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Undisclosed church Kent

10 September 2011

A return to a very active and favourite location to try to record evidence of such activity.

As always we respect the wishes of the custodians and will not identify this location. We have had mixed results during our visits, some more impressive than others including recorded footfalls movement and items being moved, most occurrences have been inexplicable. Please view some of our previous reports and video footage from this “Undisclosed Church”.

Sony DCR HC-62 with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S1600
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38 X 2

Voice recorder:
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Tripods, Torches, Video tapes (MiniDV), DVD-RW's

Investigators: Ian, Kim, Paddy, Dave, Travis and Dan.

Using our normal visual, audible and scientific methods we were to investigate this venue and try to encounter and record similar events to those witnessed and recorded before.



  The Investigation
  Session one – Vigil in front pews.
Seated in various rows between the front pews and choir stalls we conducted a vigil, initially sitting and listening before moving on to calling for activity.

Session two – Vigil in rear pews.
Given the results from the first session (read below in results section) we decided to spend the second session in an area where noises had emanated from previously. Another vigil involving calling for activity.

Session three – Séance in choir stalls.

We decided to experiment with a séance conducted by Ian, Dan, Travis, Kim and Dave. Paddy sat out in order to be mobile and investigate anything that occurred.

Session Four – Return to the rear pews
Given noises we had heard earlier we decided to seat ourselves around the pews to the rear of the north aisle. Another silent vigil plus calling out trying to record possible responses. This session was cut short because after 20 minutes people outside the building gave us cause for concern. We sat silently waiting for them to leave. After they did we took account of the late hour and ended the investigation.

Session one – Vigil in front pews.
One minute into the session a loud tap is heard coming from the rear of the church by the bell tower.

Paddy and Kim think they see a movement or shadow by the south porch door.

A rustling or leaf type noise is heard from the rear of the church and Kim is concerned over a ringing in one of her ears.

A loud rumble is heard by all of the team, non of them profess to have moved, the noise was thought to originate behind where the team are seated, again to the rear of the church.

The team heard an odd noise, not unlike singing.

Ian though he heard a breath to his side.

As Dave began to call out Dan, who was sitting on the end of the choir stalls, said he saw what appeared to be a shape move from right to left in front of him, moving towards the altar. He described this as a mist or a least something lighter that stood out against the darkness of the opposite choir stalls.

Paddy saw a light shoot across the large windows opposite. He said either there was a shooting star outside in the sky or it was something inside the church. Dave heard a noise by the font at the same time.

As Dave called for a response from the font area a knock was heard, a repeat was requested but not forthcoming.

Ian and Kim saw a light on the opposite side of the church, Dave said he saw something similar earlier.

A noise is again heard from near the font.

Whilst discussing the merits of falling bat faeces and this being an explanation for some of the light taps heard, a deeper thud is heard by the south doors.
Paddy thinks he hears a footfall.

Session two – Vigil in rear pews.
A noise is heard from the centre of the church in front of us followed by a noise from the south porch. Dave is seated in a pew near this and says he feels uncomfortable.

Dave and Paddy hear some noise from in front of Dave by the south door, Dave moves forward a few pews in case these noises reoccur.

Ian thought he heard some choral singing, as did a few others.

Car lights were spotted outside but these drove on by.

A couple of louder noises were heard, one from the porch, in between two locked doors!

Session three – Séance in choir stalls.

This session started with an odd noise heard by the whole team, Paddy said it come from close to him towards the altar but it wasn't caused by him. This can be heard on the video footage that accompanies this report.

A noise was heard from the bottom end of the church, then as Dave asked for a response a noise was heard from by the main south door. This was not repeated when requested. Dave later asked that if anyone was by the door could they join us, this was met by another tap.

A thump is heard from near Paddy by the altar followed by the polythene cover over the altar cloth rustling. Another odd noise was heard soon after.

More noise was heard again further down the church along the south side of the church.

Despite our attention being drawn to this part of the church for some time nothing further occurred so we ended the session.

Session Four - Return to the rear pews
Having moved to the rear of the church typically we began hearing the sound of movement and noises from the altar area. We asked for these to be repeated but they were not. After twenty minutes we continued to hear noises until they simply stopped. No further results were forthcoming.


Session one – Vigil in front pews.
Various taps and knocks we heard throughout session by most of the team. These seemed to be concentrated around the area of the font. This area was examined and no reason could be found for this. Not all the noises heard were picked up by our recording equipment but some can be heard on the accompanying investigation video. The thud by the door and the footfalls heard by Paddy cannot be investigated further as they were not recorded. At this time we cannot conclude that any of these noises were paranormal in origin, only that they cannot be explained.

The movement in shadows by Kim and Paddy, as well as the shape seen by Dan move across in front of him cannot be investigated further as these events were not recorded on our video, the reactions of the individuals concerned was though, and this appears to be genuine. We may only have their testimony but these events are of interest, although we cannot discount the effect of tired eyes or the possibility of a trick of the light amongst the shadows.

The loud rumble was recorded on our video audio, as was the faint sound of singing but we cannot discount the sound of aircraft or vehicles further away from the location as we have found that these noises carry greatly in this location. Although we should say that we are accustomed to these and can usually readily eliminate these.

The shooting light seen by Paddy cannot be explained, neither did anyone else witness this so it cannot be corroborated.

The light seen on the wall by Ian and Kim, and earlier by Dave, may well have been headlight beams from a distant car as has been found to be the case before.

Session two – Vigil in rear pews.
Although less happened there were points of interest. More noises were heard from the centre of the church and by the south door and porch. Dave moved to be seated in the pews closer in case they occurred again, which they did. That they were louder and seemingly within the porch, between two locked doors, an area that could not be accessed by anyone is of great interest, and these noises were recorded, watch the video to hear for yourself. Unfortunately we again cannot say these were paranormal, just interesting and difficult to explain. Having later noticed that a car and people were outside we cannot discount the possibility that these noises were actually caused by our visitors.

Session three – Séance in choir stalls.
Some noises were heard coming from the area near Paddy by the altar. Then from the bottom of church, then again by the south door. This was closely followed by a thump by Paddy again and the altar accompanied by the sound of rustling, more noises then came from the south side of the church and the south door again.

We cannot discount that the slight taps and rustling by the altar could have been caused by an unseen rodent in the area. The noises still emanating the from the area of the south door remained a mystery, by this time the last visitors had left. As mentioned before, although some of these were recorded we have no explanation for these.

Session Four - Return to the rear pews
Having moved location ourselves so did the noises, from the rear of the church we could hear taps and knocks from the altar area. It seemed as we moved so did the cause of the noise? Was something moving around the church to avoid us? We'll never know. Again some noises were recorded but some were not, and we do not have any explanation for the cause of them.


An interesting night but unfortunately nothing conclusive can be gained, watch the accompanying video and make you own decision?
As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish information of a clairvoyant nature, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Many thanks again to the owners as always for their continued support in allowing us access.
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