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Undisclosed Former HospitalEast Kent

1st November 2014

We had no prior information about this location. It was a place some of the team had visited before during daylight hours, we decided to return for another look around at Ian’s suggestion, primarily as he had not been there previously and also for the others to see if its condition had deteriorated any further. It was only after we left and were enjoying dinner in a local pub that we decided to return after dinner in the dark to conduct an investigation there. It is these spontaneous and unplanned evenings that tend to provide more interesting results, and given what we had seen and felt earlier that afternoon we were very excited to experience the place in darkness and what results it might have to offer.



  The Investigation

To explore the possibility of hauntings at this location and see if we could record or experience any paranormal phenomena.


Sony DCR-DVD110E with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light x 2

Digital Camera:
Fuji Fine Pix S1600
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38 X 2
Fujifilm f47 fd

Voice recorder:

Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Investigators: Ian, Kim, Paddy, Dave and Graham.

Using our normal visual, audible and scientific methods we were to investigate this venue and attempt to record any events of paranormal activity at this venue. .

We drew up in the car all kitted up ready, parked, left the car and walked the short stretch of path to the main building.

We walked the main corridor up to an area near a junction and stopped there for the first session, we stopped there because oddly Ian had mentioned earlier that afternoon that he felt uncomfortable in the part of the building. We say oddly because Ian had no knowledge of the fact that the rest of the team had said exactly the same thing about that same area on the previous visits they had made without Ian. Was this a corroboration of sorts? We would find out as we spent a good amount of time in that area, commenting on what we heard, saw and felt as well as asking out aloud for activity and communication.

After a good while we decided to move further into the building towards the extremities where the main wards were.

We stopped in what we thought was a ward but then later decided may have been too small for that and was probably put to some sort of admin use. Again we stood about watching and listening and asking for communication and activity. After a while voices were heard outside thought to be that of youths so we went to silent running for a few minutes until they appeared to have gone.

When we continued we reacted to what had occurred in the last session (see results below) and had moved out into the adjoining corridor, further occurrences led us to another room further up this corridor. Again in both these areas we continued questioning and calling aloud for activity and communication.

Our last session of the night was to move from this room up through the corridors to one of the larger wards on the other side of the building.

We carefully trod the passageways avoiding debris, and the holes in the floor and reached the ward in question. Once there and after a few minutes looking around we discovered a patch of blood on the floor in the centre of the room, this consisted of two reasonably large spots. This was carefully examined and was seen to be fresh, wet and turning a little brown around the edges indicating that it have been there for between half and to an hour. Either way it been dropped there SINCE we had entered the building.

The possibility that someone had entered the building whilst we were in it, and that we hadn’t heard this, also that those persons could still be in the building, unnerved some of the team so a decision was made to end the investigation early. We made our way speedily but cautiously back to the entrance we had used and left the site.


The team recognised how black it was with no vision at all other than the night vision of Ian’s camcorder or our torches when used. Some members of the team commented on a ringing or buzzing in their ears. The wind could be heard outside.

After a while Paddy notice an illumination back along the corridor where we had come from.

Graham felt uncomfortable as though something was behind him.

Whilst standing still and quiet a loud knock is heard in our vicinity placed between Ian and Paddy. A second knock was heard as we discussed the first.

A breeze was felt coming down the corridor.

Paddy hears noises to his left may be two or three meters down the corridor.

Graham complains that his ears felt odd and he suddenly lost his balance.

The temperature suddenly dropped and there was a breeze combined with Paddy still hearing shuffling to his left. Dave also said he could now hear noises from the same direction as Paddy.

Dave commented on the cold breezes being felt and that they are colder and not in time with the gusts that could occasionally be heard outside. Whilst he says this over his voice the camcorder also picks up a whispery voice saying “I agree”! And whilst Dave spoke Ian thought he heard something being kicked further up the corridor.

Dave commented on hearing the wind outside but there was no wind in the building.

Kim said that she almost felt scared, which is unusual for any of us, and that the pitch black meant she could not see or anticipate anything and that made her feel more unsettled. Paddy on the other hand felt that was more comforting as being so dark it was impossible for his eyes to play tricks on him. This was just before Paddy then momentarily lost his balance.

More cold breezes came around us, we still thought these were unusually cold given more comfortable outside temperatures.

At this point Ian’s camcorder suddenly stops recording and there is no further footage of this session, although it did continue for some time after this point.

