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Undisclosed Manor House - Visit 15 with Guests

7th May 2011

Ghost Connections decided to embark on something different on this investigation. Although we had been to this location many times before we felt we would add a new twist and invite some guests, mainly family and friends, to join us. We felt this would put a new slant on things as well as afford us the time to study other people under investigation conditions who were not familiar with either the property or investigations as a whole. In addition we hoped that having some different people with us may give us the chance to encounter some paranormal phenomena and to record evidence of this.

As you would have read in our previous reports parts of this building date back to the fourteenth century, originally a medieval hall house many original features remain including the great hall itself. There are also later Victorian additions. This venue had not been investigated until we chanced across it some years ago and we have had some great results over the years we have been coming here. Unfortunately less results have been forthcoming in recent visits, and we are always hopeful that the next visit will be the night it all happens, especially as we hoped to be able to show our guests the sort of activity that can be witnessed on an investigation.

Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S1600
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38 X 2
Pentax K-100D Digital SLR
Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Tripods, Torches, Video tapes (MiniDV), 3 x Gemini Data Loggers.

Guests were also invited to bring their own video and digital stills cameras.

Investigators: Ian, Kim, Paddy and Dave.

Guests: Julie, Janine, Debbie, Dan, Chloe, Dan, Peter, Mel and Cat.

Using our normal visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory, we took a traditional stance using vigils and calling out for activity. We split into two groups for this covering opposite ends of the house so the groups would not disturb each other. The groups were then to swap locations to then enable the crew and guests to discuss and compare what they experienced. This was to be done over the ground floor and first floor levels. The groups were:

Group A - Ian, Dave, Julie, Dan, Sean, Debbie and Janine.
Group B – Kim, Paddy, Mel, Chloe, Cat and Peter.



  The Investigation

Walk around : Whole house

As we had nine people who had not visited the venue before we took time to walk them around the house, familiarise themselves with it and the potential natural hazards to be encountered as well as a brief explanation of the history of the house and the phenomena previously encountered. As it was a pleasant evening this included a brief tour of the grounds. This completed we returned to the crew room for refreshments and a final chat about the night ahead before the vigils started. Dave and Ian were to lead Group A where various sessions of sitting in silence or calling out for activity were to be done, Kim and Paddy were to lead Group B who would be conducting vigils in the same manner. This would be the theme for the night in each of the locations in the order listed below.

Session 1: Vigils
Group A – Victorian wing living room
Group B – Medieval wing kitchen

Session 2: Vigils (swap)
Group A– Medieval wing kitchen
Group B– Victorian wing living room

Session 3: Vigils
Group A – Medieval wing bedroom
Group B – Victorian wing bedroom

Session 4: Vigils (swap)
Group A– Victorian wing bedroom
Group B– Medieval wing bedroom


Session 1: Vigils

Group A – Victorian wing living room

Ian asks if its raining outside as he can hear rain falling on the adjacent conservatory roof.

Dave mentions how quiet the house actually is referring to the lack of natural noises.

As Ian calls others comment on noise outside, rain as Ian heard before. Session suspended to check if it was raining.

Dan and Ian hear a faint thud from behind Ian as he was calling for activity.

Ian continues calling asking for a response “now” then a voice is heard faintly on video recording “somebodies here”?

Tap heard as Ian called out, followed by a tap by the door.

Ian sees a red flask of light, a small pinprick of light about 6 feet up out in the corridor beyond the door.

Janine feels more cold than before.

A squeak like a floor board is heard by some coming from either the corner of the room or out by the door.

Dave hears a noise from in between Janine and Dan.

Ian and then Dave direct their questions to the area of the door/corridor.

Dan hears something similar to a footstep in the corridor outside.

A shuffle is heard by most of the group coming from the area in the corridor beyond the door.

A creak on the floor is heard behind Dave.

Dave and Janine hear some shuffling just as Ian spoke.

Ian hears a rustling in the corridor as Dave hears a noise within the room.

