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Private Residence - Ramsgate, Kent

22nd March 2014


To investigate reports of paranormal activity at a private residence on the outskirts of Ramsgate in Kent..


The house is a two story terraced house of comparatively modern design with kitchen, living room and dining room on the ground floor and three bedrooms and a bathroom off of a landing area on the first floor. There is a loft accessed via a hatch in the ceiling of bedroom 2.

The occupants are mother aged in her fifties, daughter in her twenties and a four year old grandson. There is also a cat.

A previous investigation had taken place at the address although the results, as relayed to the team, would not be relied upon to influence the findings of this investigation.

Research has shown that it is not believed that there was actually a previous building on this site, although it is close to houses and a public house that appear on an 1877 map. The same map appears to show that there was a nearby farm and windmill, neither of which are existent now.

Ghost Connections were contacted by the adult daughter of the address in relation to an increasing amount of unexplained events occurring at the address so much so a diary had been kept. Copies of a couple of pages of their diary are reproduced below.


The Investigation

Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-62E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light

Digital Camera-
Canon EOS1000D
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-38

Voice recorder -
Olympus VH-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Video tapes (MiniDV)






Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.


The weather was calm, dry and cold.

For the night of the investigation no children would be present and so the team would conduct the investigation with the mother and daughter present. For the purposes of anonymity they will only be referred to by their first name initials of J and B.

The initial pre-visit, as always conducted prior to an investigation, would reveal the diary as mentioned above. There were reports of 'orbs' being seen in daylight in a number of areas and the team were shown video footage on J's mobile telephone of bright objects moving past the camera on a recording taken in the ground floor area at the foot of the stairs. It would be interesting to see if any footage recorded by the team on their equipment could duplicate this anomaly and allow it to be analysed for a cause.

The team were aware that they would have to consider the location of the cat at all times.

The team also noted that on the first floor only the landing was carpeted. All bedrooms had bare floorboards and therefore noises may be amplified. This could be an advantage although could lead to some misidentification and they would need to be certain of what was occurring where as these circumstances can change the acoustics of a room.

Initially the team set up equipment in the ground floor lounge before moving to the top of the staircase and bedroom area.

Session 1 Living Room

After an initial period of discussion, and noting the noises through the wall from the neighbours house Graham noted that a draught had developed across his legs where he sat on the sofa between Kim and Paddy. Neither Kim nor Paddy seemed to notice this although Dave, sat separately on the floor, also commented on the faintest of draughts now detected at floor level.

After some twenty minutes the first noise within the investigated premises was heard. It seemed to come from upstairs followed shortly after by another.

Dave observed a small light move across the coving on the ceiling.

A further noise was heard and believed to come from the kitchen.

A 'tinny' noise was heard.

A louder sound was heard from the room above.

Having become accustomed to the house noises, such that they were, the team took a break.

Session 2 Landing

The team relocated to the upstairs landing. Dave's camcorder was placed on the landing with a view generally to the top of the stairs. Graham, J and B went into the master bedroom. Dave remained on the landing itself with Kim on the stairs and Paddy was just off the landing in Bedroom 3.

Dave noted that his ears felt like they were going to pop as if having gained altitude.

Kim developed a tight chest.

Dave heard noises to his right and left which he believed to be like a cat collar.

Paddy and Dave commented on a noise sounding like a vocal 'tut' type noise. This was believed to come from bedroom 2. (water tank behind Dave in cupboard)

Kim heard a creak on the stairs.

Dave heard a sound like a light footfall on the carpet next to him at the same time as Paddy saw a moving light within bedroom 3.

Kim heard more creaking on the stairs.

Upon introducing themselves to anyone who may have been listening each person felt chillingly cold.

Paddy saw a bright light within the bathroom area.

Paddy gets the impression of something in the area of the dividing wall between the master bedroom and bedroom 2 and also of something inquisitive.

Dave comments on his right knee feeling quite cold despite the fact that his left knee (very close by) was perfectly warm as was the rest of him.

Odd noises began to heard by Graham, J and B in the corner of the master bedroom although they were not heard outside the room by the rest of the team.

