heard a deep voice say "Hello". Andrew and Frank both turned to see who had followed them up the corridor, but there was nobody there. Turning back to Kelly's office, Frank asked Debbie if she had just said anything, thinking that she may have been suffering from a sore throat. But no, Debbie hadn't uttered a word.
Frank thinks if he had been alone he would have put it down to poor hearing, but Andrew had heard it also - quite clearly.



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GCUK has previously investigated this site on the 17th June 2005 (see Previous Visit), and based on this previous experience we will be limiting our investigation to certain areas of the building.

Ghost Connections - Ian, Paddy, Kim, Dean, Sarah, Rick - Guests - Rachel and Dave

Use of EVP, still photography and camcorder to record the evenings events whilst calling for spirit in the hope of capturing evidence of paranormal activity.

The Investigation:

Observations: To follow


To follow



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