Ian begins to rather flippantly say “come on somebody do something?” this is met by an instant noise from out in the corridor, this is heard by most of the group.

Dan hears a noise that seemed to echo through from somewhere else in the house.

Dave calls announcing we will be finishing soon and asking for a response, this is meant by a tap from somewhere.

Julie senses pressure on her lap and asks that the person sat there make a noise so the rest of the group would be aware.

Dave sensed the feeling of a piece of material being drawn across his face.

Julie and Janine comment that they are now shivering, whereas the others in the room are quite comfortable.

Julie asks whoever was by her and making her cold to go to either Dave or Ian as they were warm and would feel the difference.

Group B – Medieval wing kitchen

Peter and Paddy both mention hearing a high pitched voice.

Chloe comments on her face feeling cold but it does not appear to be when she touches it.

Chloe then comments that she feels cold around her back.

Cat believes that the light levels are fluctuating.

A footfall was heard in the corridor just outside the room.

Mel states her toes feel cold.

Chloe hears a scratch type noise on the floor by Peter.

Paddy hears a click noise in the corridor.

Peter feels colder.

Another click is heard in the corridor near to the old toilet.

Another footfall is heard in the corridor and picked up on the footage.

A click is heard behind Chloe.

A series of tapping noises is heard in the corridor.

A further noise of movement is heard in the corridor.

A distinct noise is heard behind Chloe and it is heard on the footage.

Another series of noises are heard in the corridor which is recoded on the video footage.

Session 2: Vigils (swap)

Group A– Medieval wing kitchen

While a discussion ensued Janine and Julie commented on a scratching noise out in the hallway.

Julie and Janine say that their legs and knees are cold, Julie says its just the tops of her legs that are cold, her knees and lower legs were not.

As Dave began calling out he asked for anyone to show they were with us, this is met but crack within the room.

As Dave calls for a repeat Ian hears a double tap this placed by some in the middle of the room, others do not hear it, it was very faint.

A single tap is heard soon after by Dave.

A thud is then heard but the source cannot be identified.

As Dave calls out a dull thud is heard by some.

Ian comments on a horrible sickly taste in his mouth as when one is unwell.

The smell of petrol is noted by some.

A noise is heard by all appearing to come from next to Janine and Debbie followed by a noise by Dave.

Dan is now cold all over, some members of the group were now starting to feel colder.

Janine feels like something is touching her nose.

Debbie feels woosey and uncomfortable. Everyone is saying how they feel. Ian starts calling asking for a more physical response, noise or movement, Dave takes over calling as the cold wave hits the remainder of the group.

A loud crack is heard by all coming from out in the corridor.

Tap is heard from beside Ian as he called out.

Ian calls again and and another tap is heard.

Ian calls out for a given name, a strange voice is heard after he spoke that is on the footage only and which was not heard or commented on that the time, shortly after Dan says he is very cold.

Debbie says she can here a dull noise above her on the floor above.

A noise heard by Dave out in the corridor.

Everyone hears a whine and compared it to an animal or dog, but this is not recorded on our footage.

Group B– Victorian wing living room

A noise was heard within the hallway outside the room.

A further dragging noise was heard within the neighbouring hallway.

A tap type noise was heard from the floor area.

Peter heard a rumbling type noise.

Heavy breathing was heard from the centre of the room.

Chloe reported hearing music like humming from the area of the door to the conservatory. Paddy also comments that he can hear a noise like talking in the same area.

The team comment on a sound like rain on the panes of glass in the conservatory.

Mel feels like someone is watching from around the corner.

Session 3: Vigils

Group A – Medieval wing bedroom

After the group settled into place and Dave began calling out, over twenty minutes elapsed before anything significant occurred. Dave asked for anyone the team may have come across before to make themselves known,

This was followed by a tap beside Ian.

Ian took up the calling and a few more noises were heard apparently from outside the room or elsewhere in the house.