Session 3 Master Bedroom

After consideration that little had occurred, by agreement with the occupiers the team elected to conduct a séance in the master bedroom with the team and occupants partaking. Dave's camcorder was placed on the landing with a view into the bedroom. The cat came upstairs and entered the bedroom, being heard crossing the floor and confirmed by being seen and it then left seating itself on the landing and the session commenced. The cat then entered circled the team and then left again. To cover cat movement the camcorder was located with a view of the floor.

S feels hot. J feels cold. They are next to each other.

S and Dave mention that they both feel a little dizzy as if on a boat.

Graham comments that he has gone from feeling hot to cold.

Kim starts swaying back and forth and cannot stop the movement.

There was a sound of movement upon the floor near the team which was not accounted for by any of the team. This was followed by further floor noises further from the team.

A 'rapping' repetitious noise was heard emanating from the wardrobe followed by a louder series of 'raps' from the wardrobe.

Sounds on the floor as if the cat came into the room however did not appear to leave. Checking revealed that the cat was seated on the landing and not within the room as we suspected.

Kim described seeing a light pass the doorway to the landing.

Kim commented that her legs are shaking.

Paddy commented on a coldness felt on his legs.

Dave commented on a tingling feeling like someone was gently touching his cheek. Graham stated he has a similar feeling on his neck.

J stated she was freezing cold although everyone else was warm although feeling areas of coldness.

There were a series of faint sounds from the ceiling above the team. It appeared to be the ceiling as opposed to the attic above. At the same time Kim stated she saw a 'black ball' moving around that area of the ceiling. As she described this a couple of tap type sounds are heard further into the room.

A throat clearing type noise was heard.

Kim feels like her trainers are nailed to the floor and although moving her feet within them cannot move the trainers. Dave's left foot feels heavy and similar although not so severe.

Dave saw a tiny pin prick of light near the top left of the window.

Paddy saw some movement out of the corner of his eye and on mentioning it a noise occurred near the television.

Graham comments on a sharp breath felt on his face.

Kim still can't move her feet and then feels a touch upon her right hip (footage shows nothing) with which Dave, being to Kim's right, feels a sharp coldness brush past him from Kim's direction.

Dave saw a tennis ball sized dull light above the wardrobe behind Graham.

Graham commented that his legs were really cold.

Graham saw a light travel along the wall (car)

B and J comment on B's hand beginning to swing. This is the hand that is holding J's hand. They both feel very hot and B comments that she feels like someone is moving her arm.

Kim's feet are still immovable after 12 minutes and efforts to move them by her and others.

Paddy now dislodges Kim's left foot moving it nearer to him however she still cannot move it further.

After 14 minutes Kim removed herself from the circle and gradually the sensation left her and she could move.

B and J both describe being very hot.

Kim sees a green line between J and B (maybe from Dave's cam corder)

J feels pressure on her arm and pain as if something else is pushing it.

A series of movements follows during which J comments that her existing cold feels better. A means of conversations appeared to be set up where movement of arms signified a yes answer and remaining still signified a no answer.

Session 1 Living Room

Most of the noted events whilst in the living room were noises from next door.
The light seen by Dave was established to have been a reflection of light from Paddy's watch.
The noises from upstairs could not be identified at that time and therefore the investigation moved upstairs

Session 2 Landing

With the team located all around the landing and in the master bedroom it was impossible to film everyone with one camera so inevitably some described events could not be verified by the footage as they were out of the visual field of the camera or beyond the audio range due to the limited range of the microphone and the relatively faint nature of the noises.

The medical conditions encountered initially are difficult to explain. None of the team have any serious health conditions that would manifest in this way although these feelings have been noted before at investigations.

It is odd how Dave describes a noise as similar to a cat collar accounting for the movement and noises around him as it was then established that the resident cat was not, at that time, upstairs and does not wear a collar.

Vocal noises were not audible on the footage and so it is difficult to offer an explanation as they are not corroborated. It may have been a misinterpretation of a natural noise or purely imagined, although if also noted by another person present this latter explanation is unlikely.

Creaking of the stairs and floorboards may be due to temperature change or settling after we had walked on them. Similarly the 'footfall' described by Dave.

