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Undisclosed Location - Kent


Ghost Connections were privileged to be granted access to the same venue as visited in August, twice in September, and then in November 2007, followed by January, March and June 2008. This venue is in rural Kent and is significant historical interest spanning several centuries. To our knowledge it has never been subject to a paranormal investigation and after our first visit we are pleased to be able to conduct further investigations at this venue.

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The site consists of three buildings of which two have been referred to as buildings A and B in the previous report. The same terms will be used here.

Previously, in building A, we had noted a number different phenomena occurring including noises of movement, machinery being operated, sensations of heat and cold, sensations of being watched, shadows being seen to apparently move, sounds of persons moving around, knocks and taps occurring on demand and also during times when the team were not present.

In building B, we had noted strange lights, sounds of persons moving and a limited number of knocks and taps on demand.

This was planned to be our final investigation at this site and as such a plan needed to fulfill any opportunity to corroborate previous results and if possible achieve some further evidence of a viable nature.

Little were we to expect what actually transpired.


The Investigation


Video camera-
Sony DCR HC-24E with night vision and Sony HVL-IRM IR light
Sony DCR-HC19 with night vision and Sony HVL- IRM IR light

Digital Camera-
Fuji Fine Pix S5000
Fuji Fine Pix S5500
Pentax K-100D Digital SLR

Voice recorder -
Olympus VN-2100PC
Olympus DM20

Video tapes (mini DV)




Using visual and scientific methods combined with spiritual information investigate the background to alleged paranormal phenomena at this venue.


CCTV was not deployed on this occasion.

The plan initially centred around the methods of the initial investigation. The team split into pairs to cover each building in turn. The order in which the buildings were to be covered were to be as the first investigation also.

Ian and Dave went to building B and sat upstairs in the display area. Very little noise was noted within the building or outside. Taking in the atmosphere during general conversation the sound of shuffling footsteps was heard immediately above. The roof of the building contains a small boarded floor which is bare apart from the accumulation of dust and a couple of large exhibits. After investigating a possible cause the vigil was resumed. After some further time the sound was further repeated twice. Again no cause was seen. The sound of voices was heard but could not be identified. Dave began to feel very sleepy in this area. Coughing was then heard and was identified as coming from outside. This would later be confirmed as human source. Little else was noted during this session.

Kim and Paddy, meanwhile, were in Building A. The experiences here would define the path of the rest of the investigation. Kim and Paddy took position at the usual location within the seated area of the main public entrance.

It was first noted that there were two large bats flying in the building. Bats had been heard before but not seen in the flesh. These were born in mind for any future noises of a rustling type nature.

Very few notes were able to be made of this session by virtue of the events that unfolded and as such the bulk of this narrative is taken from the video and audio footage recorded.

Within moments of being seated a footfall was heard in dry dirt immediately in front of Paddy. This occurred immediately after a request to produce an audible sign. Prior to this Paddy felt as though the bottoms of his trousers were being moved.

Small light 'sniffing' noises were heard within the immediate area.

A feeling of being watched was a precursor to events to come.

Upon invitation a tap was heard.

Small adult sized shadows were seen around the immediate area.

A repetitive sound likened to a grunt expelled when a person walks into an object (authors description of noise duplicated by both Kim and Paddy on tape to illustrate the sound).

Paddy commented on a feeling of physical nausea.

Kim felt threatened as though something was going to physically assault her.

Both Paddy and Kim comment on the feeling that the temperature had dropped after 28 minutes to an icy coldness.

A heavy solitary knock was heard within the building (tape).

Paddy experienced a pain in his left leg. Kim had earlier experienced pressure like a touch twice on her left leg.

Flashes of light were seen and believed at time to be Ian and Dave in the neighbouring building.

Kim and Paddy both commented that they had heard walking and immediately after this comment a tap is heard. (tap on tape).

Kim stated she thought someone was standing behind her and then heard a shuffling sound further into the building.

Kim experienced her coughing symptom for some time.

