Ghost Connections UK

Transcript of audio captured by video

monitoring bar trigger object



ccccccccccccccccCam on trigger object


ccccccccccDuration of tape 1 hour 2 min

Camera started while crew still bar area

Dean comments on feeling tingly while in bar area.

Dean calls for spirit, ask for a sign and suggests moving wine glass trigger object on bar.

No Response

Dean asks for spirit again. No Response

Colby calls for Samson. No Response

Dean calls for spirit again, while talking a slight "ching ching" is heard on tape audio.

Noise not evident to team

Kim claims to hear music, but no one else can.

Colby calls for spirit and takes a picture. No Response

Dean asks for a sign. No Response

Colby spots the ceiling light will spin and suggests using it.

Team chats for a while.

Another "ching" is heard on tape again.No evident to team.

Colby asks for spirit to touch/move the ceiling light. No Response

Deans says feels tingly again.

Tap heard from food service area, Dean asks spirit if anyone over there to make that noise in that area?

No Response

Colby/Dean hear noise, Dean describes as a whir, whir, whir, also heard by Ian/Kim & Paddy, Paddy compares to a washing machine going into spin cycle?


Team generally talk some more.

Tap/click heard again from food service area.

Dean asks spirit to if was them to respond with another sound. No Response


Paddy hears same noise from same area.

Colby goes to sit near area where noise coming from.

Colby now says hears music from other bar area. Kim is also hearing music again.

No audio captured on video.

Dean walks into that bar and hears nothing.

Colby finds the tap/click from food service area is the coffee machine!

Team breaks for coffee and eat Colby's sausage rolls! Video continues to watch trigger object.

No movement captured.

Bar phone rings once only! Time noted by team they then continue break.

Card machine heard on tape audio, explains the phone ringing!

Ian hears noise like camera shutting down, Kim thinks sounded like a harmonica.

Ian returns to bar and feels immediately cold and tingly with hairs on end, Paddy asks whats happening as IR monitor on that area going crazy”

With telephone, and Kim hearing music again Colby suggests is anyone outside, a car or something?

No one there.

Colby suggests 1471 on telephone, everyone feeling on edge, Paddy checks phone, 01:56 hrs no. called 01484-*****

Team continues to discuss events.

Odd noise, cannot describe, heard over Deans Voice.

Team continue discussion over coffee.

Team sits in bar trying table tipping.

Dean, Kim and Colby call for spirit. No Response

Team talks.

Tape ends.


Conclusion of monitoring

At no time during the duration of the tape did the glass trigger object move. Several sounds were noted.