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Undisclosed Location - East Kent

25th January 2014

Ghost Connections were privileged to be granted access to the same venue since 2007. This venue is in rural Kent and is significant historical interest spanning several centuries. To our knowledge it has never been subject to a paranormal investigation and after our first visit we are pleased to be able to conduct further investigations at this venue.

The site consists of two buildings of which two have been referred to as buildings A and B in previous reports and the visitors centre which we will refer to as building C.

Previously in building C we experienced a very unusual trail of events which made us turn our attention to there. This investigation took place solely in building C.

In accordance with the wishes of the venue we continue to keep the location anonymous.



  The Investigation

Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light

Digital Camera-
Panasonic Limix DMC FZ-38

Voice recorder -
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Video tapes (mini DV)




Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual theory investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.


The weather was windy on this visit as it had been on our previous visit, the wind could be heard through the roof of the building for the entire investigation. With this noted we duly carried out our investigation. The visitor's centre consists of utilities and toilets with an adjoining lecture room and is previously thought to have been an animal stall.

The team based themselves in a line at the far end of the lecture theatre. Dave's camcorder was aimed towards the opposite end with the door to the room in view as we had experienced occurrences around this area on our previous visit. The whole investigation took place in this area.

Building C Session 1

Whilst Dave was calling out there was a tap which Paddy commented on as being to the left of him.

Roughly 7 minutes into the investigation there was a deep toned sound which was commented on by all the team.

Graham reported feeling cold, Kim concurred.

The whole team commented on a loud 'click' which seemed to come from a stack of chairs to the right of Kim. Dave repositioned the camcorder so as to have the stack of chairs in view.

Paddy commented on a faint noise on the table to the left of where he was sitting.

Whilst Dave was calling out there was a very faint 'thud'. Paddy described this at the time as 'non descript'.

A very faint noise from behind the team was followed on an illumination in the hall-way area, as commented on by Graham.

Shortly after Dave mentioned seeing a tennis ball circle of light in the same area as where Graham had seen the illumination.

Kim heard a whisper to her left hand side but could not make out what had been said or whether the voice was male or female.

Paddy described the feeling of one hand on his face and one hand on his shoulder as 'almost physical'.

Graham described a female wearing an apron and a hat, as if in work wear. The clothing was described as a grey/ white colour. No further information was forthcoming.

Kim described seeing a black wisp going past her to her right.

Graham and Kim described hearing a 'dink' sound.

Kim saw 3 quick flashes of orange light to the far left of the team in the area of a storage cupboard. This was immediately followed by a thump.

Dave commented on seeing movement in the doorway area followed by a lighter shade of light cast on the wall.

Building C Session 2

Following a short break the team reassembled in the lecture theatre in the same seating positions for session 2.

The only illumination in the room was a small beam of green light from the emergency lighting. It was noticed that from time to time this light dimmed. However, a short while into session 2 it was noted that the light began to flicker. The team asked for this to be repeated once it had initially stopped flickering but it did not happen in response.

Two faint clicks were heard by all.

A faint sound, possibly vocal, seemed to come from the toilet area.

Whilst calling out Dave asked ''What is your name''. There then followed an almost vocal sound, commented on by Dave, Paddy and Graham.

Dave felt a cold draught, in his words ''a gentle movement of air, to the left of the face''.

During the asking out by Dave, Kim felt the light was flickering more.

Dave asked if the presence was female, there followed a slight noise. Both Paddy and Graham believed the presence to indeed be female. Dave asked for further confirmation but this was not forthcoming.

Dave commented that his leg felt very warm all of a sudden and likened it to having someone sit on your lap.

Paddy asked out for something to happen as whatever was there seemed adamant to let the team know that it was female. A loud thud and two loud taps immediately followed.

The team noted what sounded like a faint female vocal.

Dave commented he felt shivery and asks whether the female presence had given birth in the building, this was followed by a tap. Further asking produced no results.

Graham noted a strange odour that seemed to come out of nowhere. Dave agreed and likened it to Sandalwood.

Dave suddenly felt sick.

Paddy commented on a shuffling sound.

There then followed a séance involving Kim, Dave and Graham, with Paddy observing outside the circle. The aim was to get more information from the female spirit the team felt sure was present.:

Dave felt suddenly warm to his left.

The whole team commented on a high-pitched noise, sounding almost vocal.

Graham felt an energy between himself and Dave and then it seemed to be to Graham's right side where he commented on an odd sensation of someone trying to talk in his ear.

There then followed a faint sound between Dave and Graham which Paddy observed.

Graham suddenly felt as if a stronger male presence was close by and Paddy said he had been having the same thought. With this presence Graham had in his mind the male presence grabbing him by the war and pulling him up. Graham then warned Kim that he felt the energy was actually arching over Kim. Kim responded by saying she too felt as if something was very close to her.

Dave mentioned that he was now feeling a burning sensation in his ear.

Building C Session 1

As mentioned earlier the weather was not kind to us for this investigation as there were strong winds and sometimes it was difficult to differentiate between noises outside and inside the building.

The loud click that came from the stack of chairs was unusual as it had not happened before and it did not happen again. The chairs at the time had not been moved by us that evening.

At various points in the session the team reported feeling cold or sudden chills. Although windy outside the building seems well insulated and with wooden shutters on the windows a draft seems unlikely.

The illumination commented on by Graham could have been his eyes playing tricks but it is interesting to note that further on in the session Dave had a similar experience.

Illuminations on the wall were investigated by Dave who went outside with a torch and shone it through the shutters as to mimic car headlights. The torch light could indeed be seen inside the building and could explain some of the illuminations.

The vocal sound Kim heard to her left is hard to explain. Unfortunately none of the rest of the team heard it but Kim was certain it was a voice.

Paddy's experience of one hand on his face and one on his shoulder with the feeling of it being almost physical was fascinating. Paddy was very sure of what he had felt and seemed almost emotionally affected by it.

During the session Kim commented on a black wisp that seemed to go past her. This was not late into the investigation and is unlikely to have been caused by tiredness. Also, the emergency light caused enough light to be able to see across the room and the wisp caught Kim's attention.

Kim noted seeing three quick orange flashes by the cupboard area towards the end of the session. This is very interesting to the team as on a previous visit the cupboard area seemed have a lot of activity around it.

Building C Session 2

At the start of the investigation the emergency light seemed to dim and at times flicker. This could have been caused by it's supply.

During the session a noise commented on by all as possibly being vocal was commented on by the team and as coming from the area of the toilets. This could have been the wind through a window or indeed through the door but it is interesting to note that all team members thought it was vocal as it sounded so different to anything else that had been heard that evening, especially as by that time the team had been there a fair while.

On Paddy asking whether the presence was female there was a loud thud and two taps. These were extremely loud for the team and seemed very well timed. Also this was not the first time in the session that a noise had followed comment about a female spirit. All the more interesting is the fact that what seemed like a female vocal occurred very shortly after. We find this interesting.

The strange odour mentioned by Graham and then by Dave is unusual in as much as this is the first time this has occurred within building C and came out of the blue and was suddenly gone.

All in all a very good evening at one of our favourite locations.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Ghost Connections extend their thanks to the custodians of this site for their continued support to an ongoing series of investigations.
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