Illumination from a torch light seen as though coming from the other building.

An hour being up on this session both teams took a break. The initial plan here was to swap places as we have previously done to enable both sessions to be compared. This method has its disadvantages in that opportunities for all four team members to provide credible witness accounts of the events are lost. To this point there was a discussion about the way forward and it was decided to resume in building A with the whole team present in the hope that the events noted by Kim and Paddy may be repeated or increased with four of us present.

During the break the camera and audio recording had continued whilst the team were outside.

Kim and Paddy can be heard to leave on the video at 56mins 31.

The sound of faint distant voices can be heard.

At 57:35 a series of loud bangs can be heard within the building as if a heavy object is being hit or moved.

At 1:20:54-55 three distinct and seperate knocks can be heard. These again are within the building and time spaced equally.

At 1:26:20 the team all entered to resume the investigation after a break of 30 minutes.

The tapes and audio are then reset for the second session. This was to be one that would give a new angle to the investigation. With all four of the team now placed in building A and Kim and Paddy sat in the same seats they had before the events would be filmed by two cameras and recorded on 2 voice recorders.

The team would ask out loud for a repetition of incidents during the previous session within the same building. Reference was made to noted events during that last session.

Ian recounts that he heard a sound similar to a cow by the entrance door. This is a likening of the noise and not what it actually sounded like although an audible rendition of the noise by Ian was agreed by Paddy as something similar to what was heard during the first session. The same noise is then heard by both Kim and Ian during which time Kim agrees that it is what occurred before.

Paddy commented upon a believed movement seen further away and then nearer which was agreed by Kim and happened to be the area also being observed by Dave at the same time.

As this movement was commented on both Dave and Paddy smelt the smell of burning wood smoke.

Paddy thought he heard something as though someone was wetting their lips with the their tongue immediately behind Kim and asked Kim to remain still while he reached behind her and accidentally dislodged a metallic sign board propped on the beam which did cause a minor sensation by its noise in falling to the floor.

Paddy then began to experience feelings of nausea and Kim begins to cough and both comment on the atmosphere not being quite as 'heavy' as it was during the first session.

Paddy commented on seeing a flash of light immediately behind Dave as Dave noted movement of a shape to his right.

Footsteps are then heard by Dave and Paddy within the building.

A tap noise is heard on the table immediately by Kim

From the video it can be seen that increasingly Kim became distressed and fidgety. This was not apparent by the team due to the darkness of the time.

Kim then commented that she was feeling uncomfortable and it can be seen from the video that she is holding her head whilst leaning forwards and rocking on the chair.

Kim then started to feel better.

A noise was heard by all further along the building followed by a sound of whistling within the building. This was distinct whistling of a tune.

Paddy had a feeling of coldness down his right hand side whilst Kim felt cold to her back and continued to look behind her

Kim can be seen from the video to be 'huddled up' and commented about how cold she felt.

Inexplicably Kim suddenly rose from her seat and stated she had to stand up. Asked why she sated that she was sick of the cold feeling on her back. In order to research this sense and Kim's other behaviour Dave swapped seats with her.

Kim's behaviour became more strange. She could be seen clearly on the video footage staring about herself and slouching in the chair. She continued to complain of a very cold back.

Dave noted a sound similar to a rodent running.

The team (bar Kim) continue to ask for evidence to be given.

Dave heard a sound he described as someone pushing air out through their lips in intervals. This appeared to be behind him and to his left.

Kim stated she felt angry. She could not define why this was.

Kim then made a dismissive 'Hmmm' noise but when asked why she could not say.

Dave then asked an open question of 'Can you tell us your name?' Bearing in mind Kim had just spoke she did not respond but can be seen to have been staring blankly at the time. After a short while she stated she felt 'rather odd' like she was not herself. Ian asks her directly 'You are Kim. Aren't you?' There was no answer until pushed when she vaguely answered the question,'Yes.' Kim then admitted to feeling confused. Dave then asked her a series of questions where the answers gradually became more prompt although to begin with Kim clearly can be seen to struggle with telling the team what her name was.