After ten minutes here most of the team were feeling comfortable and noted that the previous anticipation was not well founded. Dave, however, was feeling less comfortable and a little unnerved.

A noise was heard within the room followed a little while later by another.

Ian notices that both Dave and Paddy seem distracted by the door to the corridor we had come from. They do not know the reason for this but both agree that the area seems to be drawing their attention. At this point in the footage another example of EVP is captured on the camcorders audio, the wording was offensive and can be found on our YouTube Channel - GhostConnections 12

As Dave was calling aloud asking questions a noise likened to a cooling light bulb is heard.

Whilst the team were quiet not wishing to attract the attention of the youths outside the sound of movement was heard on the ground around the group.

As Ian suggested moving to another part of the building a loud crack was heard coming from the doorway of the room. This was immediately investigated by torchlight as the team were convinced somebody was walking out there. We moved out into the corridor where there was glass on the floor, this was tested and trodden on and the sound of it breaking was identical to what had just been heard. Whilst there another noise was heard shortly followed by another right next to Paddy.

More noises were then heard coming from another adjacent room, so we moved on into this area.

Once in this room, that had the appearance of formally being an office, more faint taps were heard around the team. Dave was also hearing more in the corridor behind him.

Further taps were heard in the room and by Dave in the corridor upon request, we thought that what we had here was something responsive, therefore, showing intelligence.

Further noises were heard from the corner of the room behind Paddy. Ian likened the noises to someone treading on and cracking the pieces of pealed paint from the walls lying on the floor.

Paddy saw a light move between himself and Graham.

Another noise was heard coming from the corridor behind Dave.

Ian fell backwards onto his heals and had to correct himself so not to fall over, this was the third incident of one of the team losing their balance.

Some of the team began getting very fidgety.

Paddy feels something is behind him and shortly after saying this more and louder taps came from behind Paddy in the corner of the room, more are heard on request.


During our careful wander from the office up to the ward we intended investigating nothing untoward occurred and nothing of note happened or was recorded.

Once in the ward we did not stay long following the discovery of the fresh blood on the floor as previously mentioned.

On the way out through the corridors to the exit Ian took the lead and halted the group in silence he thought he heard some movement, after a few seconds we decided to move on out and ended the investigation. During these final minutes nothing further happened.

The illumination seen by Paddy in the corridor early on was later confirmed as being moonlight entering through an adjacent courtyard window.

The cold breezes that occasionally engulfed the group were first attributed to the wind outside. It was later in the session that Dave noticed that these gusts were not at the same time as those heard outside and also that it was not a cold evening, so why would these breezes be as chilly as they were? We cannot explain this but neither can we ignore that it was a windy night, so we cannot say these breezes had any paranormal origin.

There were a lot of sounds heard from all directions, in fact it became difficult to identify what direction some sounds were coming from, and some noises were closer than others. Although with the above mentioned breeze we cannot exclude the obvious explanation of falling debris within the derelict building, or the movement of vermin etc. However, some of the noises heard seemed more deliberate in nature and also seemed to be repeated on request. We would conclude that there were natural noises heard but we are convinced that others were not naturally occurring.

There were two examples of what we consider to be EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) captured on the camcorders audio. One from the corridor is included in the video that accompanies this report. The other, from the first ward/office we visited, is not included. This is because it was one word of ancient origin that is considered to be very offensive in modern society. However, both of these examples are very clear and audible. We can offer no other explanation other than these are surely genuine examples of EVP.
We have no idea why Ian’s camcorder suddenly stopped recording at the end of the first session, it worked perfectly well for the remainder of the night.

A theme from the evening was that a number of team members independently had momentary losses of balance. We find this intriguing as each time that team member was standing on flat level ground, not uneven debris, and was standing still. There would be no reason to loose one’s balance. We have no explanation for this.

The discovery of the blood on the floor of the final ward was enough to teach us that you have to be careful doing what we do and it is not necessarily the dead that you need to be mindful of. This is a message we wish to pass on to others. Never investigate alone, always investigate in a group, take a mobile phone and tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to be back.

We had a good night somewhere that we had not investigated before and got some good results, this is a place we do intend to return too.

As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish information of a clairvoyant nature, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information, or the contents of this report please email us.
Ghost Connections would like to point out that they do not condone tresspassing and in this instance the building was open to the elements.

We have no plans to return.
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