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The Screaming Man

Pluckley Uncovered



We will now look at one of Pluckley’s more famous ghost stories, the Screaming Man.

We will examine the details of the story, any facts or witnesses, and determine their credibility, giving our thoughts on the likelihood of there being any truth in the stories

The Story

An accident occurred at the old Brickworks and clay pit that supposedly created another of Pluckley's ghosts.

A man was killed when either a wall of clay collapsed onto him or he fell into a clay pit, depending upon which version of the story you are listening to. You are supposed to be able to hear his screams to this day.

The Sightings

There are no reports of a visible ghost at the brickworks, just the sound of terrified screaming echoing through the buildings.

Whilst we have been unable to find any witnesses to the screaming ourselves, we have come across this interesting story from a William George Simmonds.

William was born in 1903 and lived in Pluckley. On a dark misty evening, William often spoke about the sights and sounds encountered around the narrow lanes. Who knows what you may come across - perhaps the screaming man of the brickworks? William himself was a bricklayer by trade and would often recount the tragic tale of the young man, who was employed in the brickworks. This poor young man lost his arm in machinery and it is said that his screams can often be heard at night, echoing through the woods.

Whilst this account differs slightly from the main body of stories, it is the only witness account to any form of accident at the brickworks that we have been able to uncover.

Exploring the Possibilties

There are no reports of a visible ghost here, nor are there any reports of such a tragic accident, only the ghostly echoes of his last terrifying screams - which are very similar to those bloodcurdling screams of a vixen echoing across the weald on a still night.

We have been unable to verify the story accounted by William Simmonds, although it is entirely feasible that a non-fatal accident may have gone un-reported in the press, whereas a death is far more likely to have at least made the local papers. Also without a more definite date than during the working life of a man born in 1903, it is extremely hard to find any information.

Aerial View of Brickworks


Due to lack of any supporting evidence whatsoever, we have almost no option but to conclude that the Screaming Man is most likely to be a vixen screaming. Anyone who has heard this will know that the screams are uncannily human sounding and quite bloodcurdling, so perhaps we can excuse those unfamiliar with the sound for believing they have heard the screams of a dying man.


Image- Brickworks - http://www.novaloca.com/property-details/12042?search=true
Image - Aerial View - http://www2.getmapping.com/

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