This event would cause the session to be concluded and the team remove themselves from the building for a break and to assess what had occurred.

Following the break the team returned to the same building but nothing of note occurred.

After a short break the team relocated to building B and again nothing of note was recorded.

  Again the weather was calm on this occasion and cannot be said to have caused any noises within the building.

There is no way any persons could have entered the building without our knowledge and this event must be considered to be of value in our investigations on this site.

The noises of footsteps above Dave and Ian in building B were the first encountered within this building. The location that these came from was fully in view and no persons were there. In fact when examined there was nothing that could have been responsible for the noises heard.

The voices heard were never identified and may have come from a neighbouring premise. They were to faint to be heard on any audio or video recording.

The coughing heard by Ian and Dave was identified by use of the radio system and it was established it was Kim and could be heard from the other building. This is also commented upon later but is noted within the investigation text regarding the physical effects on Kim and Paddy.

Within building A the initial sound of footsteps within the loose surface cannot be explained. A physical person being present would have been seen by Kim and Paddy and would also be present on the footage. Similarly the cause of this being a small animal would have been noticed by the team by its continuance of noise or sight of movement.

Various human noises of all manners cannot be reasonably explained as no other persons were present within that building or on site other than Ian and Dave elsewhere.

Sensations of touch to the body are difficult to establish a source for in darkness. What we can say is that it would be obvious if another person had caused this (and they would be on the footage). Any animal of sufficient size to cause this would be seen on the footage.
Feelings of nausea and coughing are physical symptoms. The cause of these symptoms cannot be explained within these circumstances.

Light sources are normally accounted for in this location as we have visited it on seven previous occasions however that mentioned here is of unknown source. It is a possibility that this may have been caused by refraction of light from torches used by Dave and Ian.

The noises heard during the break on the footage are of interest. There is a distinct difference in the audible quality of sounds from inside and outside of the building as can be heard on the footage. The team are seen to exit the building before hand and muffled sounds from outside are the team. The commented sounds are distinct and clear and appear to be within the building which we know was unattended at the time. We are aware that there were bats present within the building and whilst it is possible that these were caused by them, it is considered unlikely due to the rhythmic repetitive nature of the sounds themselves and the apparent deliberate manner in which they appear to have been caused.

Smells, particularly burning wood, cannot be identified. It is possible that this came from the fire of a local building although was not smelt outside and was only smelt inside momentarily.

A tap heard on the table next to Kim was believed to be an item of equipment clicking. This explanation by Kim is one of few things that she said during the last ten minutes and it could be heard within her voice and manner that she was being vague with her comprehension.

The physical attributes of the events surrounding Kim are difficult to explain in a rational manner. The combination of her vague manner, unwell feelings and coldness are strange. Even Dave sitting in the same position did not encounter any of these effects although Kim, having swapped with Dave, was further affected. In the best traditions of Ghost Connections we have attempted to find a reasonable explanation for this incident and cannot at the current time explain it.

During our stay a certain amount of other information was forthcoming to the team of a clairvoyant nature. As Ghost Connections conducts scientifically based investigations we do not publish such observations, however, this information is held on a separate database and may prove interesting when compared to other peoples experiences. Should you wish to discuss this information please email us.

Camcorder footage, still photographs and voice recorders were later examined and nothing further of note was found. Some of the audible noises were found to be recorded and as such we can be certain that they were not imagined by the team.

  Its is, yet again, interesting to note that different things have been highlighted compared to previous investigations although many similarities are occurring time after time. We look forward to another visit soon and the preparation of our findings in our closing report which we now believe will make interesting reading and relate to some theories regarding supernatural occurrences. The circumstances involving Kim among others will be subject to further research upon the next investigation at this venue.
  Ghost Connections extend their thanks to the custodians of this site for their continued support to an ongoing series of investigations.
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11th October 2008

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