The lights seen by Paddy are not recorded on footage although interpretation of his descriptions at the time suggests that they occurred around the time of other events. It is possible both were caused by outside sources as both the bathroom and bedroom did not have curtains across although there is very little access to the rear of the house for cars or persons to cause such effects through the window into the bathroom. The bedroom has a window to the front which could allow light in although due to the position of the door area in this room being in an alcove it is thought that any light coming into the window from ground level outside would be unlikely to cause the effect seen. It remains questioned.

Feelings of coldness seemed to be localised and instant. The heating had been on for one hour late that afternoon and we were, by now, four hours after that. The general temperature in the house was chilly but not severely cold. Localised differences were noticed although personal interpretations must be taken into account. It my not have been any colder at all and may have been imagined due to an increased awareness or emotional state.

Paddy's feeling of some presence in the area dividing bedroom two from the master bedroom is not supported by any recording or other observations

Feelings of localised coldness are sometimes experienced by the team but in such circumstances of this localisation we are unable to explain it. It may be purely psychological or may have been an actual event.

Localised noises in the bedroom appeared consistent with the reports. No source was located.

Session 3 Master Bedroom

There was no heating on within the house although it had been on during the preceding hours. It was generally cold within the house and it would have been expected that the team would have been feeling quite similar in such an atmosphere. This is not what transpired, with people who were stood immediately next to each other feeling completely different. Local areas of temperature change were felt by individuals as well. This is difficult to explain as everyone was standing within a few feet of each other and would be expected to have felt an increase in temperature due to their closeness to each other. Graham would also later experience a complete change of temperature and again the same questions arise around the cause.

Feelings of dizziness are difficult to explain. Whilst both Dave and S had recently walked up the stairs this was only for one floor and neither are unfit people or have a history of inner ear problems that could cause such dizziness or swaying as if on a boat. The fact that shortly afterwards Kim experienced the same makes this even more interesting given the team were in a virtually dark room and it is unlikely that Kim could subconsciously copy any movement exhibited by the other two.

The 'raps' on the wardrobe were among the loudest and clearest experienced by the team on an investigation. There was no logical cause and no piping that could be responsible. It was entirely consistent with the reports.

The sounds as if the cat came in were revealed by the footage. In actual fact the cat entered the room silently and was not seen. When it left the room all of those present interpreted the sound as though it were entering the room. When observed it was outside on the landing and therefore an initial conclusion was reached that it was not the cat. The evidence showed otherwise.

Tingling sensations as though being touched cannot be explained. There was nothing within the room that could have come in contact with anyone within it.

Kim's sighting of a black ball within the room at the same time as noises were heard is of interest. It may be a trick of the interpretation of the subdued lighting but may well have existed despite no-one else seeing it.

A throat clearing type noise could have been anyone sub-consciously or a misidentification of some other noise.

Kim's inability to move is worthy of exploration. Certainly both Dave and Paddy had difficulty in moving Kim's feet as well even employing a large amount of force on them. Other feelings of coldness and lights seen around the same time were noted and cannot be explained. It is the first time the team have experienced anything like this and have no explanation to give. The fact that this lasts for some 12 minutes and can be seen on the footage adds credence to the account.

Only on 'release' of Kim's feet does the next event start. For an equally long period both J and B appeared to be having their arms raised and lowered to command. This is not something the team have come across often and paid extra attention to. In summary we could find no explanation for the distinct movements although it cannot be dismissed that it was either voluntary or involuntary and instigated by B and J. There is nothing to suggest it was paranormal although we cannot, equally, prove otherwise. The fact that a conversation was held and the arm movement responded is of great interest although it is not direct evidence of paranormal activity or communication. It is clearly shown on the footage and we feel it is open to interpretation. Footage below –

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

We would like to thank B and J for contacting us and giving us the freedom of their house and, indeed, sitting with us. Their actions came under scrutiny as well for the evening and it is appreciated that many events were reported to us in advance. It is always difficult to examine previous events in the light of one evenings investigation but in this instance it certainly appeared that some of these events also occurred while we were present.

A thoroughly interesting investigation from our point of view with no evidence that previous events were falsified were found.

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