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Undisclosed Church

25th May 2011

A return to a very active and favourite location to try to record evidence of such activity.

The Investigation
As always we respect the wishes of the custodians and will not identify this location. We have had mixed results during our visits, some more impressive than others included recorded footfalls movement and items being moved, most occurrences have been inexplicable. Please view some of our previous reports and video footage from this “Undisclosed Church”.

Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S1600
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38 X 2

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Tripods, Torches, Video tapes (MiniDV), DVD-RW's

Investigators: Ian, Kim, Paddy and Dave.

Using our normal visual, audible and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory we were to investigate this venue and try to encounter and record similar events to those witnessed and recorded before.


Session one – vigil in vestry.

We took our seats in whatever space we could, given the way the vestry was now used for storage and sat silently for a while. On previous occasions and whilst conducting vigils elsewhere in the church we had heard movement, some quiet severe, coming from the vestry so we were hoping to have more direct contact with whatever caused this.

After a while adjusting to the surroundings we broke the silence as Dave introduced us and asked for some interaction from anyone that may have been with us. Paddy relocated to sit outside on the steps that lead up to the vestry so one of us could still observe the rest of the church. Dave continued calling out for activity allowing long pauses for possible responses.

The rest of the team joined Paddy in the main body of the church and Dave directs the questioning to someone we believe had joined us. With some apparent results forthcoming the atmosphere changed and an air of anticipation descended. Dave continued calling with mixed responses. As more seemed to be happening Paddy and Ian also joined Dave in the calling. As is normally the case activity quietened down and we drew a close to this first session.

Session two – Vigil in nave

Given the results of the first session we resumed in the nave sitting in the pews. Ian began the calling out followed by Dave. We moved and sat around different areas during this session with mixed results before we drew the second session to an end.

Session three – Vigil in chancel

Given that fatigue had stuck us we moved locations after a break to try to keep us active and sat in the choir stalls either side of the chancel. A period of questioning began, but unfortunately with no apparent responses and a very tired team we decided to call it a night and ended the investigation.

Session one – vigil in vestry.

As Dave called asking if there was anything we could do to assist communication a noise similar to movement or dragging was heard from out in the church. Paddy, who was sitting on the steps to the vestry at the time, stood up, his attention drawn to area of the altar. As Dave continued calling along the same vain another noise was heard within the vestry.

After the team moved into the main part of the church a further loud thump was heard from the altar area followed by a tap to the side.

Later in the session Dave thought he saw a figure peer out from one of the central stone columns. Paddy assisted Dave and stood in the area he saw this and Dave established it would have been the head and shoulders of someone about four feet high.

Dave also saw a wisp of light drift up the aisle towards us.

Ian then thought he saw something move by the same column were Dave saw something earlier.

Session two – Vigil in nave

During the break a loud noise was heard by the same column where Dave thought he had previously seen a figure, but unfortunately no equipment was running at the time to record this. This is why we resumed in this area.

Paddy had an impression of a group of people sat in the pews and so sat in the same area.

A noise was heard by the main door in the south wall.

Kim joins Paddy where he was sitting, Paddy was still adamant that other people were with us so we sat as in a congregation to see if anything would be experienced.

A tap is heard and Paddy stands and moves into the aisle to investigate this and see if it is repeated. Whilst standing Paddy feels very restless, unwell and dizzy. Other members of the team later described similar sensations and a sudden rush of fatigue around this time.

Session three – Vigil in chancel

Some noises were heard but little else occurred.

Session one – vigil in vestry.

The noises heard that drew the team out of the vestry were interesting but unfortunately were not recorded on our equipment, however, the teams reactions to them were. We do not doubt they occurred but are unable to analyse these further, therefore, can draw no conclusions on these.

The figure Dave saw by the column and the light anomaly seen floating up the aisle were also not captured on our video.

Dave was adamant what he saw, a figure around four feet high hiding behind the pillar, but no evidence of this exists for verification, needless to say we were the only four people in the building.

The wisp of light may well have been a reflection in the lenses of his glasses as he glanced around, no one else saw this and that area was covered by Ian’s camcorder footage.

The fact that Ian later thought he saw movement in the shadows around the same column may well have been either auto suggestive, as Dave had said he’s seen something, or simply the effect of tired eyes?

Session two – Vigil in nave

None of the results we thought we had were captured on our recordings so again, unfortunately, we cannot analyse these further, although some of the noises heard were heard by more than one person.

The noise during the break and the one by the south door were of particular interest to the team at the time, and could not be explained.

Neither could we explain why Paddy had the impression of others with us or the restless and nauseous feeling that came over him, again this is very odd and not like Paddy at all. The feeling of fatigue felt by the team were exactly that, fatigue.

Session three – Vigil in chancel

Again nothing was recorded and despite being of interest at the time we can provide no conclusion regarding these.

As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish information of a clairvoyant nature, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us at enquiries@ghostconnections.com

Many thanks again to the owners as always for their support in allowing us access.
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