Dave hears something just outside the door.

Julie asks if anyone else can see whispy smoke.

The girls comment on being cold.

Dan says he just heard a metallic bang.

Dan then says he heard someone clearing their throat, possibly outside the doorway to the room.

Ian calls for the sound of footsteps a noise is heard followed by a couple of footfalls heard by some of the group

Some people her some noises from the hallway.

Dave calls for a louder noise and invites anyone out in the corridor to join us in the room, then a knock is heard.

Group B – Victorian wing bedroom

A light is observed above the door to the hallway.

The light is observed again.

Mel states she believes that someone is watching from between her and Kim.

Session 4: Vigils (swap)

Group A– Victorian wing bedroom

After five minutes settling into place Ian began calling out, Dave later joined in but to no avail.

After thirteen minutes a slight tap was heard from the corridor outside the room, followed by a couple from in the room.

Another tap is heard from the corridor followed by a light shinning up against the wall and door to the corridor.

Julie and others hear a tap within the room.

A tap is heard within the room by the fireplace.

Another tap and noises are heard by the fireplace then another down the corridor.

Dave was standing by the window, as he was his chair, that was by the fireplace, moved suddenly! This was not seen but heard and was as though someone had brushed against it or sat in it.

Ian thinks he hears laughter down the corridor, this was heard by some of the others.

Dave hears a deep groan.

More taps are heard from the corridor.

Group B– Medieval wing bedroom

Cat hears approximately two steps in the hallway outside the room.

Cat hears male voices from the hallway.

Session 1: Vigils

Group A – Victorian wing living room

The sound of rain falling was checked at the time and it was found not to be raining, This sound was not recorded on our audio recordings so unfortunately cannot be analysed further. But it was heard by more than one member of the group.

Given the lack of natural noises and how quiet the area was at the start the noises heard by the group during this session become more interesting, only some of these noises were recorded and can be heard on the accompanying footage.

Unfortunately no noises heard could be considered responsive to our requests, this leaves us with the conclusion that they had to be naturally occurring and coincidental.

The “voice” recorded on our video footage may well have been one of the group, however, it does not sound like any of the people within the group. At this time we do not offer this as an example of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) please view the accompanying video to hear this and draw your own conclusion.

Despite not being long into the investigation the red flash of light witnessed by Ian may well have been a result of tiredness, and did not reoccur.

Some of the girls did feel colder than the others, unfortunately this is not sufficient evidence of a “presence” within the room and may simply be a difference in personal resilience to the conditions on the night.

Group B – Medieval wing kitchen
The voices heard by Peter and Paddy are unlikely to be the other team due to the distance involved between the teams within the house. It is possible they were some other noise that the mind has confused and interpreted as being a human voice. No source was identified and even with Paddy asking for further responses nothing was forthcoming and no further comment is possible.

The various noises in the corridor have been recorded before at this house. They were not identified on this occasion. All we can say is that they corroborate what we have heard before. Previous occasions in good lighting have shown that these occur when no source can be seen so they remain unexplained.

Distinct footfall type noises have been heard here before and again no source for them was identified. They remain unexplained.

The various noises within the kitchen are also unexplained. Of significance are the fact that when they are identified as being louder they are recorded on the footage. No natural source was identified.

Various cold sensations were reported. There is very little scope for drafts within the house although the sensations experienced by Chloe were not felt by anyone else and therefore localised drafts cannot be excluded however unlikely. Those reported by Cat and Mel could be explained by the fact that they are coldness of extremities and we have previously noted that when remaining sat still for long periods this can result where extremities are not moving and therefore less activity results in less heat being generated through parts of the body.

Session 2: Vigils (swap)

Group A– Medieval wing kitchen

Again more noises were heard some recorded and some not, more importantly than before some of these wee heard directly after a request for the same. Coincidence? Unfortunately this cannot be disproved at this time, and given that these events were not repeated we have to conclude so.

Various members of the team again felt cold, this area was colder than where we has been in the earlier session.

The sickly taste in his mouth commented on by Ian did disappear as quickly as it came and cannot be explained. Neither can why Debbie became woosey and uncomfortable. As the whole group were hearing and experiencing things a wave of cold did affected everyone present. This could be explained by the sense of apprehension and anticipation descending on the group due to the noises being heard, and may just be a natural response to the circumstances.

The sound of a human voice recorded on the video footage could be one of the group but at this time they cannot be identified.

The whine heard by everyone was not recorded and cannot be proven to have actually happened, however, this is very interesting as this has been witnessed before in this location.

Group B– Victorian wing living room

Noises from the hallway were explored and were unable to be identified although a recreation was achieved by Paddy by dragging his foot along the wooden floor.

The tap heard from the floor area of the room was shortly after Paddy returned from recreating the noise within the hallway. This may be a result of the floorboard that he had walked upon resettling. Otherwise this cannot be accounted for. Nothing was seen that could have caused it.

The rumbling heard by Peter may well have been the slight sound carried from passing traffic on the motorway in the distance. This is something that we have been aware of on previous investigations at this site and take account of. It is possible that someone unused to the location may misidentify this noise.

The sound of music, humming or conversation cannot be accounted for. Certainly no one else was on site and this would not have been sounds carried from the other team. Given the history of this room such noises as this may well have been common place.

The sound of rain being heard was interesting and although we cannot say there was not a very light shower there was no rain or damp ground noted during the break when outside. Even more interesting was that the other team had noticed the same noise in their session in the same room. It is of course possible that both teams misidentified the sound and something else that was occurring. We could not explore the conservatory as it is locked both outside and from the house.

Session 3: Vigils

Group A – Medieval wing bedroom

There was not much from this session to enable any conclusions to be drawn. More noises were heard and commented on, some recorded and some not, these may have been naturally occurring or not, we shall never know.

Group B – Victorian wing bedroom

The light was identified as lights of a vehicle travelling on a road in the distance by comparison with later vehicle movement.

There was no one seen between Mel and Kim and no one else commented. Little can be said other than no source can be found to give a genuine belief and it may have been a trick of the mind.

Session 4: Vigils (swap)

Group A– Victorian wing bedroom

Any noises heard during this session would have to be given the same explanation as we have previously, meaning that they were more than likely naturally occurring.

The light seen shining again the wall was most likely the result of distance car headlights as there is a near by motorway about a mile away, and we have surmised in the past that these lights can travel long distances to cause this effect.

The laughter heard by Ian was tested as this could have been coming from the other group at the other end of the building. They were radioed and asked if they had laughed, they had but not at that particular time. They did laugh out loud again to recreate this and we did hear them and record them, although the initial instance was not recorded. At this time we can only conclude that it was the other group.

Dave's vacated chair did make a very loud noise while it was sat by the fireplace, Dave was standing by the window at this time. This form of collapsible chair has been found to creak as it settled following someone getting up off it, but the noise on this occasion was very definite and surprised a few members of the group. The fact that this was placed in an area where we had heard other noises is interesting but unfortunately does not provide any conclusive evidence of activity. It does , however, remain unexplained.

A bat was caught on the video footage flying around the corridor outside the bedroom, this may well have attributed to some of the noises we heard.

Group B– Medieval wing bedroom

The steps were not commented upon by anyone else. The source was not identified although similar noises likened to the same cause have been heard on previous investigations in this area of the building.

No one else heard the voices and their source is unknown. It is possible that another noise was misinterpreted as voices. No other members of the team were in the area at the time and, therefore, we can discount another human outside the room.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Many thanks as always to the owners for their continuing help and trust. We are also grateful to them for allowing us to bring a number of guests along. Ghost Connections would also like to thank Julie, Janine, Debbie, Dan, Chloe, Dan, Peter, Mel and Cat for coming along and helping to make this a interesting night for us all.
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